Flight Training


The Aviation Training and Development Division comprises: training providers - pilots, engineers, cabin crew, ground crew, aviation (airlines, airports), ATC/ATM, Met Service, Aviation English; aviation tertiary training and research institutions; Service IQ; relevant government agencies (in an honorary capacity) including RNZAF, NZTE, Education NZ and Ministry of Education; and other members as may be considered necessary. 


Main CAA Rules affecting division Members

  • Pilot licenses and ratings are regulated under CAA Rule Part 61.
  • General operating and flight rules come under CAA Rule Part 91.
  • Aviation training organisations are certificated under CAA Rule part 141. *Operators are certificated under CAA Rules Part 119, 121, 125, and 135. Note: Many members of the Division are certificated as Part 135 operators.

    Work Plan

  • Getting policy changes so that international students can return to New Zealand.  Started April 2020.  Some international students can return in as part of 3rd 1000 student allocation.
  • Entry and approval processes being discussed with the Government.
  • Developing an understanding of the current health of the training industry.  Surveys started in April 2020 with data updated regularly. 
  • Activity and Safety Profile for the training industry.  Undertaken with CAA. 
    Future Funded Training Model.  Longer term project underway 

    Regulatory contraints. Addressing issues that impact on the viability and efficiency of the sector. 

Governance Structure

jeremyhead2-539 Chairman:
Jeremy Ford