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15 Junes 2012

Each week this newsletter goes out to around 600 stakeholders in industry.  Our statistics show us that approximately 80% read some or all of it. This weekly newsletter is the most up to date piece of intelligence we have access to in terms of what is going on across the aviation space in Wellington. There is nothing that that passes through the office that is not covered in the newsletter’s weekly scope.
Sometimes we interpret or see issues in a way that might be quite different your interpretations. We welcome your comments and constructive criticisms; and respond to each of them individually or collectively as they arise.  “The boots” understands that the competitive dynamics of the industry are such that you may feel we are being overly critical……
But our objective is very clear. We are committed to growing the aviation industry and have set a goal of creating a $16Bn industry by 2016.  We want to talk to you about some of the opportunities that are emerging. At this point we also want to remind you that as a member of AIA, you are also a member of Aviation New Zealand.
Aviation New Zealand runs profiles and stories on international success.  We do this so we can tell your story to the world.  Just as we are aware of the volume of the readership of our newsletter, we also have statistics on who is visiting the Aviation New Zealand website. Promoting your company and products to the world costs you your fees to AIA – so get out there and go for it.  Even if you don’t sell globally at the moment, you just never know!!!
China holds some extremely exciting prospects.  Yes, it’s challenging but we will work with you to ensure you have the best opportunity to succeed. A lot of work is going on in the flight training space but opportunities are also emerging in EMS.  While we’re not talking about flying EMS operations, there is huge potential in selling the “New Zealand inc” product from training, systems processes to protocols and our standards.  We’re doing some planning on possibly attending the Zhuhai Airshow in China on 13-18 November, so if you’re interested in participating, please let us know.
The Black Boeing to Las Vegas is about taking our helicopter industry to the biggest helicopter expo on the planet. No, we’re not looking to gamble your future away. It’s about making a statement to show we have a global-edge industry in this part of the world.  We want to show-case the quality, value, skills and talents of New Zealanders in the Helicopter industry.
Backed by reliability, regulatory efficiency and a globally competitive safety record, the prospect of our industry leaders arriving on a Black Boeing promoting the “New Zealand values”, will create a competitive dynamic that the rest of the world cannot replicate. So far we’ve had about 30 expressions of interest in joining us – remember this is open to family and friends of the industry as well as those who profess to be from the “dark side” of the industry.
This is where our real future lies – getting out there and telling the New Zealand story.  We need to do this at home as well.  This weekend if you watch Rural Delivery at 9am on TV One tomorrow you’ll see John Sinclair talking about AIRCARE, our domestic safety and environmental assurance programme. Putting in place the right environmental assurance strategies is just as critical maintaining our safety performance record.
But we need to talk about ourselves a lot more. This is not about the “floss and gloss”, it’s about substance - what we do and how we do it; and the safety performance records of our members, companies and people. If you have a great story, we would love to share it. Volcanic Air Safari’s sent us these stories about their business as well as some human interest stuff – note, the picture with the most influential person in NZ is our PM!!! click here.  We’ve put this information on the TFO web page, which is most frequently hit by potential overseas visitors to New Zealand. 
Conference this year is in “Rotovegas” and don’t be concerned if your programme is not there yet. We’re working on finalising the programme for Air Transport, EMS, TFO and Flight Training as well as a programme on making the plane fly faster – it will be about creating opportunities for your business and lowering costs. 
Conference will include two sponsored Breakfasts – a breakfast facilitated by GSB on fleet purchasing strategies and an Export Breakfast that focuses on building the relationship between government and industry forum that facilitates better exchange of dialogue. More information on this to come next week.
From next week on, we will be focusing on what’s happening at conference. Remember, we have got two Toshiba note pads up as prizes for early bird registrations as well as two AIRCARE audit prizes valued at $2,000.
Some may think that the “boots” is getting far too serious for its own good so to have a light-hearted conclusion here’s a little something about “flour.” click here

Until we speak again take care and stay risk aware

Red boots
red boots

Aviation Industry Conference Week 2012, Rotorua Energy Events Centre, August 4-10th

View the Conference Brochure here or download a pdf version. This will be updated regularly so make sure you check the latest version.

PT6 Training Course 4-14 July - click here to register

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