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7 December 2012

This week:
  • Privacy commission requests removal of CAA registry
  • Aviation Security – some observations
  • CAA – the exemption petition and further official information release
  • GSTS tender Agricultural Aviation Risk Profile
  • AIRCARE – protecting brand New Zealand
  • Events next year
    • Heliexpo – seven companies exhibiting + proposed New Zealand function
    • Dunedin conference – tartans and kilts requested
    • America’s cup bid San Francisco
  • Meetings and stakeholder function next week 
  • Sarah in Greece
  • ACAG; ADSB; ASPEQ – update next week   
Why is it that we never truly understand the value of something until its no longer there. This week the CAA was required by the Privacy Commissioner to remove all the data on the aircraft registry from their webpage.  While we hope this is a temporary situation and a “go around patch “is in place, we fear the situation has a ring of permanency about it. 
There is no doubt that CAA law doesn’t prevent the making of such information available, however, we understand that the Human Rights and Privacy Commissioner thought that such information was a breach of one’s privacy.  My question is at what time does safety and in our case aviation safety override privacy considerations.
We understand the CAA and Privacy Commissioner have had some intensive discussions this week and the Privacy Commissioner has now accepted that some entities/organisations may have a legitimate reason to access the personal information on the register.  The Airways Corporation and aerodromes, for example, may fall into that category.

The Commissioner and the CAA have agreed, however, that continued public access to the personal information on the register is not acceptable in the long term.  The Commissioner is willing to accept that the full register may go back online while the CAA works through the process of addressing the privacy concerns individuals may have. 

In light of the above, the CAA plan is to write to all aircraft owners early/mid next week advising that they need to advise the CAA if they do not want their name and contact details to be available on the online register.  Once that mail-out is in progress the  full register will be re-instated on the website.  As people respond advising that they do not want their details to be available CAA will remove.   The details of such people will remain accessible, on request, and justification, to certain parties.  
Personally “the boots” thinks the whole privacy thing has gone berserk.  Recently I fielded a call from a government agency wanting the phone number of my daughter.  To which I responded sorry can’t tell you that because my phone’s in Wellington and I’m in Auckland.  Anyway I said is it about XYZ to which the response was I can’t tell you that. The situation has gone away so I presume what I didn’t tell her was sufficient to resolve “the subject of interest”.
On subjects of interest - another observation when is 100% security screening not 100%?  “The boots” witnessed four people pass by security for a flight to Wellington last Monday morning – perhaps these people had been pre screened and if so where? No they were not dodgy characters and no they were not from the diplomatic community as most were known to “the boots”. Not that we’re getting picky but the inconsistencies around screening note pads between Auckland and Wellington is interesting.  It is known this can be because of the resolution of machinery and reflections off walls etc but when it’s the same piece of equipment it just makes you wonder.   
Early next week we will have further discussions with CAA on charges and in particular why the public good issues were not addressed when the new charges were set.  This is all part of our discussions, actively working with CAA to develop more appropriate charges in two areas: - pilot medicals and the hourly rate charges for July 2013 and beyond.  Our petition for exemption on the medical charge is being given consideration.  If successful one of the more challenging issues will be how, if a matter of medical fitness comes to the attention of DCA, but the individual holds an Australian medical certificate, can this be dealt with under New Zealand law.  In reality, the Director has wide powers to suspend if aviation safety is compromised, including in our view documents or certificates issued by a foreign regulator.
If the petition is declined, one of the more obvious concerns will be in terms of risk in the low likelihood high consequence Australian operations on New Zealand domestic routes.  CAA are very aware that a decision to decline has the potential to raise other issues. 
The petition is being handled in parallel with our Official Information Request with further information released this week click here.  Interesting nuggets:
  • There was dialogue on redefining “policy” work throughout late 2011.  However this redefinition (fundamental to the issue of cross subsidisation) was never discussed with Industry
  • November 23 2011 ( Page 2) “AIA expects full consultation on any materially different proposals” response –“ CAA to check the legal parameters on the need for consultation”
  • 13April 2012 “Doing nothing is still an option. Government has already contributed to CAA change process and created a level of buffer”
Throughout our discussions the objective will continue to be to communicate and work with the CAA and other agencies to bring about a fairer charging regime in the two targeted areas. We have excellent access to all key people and this must remain fundamental to our directions going forward. DCA reaffirmed he appreciated that the environment was challenging but he understood that CAA must focus on delivering value for money.
Central to the “value for money” equation is risk profiling and the latest GETS tender confirms progress is being made click here and here.  We know that Adventure Aviation and Flight Training are the next two sectors to be subject to the process. 
Naturally we’re starting to look forward to 2013.  There are quite a series of events coming up and its really good to see that seven New Zealand companies are participating in Heliexpo next year in Los Vegas.  Heliexpo is a great opportunity to profile what we’re doing in this part of the world.  We will also be taking a much higher profile ourselves and are looking to organize a New Zealand function were we can invite the movers and shakers of the global rotary community to come experience New Zealand and its offerings. For more info click here, to complete the registration form for the function, which is due back by Thursday 20th December click here.
Similarly the wheels are turning very quickly now on our Conference Week in Dunedin. We’ll be talking a lot more about it in the New Year but we have a special request from the folk in the deep south to make this “Highland” themed so dust of your tartans and kilts.
Today we’ve put in a major bid for funding aviation’s involvement in the San Franciso America’s Cup Challenge.  Essentially we’ve identified four key areas of activity – rotary; fixed wing/airlines; airport and airport technologies, and new materials.  We’ll be out talking to you a lot more about this programme assuming our bid is successful.
Next week is particularly busy with meetings of NZHA; FTD; AEANZ and special general meeting of SLAET; NZAAA; Aviation Training new Zealand;  The Governance Board; The Advisory Council and Safety Advisory Committee on top of all this we have our stakeholders Christmas function.  All members are welcome to attend go to and let Andrew know as we need to finalise numbers early next week. We are also aware that the TFO intends to hold a meeting on the afternoon of the 11th in Queenstown and we would encourage you all to attend.
Some of you have asked how Sarah’s getting on in Greece.  Well so far she’s had a pretty interesting time once she managed to make out of hospital after being attacked by dogs (four legged) and recovered from the flu.  Other than that she says Greece is “historic” and “histrionic” i.e. lots of very unhappy people as unemployment rates hike and pensions are cut.
Before Christmas we have meetings scheduled with Metservice and Airways. Much interest is being raised with in the community about having an integrated platform to deliver met information and NOTAM’s to the aeroplane cockpit and these meetings are likely to be an opportunity to discuss some of these ideas. Unfortunately we were unable to attend the Airways ADSB meetings this last week – however we hope to have an update for you in the next newsletter.  Similarly we had to put in an apology to the ACAG election forum and ASPEQ AGM’s but we are certain information on both these events will be out next week to you.  

There are some major changes afoot with rule making and I can hear a number of you “say not before time!!!!”                              

Until we speak again take care and stay risk aware
Red boots
red boots

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