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29 June 2012

“Red boots” are smiling today as they are coupled with inspirational “red socks” from the late Sir Peter Blake’s legacy foundation fostering inspirational leadership and innovation.  Sir Peter’s “red socks” galvanised this country’s aspirations to win the America’s cup in San Diego all those years ago.  Next week John Nicholson joins a number of industry sector groups to participate in a briefing about opportunities for New Zealand businesses to join the San Francisco challenge next year.  Tremendous opportunity exists to get to the “movers and shakers” together as aviation and marine interests converge.  We’ll keep those interested up to date on developments.
We are now less than 40 days away from conference week and its turning out to be the largest event AIA has ever organised.
Trade booths: starting on Sunday and finishing a week later.  There are over 72 trade booths – just over 70% are booked already so if you’ve interested in displaying and haven’t yet booked click here.  We’ll also have a major promotion in Kiwi flyer about your services and products hot off the presses just before Conference and this will be distributed to the wider aviation community.  We’ll have timed appointments available, where delegates will be able to book specific times with you.  This is a new innovation and we’re working on the booking system right now. As soon as it goes live, we will let you know.
Saturday – Tuesday: Adding valuable skills to your own personal “tool box” is integral to conference.  Starting on Saturday and running through to Tuesday we have programmes in risk management, safety management systems and operational risk management click here.  These programmes are designed to train you in the best practice in risk management as well as ensure you have a safety management system which is compatible with CAA’s requirements. 
There is no regulatory requirement for you to attend but they just make good business sense.  Our future rests with managing risk, not just adequately but superbly – think about the cost of an accident to yourself and your business as well as your employees and family.  The investment is $900 including GST which is pretty insignificant relative to the average costs an accident in today’s dollars –placed at well over 4 million dollars.
We’re also offering specialized training in chemical handling click here.  This is mandatory for ag operators and if your certificate has expired or is about to expire, this is the key opportunity to renew it.
Face to face noise abatement training is also being offered on the Sunday or Thursday click here.  This programme is integral to AIRCARE accreditation.
Sunday afternoon NZAAA commences with registration and a great knees up at the Blue Baths a little bird said that prizes are on offer for the best dressed pirate and partner.  The NZAAA chaps are fond of reminding us about pirates and now’s your time to come out of the closet, so to speak.  Monday/Tuesday’s programme click here starts with Minister Carter – this Minister is a tremendous supporter of our Industry and is very clear and articulate on this government’s direction in the primary industry space.  Another welcome addition is the attendance of the President of Federated Farmers.  This group is the most powerful and influential group in our agricultural sector and through the work of John Sinclair and others, are becoming more aligned with the AIRCARE programmes.
NZHA join NZAAA on the Tuesday and their programme runs through to Thursday lunch time now, culminating in the EMS sector meeting click here. No pirates in this group but plenty of awards with the NZAAA Awards dinner on Tuesday night.  Remember this is a “posh affair” with the NZAAA Executive voting to upgrade this function to black tie. For those attending both Award dinners – AIA’s is on the Thursday night when many of the NZHA folk will still be in town. This is an opportunity to recycle the previous dinner’s attire – the outer attire only please!!!!!
Wednesday through to Friday is full on with between two and five streams running each day click here.  Most of the sector stream programmes are already complete and now work is going into “making the plane fly faster” - our export focused programme.  There is some new initiatives being announced, such as the development of a placement programme for recent aviation graduates; speed dating with the RNZAF procurement specialists; “men’s health” directed at the over 40ies – note the ladies get pampered that day, which really says it all.
Thursday Afternoon is an overview of where the aviation industry is going – globally, within Australasia and then at home.  We finish with the Hon Tim Grocer speaking about the Government’s view of the challenges and opportunities for the Sector.  The Minister will be with us on Thursday night at our Awards dinner – which again is a “posh affair” black tie only please.  The Director of CAA will join us that night, along with ATTTO, in presenting the awards.
We have Captain Richard de Crespigny, speaking on the QF 32 catastrophic engine incident. He will be accompanied by Gerald Kapoor, General Manager MetalTech Engineering Ltd, who did major repairs to the aircraft click here for Richard’s biography).
AIA will also present its industry awards, including the Richard Pearse award for innovation.  A previous recipient of this award was Spidertracks – now a globally recognised provider of tracking solutions and “Altitude” for their innovative aircraft as well as interior designs that grace many refurbished and new aircraft.  If you’re interested in applying for the Award or have a company that you think should be recognized click here.
This year we have a farewell social for the AIA delegates held at the Blue Baths. Last time we were there it was a tame affair, as awards were present for the “best dart” to cross the Tasman. Serious structural failures, innovative designs and poor performance were all on display.  Combined with a pirate or two it will be a great way to end the conference.  It’s also your chance to deliver a surprise or two for Bob, as it will be his last official function with us. We intend for you all to come away with a memorable conference experience.  
Two Toshiba note pads are being offered as rewards for early registration click here. We also have two AIRCARE audits valued up to $2k on offer for those (both new and existing accredited organizations), who register early and attend conference. These prizes alone, more than cover the cost of attending conference.  GSB is also working on some goodies such as safety gear.
Don’t forget GSB are also sponsoring a breakfast on Thursday at the Millennium Hotel on the topic of vehicle purchasing strategies – when to buy and when to say good bye. This is FOC and everyone’s welcome.  GSB will be with us most of the week, so talk to them about your trade cards.  Remember they are also interested in you becoming one of their preferred suppliers, so it works both ways!!!
Sponsorship opportunities are also available click here – the level of sponsorship support helps us keep the cost of conference registration low.  For both conferences we are pricing registration at rates equal or below the 2006 ones – not bad, given inflation!  We have a number of new sponsors on board and others are renewing their sponsorship contribution. We’re very grateful for your continued support.  We appreciate it’s tough out there and times are uncertain, but we have a real focus on growth and improving the competitiveness of our sector.
Our target is $16Bn by 2016. Come and hear how we intend to get there and what’s in it for you!!!!!!             

