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Website and Social Media Growth

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn presence increased and linked to website and divisional newsletters.  This has allowed better use of advice and intelligence and is helping broaden organisation reach.

Aviation NZ Facebook 427 (293 in 2019), NZAAA Facebook: 868 (783 in 2019), Aviation NZ LinkedIn: 307 (159 in 2019), CE LinkedIn 924 (827 in 2019), Twitter 168 (142 in 2019)


Weekly newsletter, 5 divisional newsletters (NZAAA, NZHA, Training & Development, Engineering & Supply and UAVNZ), specific purpose newsletter mail-outs (e.g. COVID-19, COVID-19 SoPs, member surveys, SMS, Fatigue, Conference, scams).

Networking with members

While physical meetings were constrained by Covid, we instituted member only newsletters and held 3 Zoom briefings for members, featuring David Morgan, Air NZ (the operating environment), Don McCracken, Immediate Past President (business under duress) and Bruce Heesterman, Aspeq (looking to grow in adversity).  Divisions held Executive Committee and some divisional meetings by Zoom.  While the annual conference was cancelled, UAVNZ had an AGM by Zoom.

Press releases, articles and presentations

A number of press releases were issued and comments made/interviews given (radio, newspaper and TV) on subjects including CAA Act review, CAA restructuring, CAA behaviour enquiry, CAA and industry relationships, impact of Covid on industry, opening the border, preserving the flight training industry including closure of L3 Airline Academy, travel bubbles, using aviation to kickstart the economy, aviation accidents and aviation safety, especially helicopter safety.  Business South ran a major NZ aviation feature in its October issue.  A presentation on Aviation NZ was given to the RAeS NZ conference.


  • 14,542 unique visits to website (12 months ended 6 January).

  • Combined Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn following of 2694 (2204, 2019)..

  • Weekly newsletter circulation 1549 with 30.6% opening (50%+ member opening).

  • Divisional newsletters - very specific circulation but 65%+ opening.

  • Website and newsletters reformatted for easier access by mobile devices.

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