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31 August 2012

If you get this newsletter a little late today, “Red boots” apologises in advance – blame it on “Pacific time”!!!!
Since returning to work on Wednesday after some great snapper expeditions at Opitio bay, it’s been fairly full on.  CAA released their proposed charges on Tuesday click here – me thinks it was deliberately timed so that the “boots” would be on the front foot and refreshed for the barrage of comments and criticism.  All I can say is that the Arctic ice is melting faster than any comments from the Industry.  From this we take it that you all agree with the new charges.  I somehow feel a Tui’s ad coming on ending with “Yeah Rite”!!!! For my view click here.
Conference week outcome – record numbers – 158 NZAAA; 250 AIA.  Sponsorship was below target by $15k. However, considering the tough economic times, we’re really grateful to all those organisations that did kick the tin.  We really appreciate your on-going support. Sponsorship enables us to run an intensive week of events and to put on the best domestic trade show for aviation in New Zealand.
Speaking of shows, we know there is a healthy degree of furrowed eyebrows when it comes to the Auckland International Airshow.  For those of you who were not at conference, the Airshow is scheduled for Auckland Anniversary weekend next year.  AIA’s involvement is with organising an aviation careers expo in the Cloud – this is for all aviation careers, not just mainstream!!!! When you look at our aging demographics (50% of pilots and engineers are 50+) we are going to need around 4000 new entrants over the next 10 years to sustain the industry at present levels and another 3000 to support growth of around 9%, which is our ambition under “One industry”.  ATTTO has identified this as one of the most strategic issues facing the Industry.
So what are we going to do about it?  The Airshow and similar events gets into the hearts and minds of the public that “aviation” is a very cool sector with massive growth potential and pays some pretty good salaries.  We also create a lot more economic wealth for New Zealand than, for example, the Tourism Industry.  Our upstream and down stream impact from our activities is around 4.4 – i.e. for every $ we earn we contribute $4.40 to the New Zealand economy.  Tourism’s equivalent is around $2.20 and that’s even claiming aviation as part of tourism (which we all know it is).
On Tuesday we met with Qualmark to work through the concept of creating one audit platform for Tourist Flight Operators.  Qualmark were unaware that AIRCARE has a number of components, not simply noise abatement and safety management.  One key component was DoC’s insistence that we have a complaints investigation and resolution process in AIRCARE. A number of operators appear to also be unaware that this was a key component of mitigation of reputational and political risk.  The discussions are on-going with Qualmark – there is a shared vision but not a mechanism as of yet to achieve the end objective.
Thursday afternoon was spent with the New Zealand Aviation Federation – this is a kindred group but representing Sport and Recreational operators.  They are our shareholding partner in ASPEQ.  The Federation is also inaugural participants in our Advisory Council meetings and plays a role in meetings of that group.  We have also offered to extend to them formal membership of “One Industry” and are working through the options in respect of how this might be achieved.
A number of critical meetings are coming up next week:
  • First meeting of the permanent Governance Board, 6 September
  • NZHA meeting, 4 September
  • NZAAA meeting, 5 September
 So next week’s newsletter will be action packed.
In this week’s newsletter also look for an update on Airways, who are also now members of AIA; and some pretty interesting stuff on skills/training and relational procurement in the EMS sector plus export developments under “One Industry”.  
We’ve asked for an update on how the Black Boeing is going click here but nothing yet by way of information.
If you think you’d be interested in joining us in the Cloud in January next year for either the careers expo or putting on show your product, please come back to us with an expression of interest 

Until we speak again take care and stay risk aware

Red boots
red boots

"One Industry - Aviation is in our DNA"

NZ Industry Presentation Upgraded
We have updated the generic presentation on the New Zealand aviation industry to reflect the AIA/Aviation NZ integration, added some success stories and included a few more comments from international customers. This further substantiates 'the New Zealand aviation offer'. Use this material to help tell 'your story' in international markets click here

Heading Release of OIR - EMS NZ background to Standards development and information on Relational Procurement click here and here and here

What's coming up?

20 September. Meeting with MoT, CAA and some trainers to review and discuss Pt 141, Pt 147 and Pt 66 in view of international developments. We'll also use the day to progress thinking on brand development and the aviation part of the America's Cup promotional programme in San Francisco from July through September 2013.


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