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New Pricing Plan
You can opt for a set price or hourly rate. Note with the set price it covers the cost of the audit only and not auditor travel times. This applies to all AIRCARE applications except Flight Training as we do not have an understanding of price in respect of auditing the code of practice

Who owns the various Codes?
Although all codes are under the AIRCARE brand they remain the property of the respective operating divisions. For example the Code of Practice for Flight Training remains the property of the Flight Training Division and can only be amended by agreement within the Division.

Noise abatement training now available on DVD
Apply to admin1 for copy. This is a resource for larger schools whose chief pilot or chief training captain has attended the face to face programme run by John Fogden. We have one such face to face programme scheduled in for conference week. Go to (insert conference week programme – do we need a separate booking form) to book directly

Flight Training voluntary audit
TEC’s present position is that EFTS funded organisations must be signatories to the Code but audit is voluntary.

From 1 January 2013 all NASO contract providers must be compliant with the new Standard. The new Standard is on the web site and replaces AIA v9. It is hoped that the new amended joint AIA Ambulance new Zealand Standard V2 will be available very shortly.  The AIRCARE accreditation process is accepted as an assurance procedure. For operations funded by the National Ambulance Standards Office (NASO), contact Craig Brown for AIRCARE accreditation. For AIRACRE accreditation of all other operations go to Kevin Oldham
Accessing resources
Some of you have told us that the accreditation process is challenging. We've listened and we are making changes to simplify the process. For example, if you go to the RESOURCE page of AIRCARE™ you will find that instead of all the documents being on one page, there is now a page for each division. So you no longer have to trawl through the page to find what is relevant to you. Just go to your Divisional Page and all the manuals, codes of practice and helpful stuff that YOU need is listed right there. We recommend that if you are going through the accreditation process just go to your divisional resource page and read EVERYTHING there. Also on the website shortly will be Edition 3 of the SMS Manual Part 2. This is where the AIRCARE Accreditation rules live. There is also a new NZAAA Audit Checklist. The effective date for both of these is 1st May 2012. The remaining audit checklists will be there any day now.

AIRCARE™ ACCREDITATION process (read here)

Landcorp - current requirement
Land Information NZ - current requirement
Animal Health Board - current requirement
Department of Conservation (DOC) WEF 31 December 2012
ACC - current requirement
Health - some require AIRCARE™ but not universal
TEC - EFTS funded provided in transition 
DOC WARO operators - date to be announced.

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