Until we speak again take care and stay risk aware

Red boots
red boots

Aviation Industry Conference Week 2012, Rotorua Energy Events Centre, August 4-10th

View the Conference Brochure here or download a pdf version. This will be updated regularly so make sure you check the latest version.

PT6 Training Course 4-13 July - click here to register

"One Industry - Aviation is in our DNA"

Two new Bronze sponsors of AIA announced

  • Metservice click here a thank you to Ray Thorpe and the Aviation team at Metservice for promoting the concept with his management and board.
  • ASPEQ click here – represent an upgrade on present membership. Further developments on this come to conference and listen to a presentation on New Zealand aviation training – the export imperative.

These two companies join Z Energy click here and Air BP click here as Bronze sponsors of the organisation.

Sponsorship of the organisation gives businesses major exposure through out the industry, with key stakeholders and customers. Every communication out of AIA goes with your logo. We think there’s about 5000 pieces of communication out of this office every month including emails, letters, newsletters and the like. Then there’s the web page which is taking about 3000 hits a month from around the world.

Sponsorship enables us to provide the type of services you need, particularly day to day services click here for sponsorship opportunities.

Some Momentum with ‘One Government’.
We’ve participated in another meeting with NZTE, Min of Transport, CAA, MED, Foreign Affairs and Trade and Ministry of Science and Innovation about aligning international activities to support the aviation growth agenda. Great to see CAA, MFAT and NZTE all working together on a series of international meetings this week.

Exporting companies putting profiles on the Aviation New Zealand site.
Good to see that a few other companies have now done this. Still room for a few more foreign exchange earners.

What's coming up?

Government News

Entries open for PM’s Science Prizes & Business Scholarships click here

Minister sets new priorities for ACC click here

CAA News

Draft Submission in response to CAA’s Flight training Review click here - submissions close today


Congratulations to the new AIRCARE accredited operators – Helicopter Services BOP Limited and Rotorworks.
Flight Training the first AIRCARE audit is near completion and two other non EFTS funded organisations have applied for compliance
TFO – Stellar results from two recent audits completed down in the deep South.  Names will be released after audit process is completed but we understand these two companies are “right up there!” So watch this space
EMS announcement – operators requiring accreditation to the new joint EMS standard can now apply for accreditation on-line via the AIA.  Telearc will be providing the service to JAS-ANS standards. This arrangement is effective immediately.  Navigatus will provide the necessary transition and Ian McCleod will be available as a partial resource.  Those who don’t require JAS-ANZ accreditation have the option of engaging the services of either audit company.  As yet, we do not have a response from NASO regarding inter-hospital transfers but hope to have one very shortly.  NASO are the authoritative source of information in this area.
Noise Abatement Training – Please accept our apologies for the delay in getting our online training package up and running. We seem to have suffered from a technology gremlin on this and hope to have this resolved very shortly.  In the meantime, we have face to face training available at conference.
New stuff - NZAAA, NZHA and TFO Audit Checklist Issue 4 click here
The Last word – introducing Peter Wakefield – Navigatus Lead Audit manager click here

Noise abatement training – click here

AIRCARE™ ACCREDITATION process read here


AIRCARE™ TRAINING - Rotorua 9th August.

AIRCARE™ accreditations Click here


Black Boeing to Los Vegas for HAI We are developing pricing options which are direct Auckland Los Vegas with return connections or onwards travel. As soon as these go live we will be in touch first with those who have expressed an interest. Thank you for the 70 plus who have done so thus far.

Possible inner city Auckland international airshow Auckland anniversary week end 2013. Contact Peter Newport for more information
LIB 4 – refreshing the debate click here. For expressions of support if not already received go to

HELP US HELP YOU a survey currently out in the market is being conducted by ATTTO. click here

Essential Skills in Demand Lists 2012 Review: Call for input to review proposals click here

Planning date for the 2012 NZSAR Hoist operators workshop click here

Vocational Education Industry training Conference 2012 click here

Skill Shortages click here


ICAO and Industry Develop New Tools to Counter Future Volcanic Ash Events click here

July/August issue of Asian Aviation click here

Storm researcher calls for new air safety guidelines click here

GIA Update June 2012 click here

Supersonic jet to fly from London to Sydney in four hours click here

Airline Crash Deaths Too Few to Make New Safety Rules Pay click here

Product Announcement and Information

Helping you avoid the big stink click here
A Passion For Flight click here
NZ FOREX click here
Switlik introduces a new helicopter vest click here
GSB Trade Card click here
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