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27 April 2012

We’ve had a lot of interest in our executive leadership programme including one or two questions about why we are running the programme at all.  The short answer to this question is that improving the productivity of the sector is an integral part of delivering on our growth target of growing the sectors revenue contribution to New Zealand from $10Bn to $16Bn by 2016.
We think this growth target is achievable, but we do need to do things differently.  Investment in technical training in our industry is enormous, but we don’t seem to have any coherent investment strategy beyond that. Yet it is the individual innovative flair and contribution of our management teams which will make the major and most significant changes in our industry.
These changes are taking place against a back drop where each one of us is expected to take much greater individual responsibility for our businesses, employees and customers.  Government intervention in our sector is changing.  One of the key drivers is fiscal constraint, however what we are seeing is government pursuing a “do smarter” and “more with less agenda”.  So if you think you’ve already stepped up in your businesses get ready for the next wave of change.  It will be challenging – as one senior CAA person said last Friday ‘you’re pretty much on your own now” ensuring industry doesn’t have accidents.  A pretty challenging environment, but one we have embraced for many years.
But what this does mean is that our industry leadership need constant refreshing and exposure to new ideas and best practice.  The Executive Leadership programme leads into a Diploma in Regulatory Oversight and Governance.  This diploma is unparalleled anywhere in the world.  Its origins are innovative – a partnership between the CAA, ATTTO, Industry and Aerosafe Risk Management.  Credits for attendance at the leadership programme will be awarded to those enrolling on the diploma programme.
We must apologise to Pat Scotter for misspelling his name – the good thing is he recognised that we were talking about him and his engineering workshops at Rangiora airport.
It would be remiss this week not to recognise our service personnel.  ANZAC day is a time for us all to reflect on the contribution they have made and make to our freedom. The RNZAF contribution to the development and growth of our industry cannot be overstated.  The New Horizons report found that they were an important “trickle down” contributor and were the source of considerable enterprise and innovation in our industry.  A new book “A Passion for Flight - New Zealand Aviation Before the Great War”.  This book covers the period 1886-1909.  Written by Errol Martyn – it has stirred once again the controversy over whether Richard Pearse achieved controlled flight before the Wright Brothers.          
Until we speak again take care and stay risk aware

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