NZHA Safety Recognition Award Criteria

NZHA Award Criteria - Terms and Conditions

The New Zealand Helicopter Association (NZHA) Safety Recognition Award
  1. Introduction
Members of the Aviation NZ's NZHA division can apply for a NZHA safety recognition award (SRA).

The NZHA SRA award will recognise the level of an organisation or individual’s safety performance. Members will be able to use the award system to promote themselves to their insurers and to the public.

Your safety performance will be displayed on the AIA web site and a safety recognition certificate will be  issued to your company/operator/pilot for individual display.

Aviation NZ proposes establishing the following safety recognition awards:
  • Platinum – 25 consecutive years-plus, no accidents resulting in serious injury to self, crew or passengers - 
  • Gold – 15 consecutive years-plus, no accidents resulting in serious injury to self, crew or passengers - 
  • Silver – 10 consecutive years, no accidents resulting in serious injury to self, crew or passengers 
  • Bronze – 5 consecutive years, no accidents resulting in serious injury to self, crew or passengers 

All above-mentioned fees are exclusive of GST.
  1. Rules
  1. All financial members of the Aviation NZ's NZHA division are permitted to apply for a certificate recognising the level of their safety performance.
  2. Where a subscription is not paid within three months of renewal (i.e. by 1 July in any year) the NZHA Safety Recognition Award will be removed and the process of application for an award will need to be recommenced by the applicant.
  3. Safety recognition certificates will be renewable annually by way of application to the AIA.
  4. All applications must contain the following information:
      • The name of the individual or company covered by the award application
      • The level of award being applied for
      • Evidence of current professional license held in the case of an individual or, in the case of a company, the company’s operating certificate, current airworthiness certificates of the aircraft to be covered on the award, evidence of safety performance and date the company commenced operations
Evidence of safety performance can be constituted by a record of performance from the operator’s insurance company, or a sworn statutory declaration, or any other independent verifiable source, that there has been no accident resulting in serious injury to self, crew or passengers over the period specified for which application is made
  1. Optional information - Evidence of hours flown by the organisation. As this information may be commercially sensitive, the NZHA will publish only on request of the applicant
  2. The application for audit fee is non-refundable if the applicant is unsuccessful
  3. The award will be independently verified and subject to ratification before being awarded by the NZHA
  4. The applicant will be advised of NZHA’s decision within two weeks of application.
  5. If the applicant is dissatisfied with the decision of the NZHA the applicant has the right of appeal to the AIA Council. The AIA Council shall undertake a separate investigation. If the appeal is unsuccessful the cost of the investigation will be borne by the applicant and if successful by the NZHA.
  6. A Safety Recognition Award (SRA) certificate will be issued stating:
    • The safety performance criteria awarded
    • The operators AOC number or certificate number
    • Registrations of aircraft used in the operation
    • Date of commencement of operations for a company
    • The licence of the individual pilot or engineer
    • Optional information - the number of hours flown or years of service
    • any other information acceptable to NZHA
  7. This information will be publicly accessible on the AIA web site.
  8. Certificates will be renewable annually upon application to the NZHA.
  1. Award of Certificates
  • Application for the award can be made at the same time your AIA NZHA division membership is approved, or at any other time throughout the year.
  • The award may only be used for the purposes that are consistent with the Rules of the AIA.
  1. Removal of an Award
The award remains the property of the NZHA and shall become invalid and be returned to the NZHA if any of the following occurs:
  • The terms and conditions upon which the award has been issued are no longer valid
  • The individual/organisation or operator is no longer engaged in the operation for which the award was issued, or the licence has lapsed or been withdrawn
  • The safety performance criteria is no longer valid
  • Information submitted, upon which the award was issued, is proven to be incorrect or invalid.
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