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1 June 2012

Bill Voss the CEO and President of the Flight Safety Foundation has written an excellent article on SMS.  He starts off by saying he doesn’t write much about SMS because everyone seems to be getting burnt out on it read more. However the real point he is making is that SMS is about allocating resources against a risk.  He goes on to say that there are four simple “audit questions”:
  • What is most likely to cause your next serious accident or incident?
  • How do you know that?
  • What are you doing about it?
  • Is it working?
For small businesses, many of you do this intuitively, but if your business becomes more complex or subject to variety of change this is where a disciplined and systematic approach to safety can assist.
On Wednesday of this week CAA issued its draft AC on SMS read more.  We’re being given the opportunity to comment and these must be made by 29 June 2012.  We urge you all to participate because as much as anything SMS is about learning to think about safety and not just do it intuitively.  At our leadership programme over the weekend Kimberley Turner of Aerosafe Risk Management gave an excellent presentation on “what it’s all about”.  SMS one way or another is probably the most significant business tool that has come our way for some time.  However, it is not a mechanical or engineering approach, it is a philosophy about the way you think about safety.  So do not be fooled that you can buy an SMS off the shelf – well at least the last time I looked there weren’t too many brains sitting on the shelf and most certainly not your brain.  There are tools around that act as prompts but it’s about you knowing your business and the things that are going to do material harm to it and then putting in place good strategies to treat the risk.  Getting you into that systematic and disciplined way of thinking can be taught – at conference we intend, in addition to the conference programme, running three programmes SMS, Risk Management and Operational Risk Management to “fine tune your thinking”.
Our leadership programme at Kariotahi Beach gave participants a fantastic opportunity to get their heads around a series of governance and people issues.  One of the most frequent questions I get asked is, why if we have the best risk management practices the governors don’t get it?  Governors are people and understanding how and why people behave the way they do is a critical element of the programme.  So often it’s people and their responses that can trip even the best performing organisations.  While we talk business and organisations the skills learnt on the programme also help in handling your personal life, particularly those pesky teenagers and young people – they take on a whole different meaning after the programme!!! “The boots” is speaking from experience here.

NZHA announced the “Black Boeing” to Las Vegas trip in conjunction with HAI this week.  This trip is open to friends and family of the NZHA community – expressions of interest click here.  We’re thinking of calling this "from Rotavegas to Las Vegas”.  In all we have around 340 seats to fill. Pricing plans are being worked on at the present moment, but the idea is to make the trip cost broadly compatible with online bookings. However, for the 'rotorheads' we’re looking to add on access to aircraft and/or people you won’t get in any other package.  It also means the possibility of trade show participation, so if you are interested in that please fill in the expressions of interest as well.
This week we released our discussion paper on the future shortages of pilots click here. Getting sufficient numbers of skilled and experienced people into the industry is going to be challenging, more so if we are going to get serious about the growth agenda of 9% pa through to 2016. We know there are tremendous opportunities to train foreign aviation personnel in this country.  For pilots however we’ve got to have a substantial supply of instructors.  We anticipate some of those instructors may come from those who are “underemployed”, but a large number will have to be trained.  We’ve put a proposal to do this to government – what we have highlighted is a $2Bn economic dividend to the country if we solve this issue.  The point being, this dividend is relatively unconstrained and doesn’t require massive investment.
CAA’s posted some interesting documents this week – the first called “the Regulatory Operating Model” and is dated February 2012.  Page 3 of the document represents the concepts we have discussed for a very long time.  I know a number of you are still struggling with “legacy” behaviours, but they are “legacy” and things will change.  One issue of interest is the matter of Health and Safety in Employment – these matters are subject to a different Act.  Our question to CAA is, will their administrative behaviours and processes also extend to investigations under that Act?  We would hope they would but HSE, while permissive, is also very punitive after an event.  There seems to be very little “top of the cliff” activities under this piece of legislation or maybe “the boots” are having a “dark moment”

Drugs and alcohol consumption in aviation has not gone away, but the focus of inquiry appears to have dissipated to 115 Operators.  We think this is a wrong approach and for purposes of international credibility and protecting our industry’s reputation we will be encouraging Government to introduce rules similar to Australia. We’re saying similar to because Australia is in the process of making a number of modifications exempting businesses with less than seven safety sensitive designated personnel from developing procedures and protocols for these.  We also think it’s up to the companies to demonstrate random testing and retain evidence of the results – not for CAA to order the testing.

On one last note, the rebirth of rule Part 141 is well underway.  We understand that this is the first of the pure economic rules the Minister has had to consider.  An issue of consideration is what weight should be given to “economic” rules relative to safety rules?  Mind you it’s a long time since we’ve seen either practically emerge!!! The last rule for Adventure Aviation we understand is still posing challenges and we understand that there will be no review of implementation issues – something we thought could have produced some very valuable learnings for us all.
Until we speak again take care and stay risk aware

Red boots
red boots

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