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8 June 2012

Yesterday we spent the day working with the Air Ambulance Air Rescue group on the new Standards for the sector. While members had identified a few wrinkles, in general these are all ironed out and a new Standard should be issued in time for it to become effective from 1 January next year. NASO confirmed that all of their contract holders would need to be compliant from that day and to be certificated by an accredited audit agency. Other providers of services such as inter-hospital transfers and RCC work will need to comply with the Standard, however, this can be assured by non accredited auditors, provided they are acceptable to the Standards and accreditation body.
We have struggled with the assurance mechanisms provided for in the new standard, but you must accept that it is for the customer to prescribe such matters and the customer is always right.  Rumour is that NASO is not putting their contract out to tender despite earlier reports that they might. We recommend you contact NASO for more detail if they haven't already contacted you. In some respects we still have governance and assurance concerns over the accreditation arrangements as they are very different to that prevailing in safety sensitive industries and are more akin to the safe ships programme which created some major assurance concerns in the maritime industry.
Still as they say them’s that pay the money dictate the terms. Speaking of which it was interesting listening to all those Lady Gaga fans complain bitterly that they were not going to make it to the concert.  That’s winter for you.  However, I do think some of their concerns were legitimate - with the increased volumes in the terminal it was hard to hear flight and or passenger calls.  I'm really surprised that the airline staff are not more visible walking around the terminal talking to customers or providing advice.  Contrast this with the international terminal where airline staff are reasonably accessible. In disruptions everyone's a bit stressed, but more visibility of airline personnel may just help.
conference is rapidly approaching and we're offering early bird registrations up to July 29th the opportunity to go into a prize draw for a Toshiba notepad.  There's two prizes one for each conference.  Bob Feasey our resident IT guru has the Toshiba and another brand which shall remain nameless.  He absolutely swears by Toshiba.
We've also got two give away AIRCARE™ audits to the value of $2k. This amount should cover direct costs of the audit.  A new pricing plan is also in place, you can choose either a fixed cost or hourly rate. Talk to Navigatus prior to the Audit commencing. A further enhancement being investigated is for those requiring an audit by an accredited audit company - this may also be available under the AIRCARE™ banner. As we said AIRCARE™ is not solely about compliance it’s about assurance and governance as well. In safety sensitive industries there are always three pillars - most of this has to do with protecting the industry from reputational damage which is expensive for us all.
Like minded industry groups have contact AIA to gauge support for an industry wide meeting to review the draft SMS Ac issued recently.  We think this proposal has merit, but as a first step we will be contacting CAA to see whether an extension of time is possible on comments.  A period of one month for comments is pretty short, particularly as the document itself is around 50 or so pages. We'd like to hear from you as to whether you think a collaboration of this nature is appropriate. We would see CAA as being an integral part of the discussion.
June 18 at 2pm has been set as the date for the meeting with CAA on ZK operations overseas. At the present time were thinking we need a context statement around this document which is pro growth and creating opportunities plus alignment with ICAO BIZ 83.  For ICAO countries Biz 83 would apply as of right and non ICAO a similar concept.  We've attach a copy of Biz 83 for review click here
Unfortunately we were unable to attend a detailed Airport briefing on draft CAR 139, however we'll ask Kevin Ward to provide some commentary on the issue next week. Currently we will be expressing firm opposition to the rule proceeding. We simply do not think that the benefits are greater than the cost although we do understand that some of the change is being driven by ICAO requirements.
A quick update on alcohol and drugs - we have expressed our reservations regarding use of HSE legislation. On of our objections was that this piece of legislation in its present form is not working. This week Minister Kate Wilkinson announced a review of the legislation.  We think the biggest problem with HSE is that its ambulance at the bottom of the cliff stuff. Have a serious accident and there's no proper without fault investigation. You're always subject to the possibility of prosecution and they must caution you in this scenario. We think even though there are deficiencies in the CA Act in this area it’s far better than HSE where the presumption is guilt.
This week we also made two submissions, one on phase three of the CAA restructure relating to aviation security click here. We are disappointed that the proposal didn't go far enough in merging back of house functions particularly things like intelligence sharing and audit functions. Our comments were made at the end of the process and the impression gained was that most felt satisfied with the new organisation but good on CAA for consulting stakeholders.
The second submission was on Airways charges click here.  We think there’s been some good work gone on in this area, but issue a note of caution that an extra payment of $500k was a big ask from a sector and this was before any general across the board increase. We've also asked for a specific review of the charges for Milford. Movements at that airport are around half the level now compared to when they put in flight service.  There must be better solution than ramping up price
We're away in Auckland discussing branding today for one industry so watch this space as the new organisation further evolves.

Until we speak again take care and stay risk aware

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red boots

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