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18 May 2012

The changing role of Government in our lives has been evident over the last week. We are all being expected to do a lot more and take responsibility for ones own actions. This for our industry is refreshing. 

Red boots cannot think of a time in aviation when industry had the opportunity to define the benchmark for safety. Individually you have all had this responsibility since the inception of the 1990 Civil Aviation Act, however now we must exercise that responsibility collectively. Although the two most recent tragic accidents in aviation were not arguably in mainstream commercial aviation they will, as many anticipate, have some significant consequences.  The commentary around adventure tourism gave this Industry the opportunity to speak out on the use and abuse of substances and alcohol click here.   Subsequent to the release we are aware the Prime Minister has established a high power group to look at what legislation if any might be introduced.  After years of many companies addressing this issue themselves it’s time to establish a highly credible and transparent regime which spells out our obligations to our passengers and how we will protect them.
Further evidence of the new approach was in Nigel Gould's and Graeme Harris's presentation to one industry. We will be required to pay significantly more than present for CAA’s services, plus pay for other services that Government would normally fund.  We are concerned about the magnitude of the increases, some of which are justified others are quite simply not. However as the boots has been signally for some time we are now going to have to pay for any rule making we may want. Ok at the present time this is at the fringes, but eventually we will see industry probably having to fund the case for rule making. As of yet there doesn't seem to be a desire to contract the whole process out.  Personally the boots would be very supportive of this approach.
An example of the new CAA stepping up is how they are thinking about safety in the ag industry. With the possibility of a new rule sunk their focus has turned to what is it we jointly have to do to ensure we consistently deliver safer gains - not that the sector hasn't been doing really well recently.  The old CAA would have spent time dwelling on the last 60 years of ag aviation, but contrast the focus of this weeks discussion that shifted to risk profiling the industry.  Collectively identifying what really matters and then deploying those tools we have to addressing the highest risks and progressively mitigating them.  What a refreshing  change. As the ag industry has led so many changes in the past watch this space as the new regulatory environment emerges.
Do not be fooled, the new environment will create challenges for us all as evident in some of the NZHA discussions.  The basic data is not held or accessible within CAA to make any sensible statements about the safety challenges in this sector.  Contrast that with Australia where the information is presented and extremely well analysed by the ATSB.  Over recent years this country has lost a lot of ground when it comes to safety analysis and we would suggest investigation.

We've had the second meeting of the new Advisory Council this week with a large industry attendance as well as the new Governors of AIA. Our direction of growing the industry to make a $16bn revenue contribution by 2016 received excellent support. Along with this is likely to come a new aviation industry brand reflecting the whole of industry approach now being taken.
On one last but different note, GSB advise that AIA members have spend over a million dollars with them since we brought the programme in. Roughly half of you are using the card and this is expected to rapidly grow with the new trade cards you should receive shortly.  We were speaking to one of you this week who is organising a wedding. Don't forget the trade card is your personal card and there are fantastic deals on most things.  This scheme is not like flybys it’s about you getting major purchasing discounts.
Until we speak again take care and stay risk aware

Red boots
red boots

"One Industry - Aviation is in our DNA"

The Aviation Industry Council met on Wednesday and previewed the developing strategic document for One Industry here

AIA Members committed to international development can apply, at no additional cost, for registration on the Aviation NZ website. Seventy-three companies have already registered. Background info on Aviation NZ is available here. The registration form to be listed on the site is here

What's coming up?

Government News

Long Term Skills Shortage List - AIA has just applied for Avionics Engineers, Helicopter Engineers and Flight Instructors to be added to the Long Terms Skills Shortage List produced by the Department of Labour. The Long Term Skill Shortage List (LTSSL) identifies those skilled occupations where there is an absolute (sustained and ongoing) shortage of workers in New Zealand and globally.

Heli Hunting - The hearing is next Thursday but we have  already been told the legislation is passed. The changes expected are; who pays for the game council (should now be everyone not just commercial hunters) and it will also be very precise about what is helihunting. Also the way the game council is structured will be changed. Just be aware any game trophy you may have dating back up to ten years you would still need to pay the levy unless you can prove it was taken before then, the onus of proof is on you. We currently don't know what the levy will be for a game trophy.

CAA News

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NVG's - At the NZHA meeting Steve Kern raised the issue of NVG mods. NOTE: if you change or add any piece of equipment subsequent to having an NVG mod approved by a design organisation/CAA it could impact on the approval and may need recertification of the complete mod. Operators and Engineers take note.

ZK Registered Aircraft Operating Overseas - There is a meeting to be held 18 June with the CAA to discuss transparent administrative arrangements. This information will then go on the CAA website along with terms and conditions for surveillance personnel. Let us know if you want to attend.

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CD Noise abatement training – A training CD has now been produced by John Fogden and now approved trainers will be able to deliver the course in house to their own staff. One of the prerequisites is that the trainer will have already undertaken the course under Foggie

Attend conference and be into win we have two prizes up to the value of $2k plus GST to companies completing their AIRCARE™ accreditation.  This is available for new applicants as well as those renewing.  All you have to do is attend conference and be there at the draw.
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AIRCARE™ TRAINING - Rotorua 9th August.

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Investment in key roles becomes more critical as rules become less intrusive but the drivers to superior safety  performance increase.Watch this space for more info


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