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25 May 2012

We write this expressing out condolences to the family and friends of Michael Merhtens and Way 2 Go to Helicopters.  Our thoughts go out to you all at this difficult time. It has been slightly over ten years since our last fatal accident in the commercial Helicopter Industry, excluding training. NZHA has been onto the issue of the apparent escalation in incident rates throughout this year and is presently conducting an industry sponsored safety investigation into the Helicopter Industry in New Zealand. Interestingly the Ozzies have done a similar exercise sponsored by their Government and delivered by the ATSB - guess that reflects the different approaches to aviation safety between the two jurisdictions or perhaps 'the boots’ have gone a step too far.

However, a little indulgent reflection.   This Government injects tax payers funds of over $7m into Maritime safety policy - for Aviation it’s just slightly over $2m. To my mind there is something wrong with this picture.  Interestingly the Government direct subsidy to hairdressing training is almost $2 for every $1 injected into all aviation training - pilots, engineers, airport, flight attendants the lot.  While 'the boots' just loves a good hairdo I have to say if the test was economy wide good the hairdo would just not cut it so to speak.
'The boots' cannot hold a grievance for long and must agree that the Waikato partnership,  a joint industry Government collaboration has delivered for the industry.  We had the privilege of joining the paint shop team last Friday for the opening of the joint venture.  The shop takes painting to a whole new dimension and a tremendous asset to the sector increasing productivity by taking minimal time to strip and repair assets.  It was also great to here Minister Joyce speak very positively about the growth potential of the sectors.

Speaking of which, we are very close to releasing our thought piece on the future demand for pilots in this country.  We anticipate this will be sent to Minister Joyce and Brownlee early next week.  Minister Brownlee has been very active as a catalyst promoting the redraft of CAR 141 and now Officials have linked a new rule Part 147 - Engineering training to the mix of rule change.  Both rule changes facilitate our ability to compete with credibility in the international Aviation market.

We've decided not to make an appointment to the vacant position in the office and instead will direct our efforts towards increasing efficiency, support of one industry and the growth agenda. You will see some change. Sarah who replaced Anton will take on Bob's administrative functions and Bob will shift into a diversity of project work as well as providing support for AEANZ.  John Nicholson's role will further expand to include more Government relations work in so far as this impacts on the international market and the 'boots’ will be more focused on delivering the strategic agenda which includes a number of exciting projects across the sector.

Recently we have written a letter of support for the promoters of an international Airshow in Auckland most definitely not your traditional show, but one that focuses on innovation and growth in the industry.  Work is also advancing on taking Air New Zealand's Black Boeing to Los Vegas next year for HAI. By this time next week we should have an integrated booking platform for you to book directly.  This project will also be marketed through Australia so we expect a number of our colleagues 'from across 'the ditch’ will join us.

Over the week end ‘the boots’ will be attending our second leadership programme.  Remember our growth focus also address human resourcing issues including providing you with access to world class speakers looking at bedrock issues affecting your businesses.  These forums are about lifting business performance and as leaders this must come from you.
Next week ‘the boots' will be speaking at a Transport Summit in Auckland.  We will talk about aviation and its contribution. One of the interesting contrasts is that most transport sectors are very dependent on subsidies so to some degree we are the odd one out.  It’s interesting to see the sheep retention scheme ( aka subsidies to farmers prior to the reforms of the 80ies) is alive and well in  most aspects of transport.

Until we speak again take care and stay risk aware

Red boots
red boots

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