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20 July 2012

Graeme Harris in a recent Vector article made the point that his focus was not simply safety but also growth. For aviation businesses this is precisely the alignment we want and expect from our regulators whether it is the CAA or any other agency we deal with. However in practice what does this change mean for you and your businesses.
The first tangible signs of change are increased transparency.  It’s just about impossible to run a businesses when you don't know the rules, unless of course you believe the are no rules and chart a course only to find a few rocks in the way - remember the Rena.
The second tangible change is increased engagement with stakeholders.  There's still a few out there who are terrified to engage, but the reality is unless you work through issues the issues remain the issue.  An example being the ZK issue.  We were not remotely impressed being blindsided on the issue, however through dialogue we think we now have a reasonable arrangement click here. We are a little surprised CAA published the document without first running the draft past us, but they have agreed we will be able to make comments on the document and if appropriate they will amend. If you have concerns let me know. We've raised a point or two where we think the document isn't clear.
Another tangible example of change is an emerging understanding the Non passenger operations can deliver good safety but without central interventions.  In other words the sector can take much greater control of how it delivers .  For ag operators this means significant change in the regulatory relationship. But to deliver all AAOC operators must be part of the change. It’s the reason why we keep urging you to attend conference. CAA must have the confidence that we have a community that is cohesive and has a clear vision on how it’s going to deliver.
For some time we have worked to create one audit platform. We've had some push back that we're mad to think it’s even possible, but in my view if you don't have an end goal then how the heck do you ever know what to aim for. At conference we will be talking a lot more about AIRCARE™ and the plan. We know a number of you see AIRCARE™ as another form of compliance, however our vision is that it becomes the form of compliance. Why? Because we can provide you with continuous feedback on better practices and better practice makes good business sense.
Red boots has been too many conferences but this conference is shaping up to exceed last years fabulous conference week in Wellington.  One of the most exciting developments is to have the RNZAF presence - for civil aviation having a strong link delivers both business and operational credentials. Conference attendees on Thursday and Friday will have the opportunity to get up close to the NH 90 and the Augusta A109. Both are flying in especially for conference delegates to inspect.
We're also announcing a further impressive line up for our Incident Review Meeting - this is akin to going to safety school for the first time. You think you have a pretty good idea about the world until you go there and find out "there but for the grace of God go I”. The IRM is consistently rated as the most significant safety learning experience of the year. We have six speakers this year - some speaking in closed session only, i.e. closed to the regulator. Safety dominates our Friday agenda.
Our programmes are locked, you'll see these on our web page
A big thank you to some returning sponsors who have committed to significant dollars in behind this week and in particular:
      Augusta Westland
All have confirmed as Diamond sponsors.
Trade Hall is now at near max for the present layout we have but because this is the convention centre we always have more room to expand. New trades joined us last week and more are welcome.
Don't forget you can reserve tables of 10 for our black tie Awards ceremony. We see this as an amazing opportunity to listen to one of the most inspirational speakers on air safety.  Captain Richard de Crespigny will also be releasing his new book at the dinner and this is an opportunity to get a signed copy.
Conference will provide all the good oil on the Black Boeing to Las Vegas. On line book facilities will be launched and options detailed.  We now have over 100 expressions of interest. Remember this is open to friends and family of the industry.
We have a kiwi contingent at Oshkosh lead by Minister Maurice Williamson who will be making some fairly significant announcements next week at the show. Today "the boots" are in Auckland attending a San Francisco Americas cup briefing. A number of opportunities will emerge that will facilitated greater engagement with the US industries. We also became aware of a "fly in" of US tech companies planned for early December. They are here to consider investment opportunities so watch this space.
John Nicholson attended the regional economic development conference last week. He'll talk to you more about that under one industry. One of our industry's major supporters the Hon Harry Duynhoven Mayor of New Plymouth was there and extremely excited about the industry and its new growth trajectory. Getting these key stakeholders on board is integral to our "one Industry" strategy.
On one last note we still don't know the level of the new CAA charges. We are aware that there is dissatisfaction among some sectors of the wider community. As I’ve said these have been conveyed to Government however until the rates are announced it’s impossible to engage in further debate. Our proposition was that the pain should be shared by all parties. We were not consulted when CAA shifted into their new building and the Government is well aware that rental costs suck up about $3m pa . This money would otherwise have been directed into aviation safety. Those responsible for this decision are no longer in power or employed by the CAA. This Government inherited the situation and there's not a lot anyone can do. We absolutely support CAA being accommodated appropriately and having them in town has improved dialogue, but we don't think they should pay high street rents and the rentals on the Asteron centre are right at the high end of town.

Until we speak again take care and stay risk aware

Red boots
red boots

"One Industry - Aviation is in our DNA"

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