Who we are

The NZ Agricultural Aviation Association (NZAAA) is a Division of the Aviation New Zealand. NZAAA was the first division of the Aviation Industry Association(AIA) being founded in 1949. In fact, it was called New Zealand Aerial Work Operators Association until the other divisions took up membership. The aim of the NZAAA is to provide an environment where its members can prosper in safety.
Agricultural aviation means the use of aircraft in the application of agrichemicals and fertilisers in agriculture, including forestry and horticulture, although it extends beyond that for example with the pest eradication operations carried out in native forests. Typically agricultural aircraft are also used in fire fighting operations and more recently in urban pest management operations such as the Painted Apple Moth eradication programme.
Membership of NZAAA, the industry organization, is voluntary. Currently membership stands at 62 operators, which represents about 95% of industry capacity.

Industry size
There are approximately 116 fixed wing aircraft operating under Part 137. The most common fixed wing aircraft used is the Fletcher FU 24 at about 52, with 18 turbine-powered Fletchers and 23 Cresco. Other fixed wing aircraft operating include the GA 200 Fatman, the Airtractor, the Zlin and a Grumman Ag Cat. There are approximately 190 helicopters that also work under Part 137 although it is difficult to be precise about the exact number. Types operated range from the little Robinson R22 Beta through to the Aerospatiale AS 350B2 and the Bell UH-1H.

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