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4 May 2012

This morning ‘red boots’ had breakfast with three of the most powerful leaders in the New Zealand’s Labour party – 2 David’s and 1 Grant.  There is a sense within this group that they will have a real crack at the government next election and they will be the most dominant “opposition” party and form Government alongside the Greens. 
For business this may seem an intimidating combination as Governments of the centre left are viewed with suspicion.  However, for “One Industry” it’s important they know that we think the present Government is tracking in broadly the right direction and most importantly we would not want to see some of the efficiency gains and focus on “value add” undermined.  They took this message onboard as well as the huge growth potential of the sector.
Of course there is much speculation around whether the team (2 David’s and 1 Grant) will be “the team” leading Labour into the next election, however what I did detect is a unanimity of views as to direction – sell the hard stuff with a clear message and sell it early.  The hard stuff is a capital gains tax – perceived as a fairer tax as well as diverting investment from “speculative (housing) to productive (exports) and lifting the eligibility levels for government super to 67.  Toned down was the concept of increasing borrowings – a difficult message to sell when households are retiring debt and support measures to increase innovation, science and technology.  How they might do that of course is different from the present Government.
Earlier this week “red boots” attended a political briefing which was about marking the performance of the Government.  Again this was interesting because the strong feeling was Government is on message and on target – apart from the one distraction of whether another Cabinet Minister would step aside.  However what was worrying is that without exception business is reporting tough trading conditions.  Prior to Xmas this wasn’t so. Apparently all New Zealand now “love a bargain”, but not from the traditional sources (The Warehouse etc) – to compete across the board everyone is heavily discounting and margins taking a hammering.  Commodity prices are down 30% off their earlier peaks and the NZ dollars remains stickily high.
The other major shift we are detecting is that there is a lot more foreign interest in the New Zealand economy.  This week the Canadian Trade Minister was in town.  Finally Canada is very interested in removing protectionist barriers and joining the free trade movement.  We’re also seeing this from the UK and Italian Governments.  There seems to be a growing realisation that the only way to get out of the present economic climate is to export your way out.  This presents opportunities for New Zealand to leverage down the trade barrier – for once we sit on the right side of the global free trade equation and New Zealand companies.  We’ll be talking a lot about Asia/Pacific economies in the months ahead and the opportunities presented for our industry.   

On a much lighter note check out under International news "aviators charged with harrassing birds" - now I know many of you are into duck shooting (not that "the boots" supports such activities) and it's the beginning of the season but this is just taking things to extremes.           
Until we speak again take care and stay risk aware

Red boots
red boots

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Congratulations to Amalgamated Helicopters on AIRCARE™ accreditation.
Congratulations to Over The Top – The Helicopter Company on being awarded a Gold Safety Recognition Award (SRA) for 19 Years of continuous service without accident to self, passengers or crew.
The following OTT pilots were awarded individual SRA’s
Louisa Patterson – Platinum
Stephen Combe – Silver
Bradley Collier – Bronze
Bradley Comrie – Bronze
Stuart Pybus has been awarded a Bronze award posthumously having suffered a heart attack when out running in July 2011.
CD Noise abatement training – A training CD has now been produced by John Fogden and now approved trainers will be able to deliver the course in house to their own staff. One of the prerequisites is that the trainer will have already undertaken the course under Foggie

Attend conference and be into win we have two prizes up to the value of $2k plus GST to companies completing their AIRCARE™ accreditation.  This is available for new applicants as well as those renewing.  All you have to do is attend conference and be there at the draw.
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AIRCARE™ TRAINING - Rotorua 9th August.

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"One Industry - Aviation is in our DNA"

Conference Week – programme will be fully developed by mid May click here.  As well as divisional programmes there will be new features:
• Speed dating with the RNZAF – looking at procurement and efficiency opportunities
• “Making the Plane fly faster” – covering new export opportunities; an exchange with a British technology delegation; doing stuff smarter; leveraging down operating costs.
•The New Zealand Helicopter Industry safety agenda
Strategic Directions 2012-2016   we’re working on this and will present the first cut at the Advisory Council meeting on 16 May.  If you have any thoughts about opportunities onshore and off please speak to us about these.
What is “One Industry” – it’s about how we will deliver the growth agenda.  The New Horizons report click here outlines the opportunity.  One Industry is the implementation plan. P.25 of the report talks about milestones and we will be reporting to the Advisory Council on progress to date.
Stakeholder engagement -   we will be doing this at central, regional and local level.  Essentially Bob will be delivering the regional engagement strategy and along with John Sinclair who looks after NZAAA and NZHA interests the local level.
Leadership programme – this builds directly into the Diploma in Regulatory Governance and Oversight click here  


Aviation Industry Conference Week 2012, Rotorua Energy Events Centre, August 4-10th


ATTTO to commence manpower surveys of aviation sector – we entered into formal discussions last week with the ATTTO about conducting research into aviation’s present demographics, jobs, skill challenges etc.  We’re excited by the research and will be encouraging all members to participate.   

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