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Progress Path proposal

Dear 102 Operators and UAVNZ Members,


This is a call-to-action for you all.

We here outline a vision for UAVNZ to continue to grow into a valuable 102 Operators Industry Association and a roadmap for getting there.

We seek to quickly convert ideas and engagement into action continue to build a world-leading UAV Industry for NZ, to the benefit of all parties involved.

Many of you will be aware of UAVNZ.  This organisation was initiated in 2013, supported by Callaghan Innovation, by a body of like-minded people that are passionate about the potential NZ UAV industry and was officially formed in Queenstown in July 2015.

Currently a division of Aviation NZ, the Executive Committee of UAVNZ meets monthly to build a credible industry body to advance the NZ UAV industry. There has been traction on some issues, but we see a lot of potential for further growth and impact.

To achieve this potential, we need your participation!

Strategic Outcomes and Goals

UAVNZ has set out to be the professional industry body for commercial UAV Operators in NZ.  We work closely with CAA and seeks to achieve goals aligned to a defined set of agreed outcomes.  The following is an indicative overview:

Differentiate 102 Operations from 101 Operations.

To achieve this, we have focused on the following areas:

  • Code of Conduct – every member of UAVNZ should adhere to the code of conduct, which can be accessed here
  • Compulsory Liability Insurance – every commercial UAV operator should have a current third party liability insurance (the committee is exploring discount options for UAVNZ members)
  • Alignment of the basic 102 waivers (Private Property, Night Flying, 4km Aerodrome etc)
  • Maintain a media engagement to promote positive 102 Operations messaging, and draw the distinction from 101 recreational users.

Develop Best Practice and Set Standards for Airworthiness.

The aim here is move towards a 102 certificate being the baseline standard for commercial UAV operations in NZ.  (This may deserve a sub-committee)

  • Setting of Training and Operating Standards
  • Setting of Engineering and Airworthiness Standards (especially for larger UAV)

Grow the NZ UAV Market. 

UAVNZ would leverage the difference between 101 and 102 operations to build confidence amongst potential customers and the general public.  This includes the following initiatives:

  • Work with CAA to help quickly differentiate between a general UAV complaint and a complaint about a 102 operation.
  • Create a media campaign to build confidence in the UAVNZ brand and its members
  • Engage with important agencies and Government entities to build confidence and achieve standard relaxations and procedures for 102 Operations (ie Councils, NZTA, DOC)
  • Promote NZ Made and NZ Innovation in the sector.

Support 102 Rule Development.

Work collectively with CAA to build standard safety cases to support the provision of rules with greater operational freedom.

  • BVLOS Operations
  • Operating near Electricity Networks etc.

Your support

Although we achieved some commendable outcomes over the years, to fulfil UAVNZ’s full potential we need your help. At a very minimum we need your membership, and preferably we’d enjoy your engagement either by sharing your ideas or concerns with the committee, or by posting these on our forum.


Thank you!

The UAVNZ Committee

Phone: +64 4 472 2707
Hours: 0830 -1700
Monday to Friday
Level 5 ,
5 Willeston Street,
Wellington 6011,
New Zealand