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Highlights of 2020



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Covid-19 had a major impact on Aviation NZ and member operations during the year.  We changed the way we operated, did not invoice existing members for 2020/21 subscriptions and ran a minimum cost budget.  Our work continued but with three new imperatives from 1 April:

Immediate: Member viability.  Looking at ways we could help members reduce costs, through the Government’s Aviation Package or other ways. 

Short term: Keeping members operating.  Ensuring members are ready for the recovery and removing constraints on GA created by the Covid-19 alert levels, especially on agriculture, engineering, MRO and parts supply, and pilot and instructor currency.

Medium term: Kickstarting the economy through aviation.  Identifying aviation projects and activities that can start as the country or regions move from Covid-19 level 4.

Advocacy - we represent common interests with one voice
  • Submissions on a range of issues but less than previous years because of the impact of Covid-19 on the bureaucracy.

  • Conversely many more meetings with a wide range of regulatory agencies, especially on the impact of Covid-19 and solutions.

  • Wide ranging input from members to inform our views.

Expertise - we provide technical assistance/advice to benefit members
  • General advice to members and agencies.

  • Problem solving for members and agencies.

Communications - we disseminate relevant and timely information
  • Website regularly updated and integrated with social media platforms.

  • Weekly, Divisional and Member only newsletters, Zoom meetings and webinars.

  • Special ‘specific issue’ mail outs to relevant members.

  • Visits to members where possible.

  • Press releases and articles.

Member benefits - we improve the ability of members to do business
  • N3 and OFx savings.

  • Covid-SOPs developed and updated for affected divisions.

  • Template development.

Performance - the organisation grows and becomes stronger
  • 18 new members (25 in 2019)

  • Financial position ok, despite not invoicing existing members subscriptions for 2020/21

Phone: +64 4 472 2707
Hours: 0830 -1700
Monday to Friday
Level 5 ,
5 Willeston Street,
Wellington 6011,
New Zealand