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27 July 2012

''The boots” is really looking forward to this year’s Conference Week and the interest in the programme is really building. Delegate registrations are excellent and this is always a true indication of whether the programme is being pitched right.
I've had a few inquiries from the Ag community asking me to please explain why it’s even more critical to attend conference than usual. As I've said we are on the cusp of major regulatory change, probably the most significant seen in the lifetime of any Ag pilots. Whether you call it partnership (the CAA term) or co-regulation (our term), it means that with the 100% backing of the Ag community you have the opportunity to say what needs to be done differently and influence the way it will be done.  It is this second point that is absolutely critical.
We are beyond chat fests where you come along and say what is wrong. Now it’s time to influence and participate in getting it right. '"The boots" is obsessed with working with NZAAA in getting this right. A few years ago I know you came close to moving into a partnership with CAA but the industry blew it by not working collaboratively together. Maybe you needed to stare down the barrel of draft CAR 137 to understand the challenges of a heavy handed interventionist environment. Now you have an opportunity to work with CAA on developing a risk profile and the best solutions for the sector. But you must be 100% united. Just as last year’s conference was a watershed one. Now you are being asked to chart your own way forward.
For members of the helicopter community the focus is on safety, with an analysis of a number of key accidents as well as presentations by a number of people who have been there and done that.  Standing up and talking about an incident is not something that comes easy but it is a very quick and effective way of transmitting learning. On Friday we continue that theme of learning from the experience of others with a number of closed sessions at the Incident Review meeting, which will focus on the challenges in the operating environment.
The IRM is a session that many in the Industry don't understand too much about until they attend. However, what we do know from Conference feed back is that it represents some of the most significant learning experiences for the Industry. The IRM is developed by the Safety Advisory Committee, which comprises of the industry leaders in their respective fields. Nominations for the committee are presently open - seven people are required. Click here.
Education agencies have confirmed they will speak to the flight training community. We don't know as of yet who from the TEC, but we are hoping it will be someone fairly senior.  It is decision time for the flight training community as policy settings continue to undermine confidence from within the sector.
Airways announced their pricing proposals yesterday click here. Major announcements include the application of a circuit charge across the network but deferment of the proposed new charge for entry into controlled airspace.  The flight training community will be disappointed about the imposition of the circuit charge. However, it does seem to “the boots" that accompanying the charge goes performance of the service and this is the critical discussion now to be had.
Speaking of Airways, yesterday I attended an excellent briefing on the proposed introduction of ADSB. We will put the briefing papers up on the web early next week. The key point is that the Industry must become more engaged and work out the most effective strategy to achieve what is probably one of the most major changes we will see in the delivery of airways management. The strategy of being a fast follower as opposed to leading the charge is paying dividends based on the Australian experience. There are clear pointers for New Zealand here - the key one being to work as a group to determine what we need post-2021 in terms of surveillance. We can then work backwards from there.
Today we are in Auckland to attend the funeral of our dear colleague, Captain Bryan Wyness. His service is at 11am today and by the time you receive this there will be many happy memories shared and undoubtedly a tear or two shed. I will be passing onto Marion and the family the wishes of many in industry. Bryan was a respected friend of the wider aviation community and he will be sorely missed. Many of the jokes shared in this newsletter came directly from him, generally accompanied by a short note saying Marion did or didn't approve of this one.
With just over a week to Conference we can announce more exciting events:
                                Doctor Dave, originally scheduled to speak on men’s health, will now also speak on quackery in general. The “boots” always though medics were bland people but not our Doctor Dave. Dave's speaking later on Wednesday night after dinner.
                                Boot camp - what is it doing for young New Zealanders? This will also be a focus of the dinner on Wednesday night. We want you to hear about the results coming from this programme and for wider encouragement and participation from the industry.
                                Common medical standards - almost a Tui ad coming on. Dr Pape is talking at a special session at the NZAAA conference on Monday about the double standards between Australia and New Zealand on colour blindness. The application of the "standard" in New Zealand is being challenged, particularly as we have Australian pilots flying our domestic routes who are not considered impaired if they are colour blind but their kiwi counterparts are.
                                Auckland International Airshow –
We will have the organisers of the Airshow do a brief presentation either on Thursday or Friday. This Airshow represents the best opportunity the Industry has had to represent itself to the Auckland public as well as put ourselves on show on a global stage. One of the big complaints about Airshows recently has been the logistics of dealing with the masses who want to go to them. That's why we are thinking of holding it over the harbour. It is an excellent idea but of course this costs money and it’s really the absence of major backing which is driving the organisers to go with Ardmore as the venue. Ardmore is a great GA airport, but we'd much rather have the Industry showcased at Queens Wharf.

Until we speak again take care and stay risk aware

Red boots
red boots

Aviation Industry Conference Week 2012, Rotorua Energy Events Centre, August 4-10th

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