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ferntech logo DJI Ferntech is New Zealand's trusted provider of aerial imaging drones in the country. Ferntech Has The Only NZ DJI Certified Repairs Centre & Flight Cage Built For Test Flights. All Drones Purchased From Ferntech Receive Priority Support, Visit Us Online Today.

HELICAM PRO offers professional quality aerial photography & video. We are based in Christchurch but have can provide our services throughout the wider Canterbury region and all of New Zealand.

By using the latest UAV drone technology we are able to deliver to you an extremely high quality, professional service across all commercial sectors including tourism, construction, real estate, farming and breaking news.

PSL 20yrs logo 100 x 35mm RGB 72dpi Construction surveying specialists providing data to quarry managers, landfill operators and earthmoving contractors to enable them to take control of their operations.
For us unmanned aircraft are a survey tool that make it faster, and safer to carry out large topographical surveys.
We have been using RPAS for surveying since 2011 – we were the first company in NZ to use the Gatewing X100. We now also have multi rotor machines which enable smaller more difficult sites to be surveyed.
Our Snoopy LiDAR system enables ground to be surveyed through vegetation in areas where photogrammetry will not work.
For us it is all about getting the information that you need for volume calculations and site plans. Unlike some operators we are surveyors first, not just pretty picture takers. Don’t take my word for it, look at the testimonials on our website to see what our clients have to say about our services.


Flightworks was established in 2014 when advancing aerial drone technology made them useful as tools for our ecological projects at Natural Solutions ( In 2015 we became one of the first companies to receive Part 102 certification that allowed us privileges to undertake drone operations outside of the Part 101 rules. Most recently, we have been flying further than line-of-sight which helps us reach remote sites and fly large areas efficiently.

Flightworks have been providing a range of aerial drone services to our clients, with many projects requiring our expertise to achieve ecological objectives that are not achievable by any other method. We have pioneered new methods with aerial drones that create value for clients and make a positive difference for our natural world.

Please visit the website to see some of our projects.


UAVE Limited provide endurance long range drone sales and services.

The Prion Mk 3 UAV has been operational and UK CAA certified since 2008. In the UK the company has exceptions allowing them to release objects from the air and fly 20,000m BVLOS.
The platform is capable of flying 1000 km (or 14 hours) carrying a payload of up to 15kg on only 7 litres of petrol.

The Prion was originally used to conduct magnetic surveys in Norway but is now being used by the British Antarctic Survey, Aarhus University (for operations in Greenland) and the Indian Meteorological Department.

UAVE is looking to conduct LiDAR surveying, reconnaissance in fire and emergency situations/events, commercial and scientific surveying using payloads other UAVs can’t carry.

The Prion falls into the Part 102 category and offers cheaper running and maintenance costs over small manned aircraft, perfect for innovators and those looking to reduce operational costs.


Established in 2001, Incredible Images quickly established itself as the “go to” Commercial real estate property photographers using 65ft telescopic poles and Helicopters.
In 2015 we became CAA Part102 certified drone operators and have since flown over 6000 flights.

While still specialising in commercial properties, we also have specialised equipment to handle infrastructure inspections including the use of our high end thermal camera.

We are regularly operating throughout NZ for our clients from photography & video to inspection services.

open2view-1-288 Franchisee, covering both Floor Plans and Aerial Photography.
Located on the North Shore and covering the greater Auckland Areas


Design and manufacture of Drone parts. We manufacture parts through our fast 3D printing service. Experience in design of UAV parts, from chassis to camera mounts.

Bring your challenging problems to us. We’re likely to find an elegant solution

Since June 2010 Aeronavics manufactures commercial industrial RPAS aircraft – multirotors – and is one of the drone industry’s pioneers with an impressive history. Clients include NASA, BBC, Disney, Warner Brother and National Geographic and their new Navi was recently selected by the world’s largest mining company to integrate into their mining activities.
Aeronavics’ world-renowned SkyJib was the first system to obtain a license for commercial operation by the Federal Aviation Administration in the United States (for Hollywood filmmaking).
Aeronavics has recently launched its next generation (turn-key) aircraft, composed of three base models ranging in size and system capability, with several ‘plug and play’ payload modules for versatile multifunctional capabilities.
One of the key strategies for Aeronavics is the targeting of low-altitude Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) applications, such as network infrastructure inspection, autonomous security response, large-scale precision agriculture and automated mining operations.

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