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14 December 2012

In this newsletter:
  • 8 meetings, 3 day’s, 100 plus members and stakeholders briefed
  • America’s cup bid successful – what it means for you
  • HAI – New Zealand industry to host event
  • CAA Director Graeme Harris endorses AIRCARE
  • AIRCARE ACC partners discounts – 10-20%
  • SMS why bottom up works – a view from Australia
  • The five most wanted:
  • CAA update on charges
  • Airways/Airports charging consultations
  • Kathy Wolfe departs ATTTO
  • Leadership programme 19-21 May
8 meetings, 3 day’s, 100 plus members and stakeholders briefed - it was a real pleasure to host so many of our members this week when seven groups met over three days in Wellington; the TFO held a successful meeting in Queenstown; and of course we hosted over 80 people to our stakeholders Christmas function at the Intercontinental.
Last weekend closed with another sad event, the death of an excellent young ag pilot who “the boots” had spent some time talking at Rotorua, and then another serious accident a couple of days later where a high hour experienced pilot survived a near fatal accident.  Our thoughts go out to the team at Ballance-Superair, Sam Kershaw’s family and his partner April. 
We must note that the industry itself is in good heart.  It was really pleasing to see the level of engagement from all our key stakeholders from government with officials from CAA, MOT, NZTE, TEC and MoE all attending the various meetings.
Graeme Martin, deputy chairman of our governance group and chair of NZAAA addressed the Christmas function click here reiterating that while it is BAU the growth agenda will be delivered via the “One Industry” strategy.  One Industry is about the aviation sector working together to deliver wealth for you and your employees.  Getting this right will enable aviation to position itself as one of the “mega” sectors of the New Zealand economy.  In doing this of course, the off-shore partners and networks we have and intend to build over the next 12-24 months will be integral to achieving our goal of an industry contributing $16Bn of revenue to the economy.
America’s cup bid successful for aviation sector
Early this week we were advised that we were successful in our bid for funding to leverage New Zealand’s presence at the America’s Cup to be sailed in San Francisco July to September 2013.  For you, this means we can create opportunities and develop commercial and strategic networks using the America’s cup base and New Zealand’s presence during the racing to showcase our industry.  Our preliminary work has identified three key areas but if you’re interested in being involved express an interest to  Even you Aussie members out there can participate in this providing you “don’t nick our stuff!!!!”
Prior to the America’s cup there are three other opportunities to leverage commercial/strategic opportunities:
  • The Avalon Airshow click here
  • HAI Las Vegas. For information on the event (and see below also) click here and to register for the NZ activity here
  • Conference Week Dunedin click here
HAI – New Zealand Event
HAI Las Vegas has 10 kiwi companies exhibiting and the plan is to work with those companies and develop promotional collateral which will be uses as a Kiwi +friends invitation only party immediately prior to the HAI Awards evening.  Our objective is to ensure every key stakeholder of importance to the New Zealand Helicopter industry is in the room and aware of industry’s potential in this part of the globe.  We’ve already received quite a few expressions of interest/participation so if you want to be involved
The next event of course is the Dunedin conference – this is taking shape rapidly with the themes being centered around “safety, growth and profitability – the eternal triangle”.
AIRCARE™ CAA Director Graeme Harris’s endorsement 
More exciting news for the industry came in the form of CAA’s endorsement of the AIRCARE programme.  This is significant because it clearly demonstrates the thinking of the “new CAA”.  To quote Aircare
Compliance with safety regulations is a minimum requirement for operation in the civil aviation system.  The best safety outcomes, however, are most likely to be achieved when participants in the system actively assume responsibility for the safety of their operations and work collaboratively to improve safety standards.  The CAA regards the Aircare accreditation system as an example of industry taking responsibility for safety and working to improve outcomes.  We encourage and support such efforts.
Graeme Harris.  Director of Civil Aviation
The “new CAA” is looking for active participation, collaboration and the industry taking responsibility.  These views are echoed across the regulatory agencies whether it be environment, conservation, or workplace health and safety.  Leadership comes from the sector and businesses within that sector. The “new CAA” is much more inclusive as evident from the approach taken by their representatives on the draft AC relevant to heliports and the rapid release of comprehensive safety data to NZHA and NZAAA executives.
AIRCARE™ applies for recognition as an ACC workplace safety partners
Recently we’ve have applied for AIRCARE to become recognised by the ACC as an industry wide programme delivering superior personal safety outcomes in the air and on the ground.  We know already from a number of companies that participants in the AIRCARE programme have received ACC discounts of up to 20% based on their systems, processes and performance.  From April next year, all industries will be able to apply for a minimum workplace safety discount of 10% provided there are assurance mechanisms in place acceptable to ACC.  We anticipate consultation in the new year. AIRCARE™ of course was developed originally with considerable assistance from ACC.
SMS bottom up – the Australian view
It’s pleasing to see a number of operators coming through their second audit and receiving three year audit cycles.  This really is signaling not just to us, but most importantly to the Regulators that we work with, that across the board there’s been some very serious investments by companies in systems, people and processes. As an Aussie observed recently “if GA in that country had had its time again they would have gone down the voluntary compliance track long before the regulator stepped in.  This SMS is quite a difficult beast for the Regulator to get its head around because there are so many different ways of complying. A bottom up industry driven approach would have removed the grief of going into a one size fits all approach. It would have cost a heck of a lot less and probably driven better results.”
The five most wanted
Other significant highlights from the week include:
  • An agreed industry wide position that the serious shortfalls in the supply of new pilots and engineers will compromise the sustainability of the industry
  • SLAET is merged into AEANZ with AEANZ the body to represent all individual engineers.  Company affiliates will continue as members of the AIA under the AEANZ banner
  • A series of constitutional changes to consider at the next AGM which enhance the role and responsibilities of the membership
  • An endorsement of the One Industry strategic platform accompanied by a focus on business as usual.
  • Decisions by NZHA and Flight Training to oppose in full draft NPRM Part 61 presently out for consultation.  NZAAA are considering their position.  
CAA charges heads up
We will speak to you one more time before we sign off for the year.  Next week we have critical meetings with CAA to discuss aspects of the advice given to Cabinet on the AIA’s position on the new charges.  Naturally we remain in pursuit of our medical exemption petition and also some questions on the share of public and private good with the charges.
Airways/Airport charging consultations
Airways has invited Kevin England and me to some preliminary consultation on their proposed new charges for 2013.  We’ve also initiated discussions with Kevin Ward over regional airport charges – we understand a rash of increases are potentially proposed for next year.  The problem we are having is that the consultation mechanism is less than robust compared to the processes and systems Airways has in place for dialogue and engagement.
Kathy Wolfe departs ATTTO
We also say good bye to Kathy Wolfe the chief executive of the ATTTO on Monday night. Here’s a copy of Kathy’s final presentation click here. Kathy’s and her team have been a real pleasure to work with and while most of her team remain in the new merged structure Kathy leaves at the end of the year.
Leadership programme 19-21 May Woodbourne
Looking forward we can announce a permanent home for our leadership programme at Woodbourne airforce base.  Our next programme will be held on 19-21 May.  We have the same line up of speakers but a slightly different slant particularly as we move more and more into the “no rules regulated environment”.  Even “the boots” is intrigued as to how this is going to work!!!!!   

Until we speak again take care and stay risk aware

Red boots
red boots

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