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26 April

Aviation is in our DNA:  safety and growth - the double helix
ANZAC day is in reality “Australasia day” a time when the spirits of the kangaroo and kiwi blend and intertwine. Like Safety and Growth, ANZAC day is also an integral part of Aviation’s DNA where colleagues and allies come together to focus on remembering our joint and common past.
Learning from past lessons, understanding the present and applying innovation to shape and create the future, is the essence of this year’s conference week.  The line up of topics and speakers is the best I have seen with a real emphasis this year on analyzing and understanding the data and information.  Whether it be the soon to be completed risk review of the Agricultural Aviation Industry, the rich safety data sets now available from the CAA on Helicopter and Fixed wing 135 operations or the work being completed on developing two new groups – one to bring all of the aviation consulting expertise we have in New Zealand together or the new airport technologies group, all of this will be discussed at conference week.
Attending conference is important because it will:
  • Set the agenda for the Ag Aviation sector
  • Determine the future safety strategies for the 135 group whether it be fixed wing or rotary
  • Empower your business by creating new growth opportunities
  • Set the strategic direction for flight training in this country
  • Demonstrate to you very tangibly that government and industry can and are working collaboratively
  • Determine the direction of “One Industry” and reaffirm this organisation’s pathway of change
And on top of all that the “southern hospitality” will be overwhelming.  It is not too often that we manage to hold our special awards function at a “castle”. Be there: loyalty discounts apply!!!!
Safety Briefing
Lasers – it’s a global problem and growing click here with no robust method of banning.  New Zealand is taking a tough line when these “gormless” people get caught and hopefully public pressure will see what is being reported as a surge in these cases reduced.  Of course the flip side of media exposure is that media exposure gives oxygen to the problem.
Notepads in or out - the “boots” is a frequent flyer to Auckland being the place of residence most week ends and so is a keen observer of security protocol. After roughly 14 weeks of travelling backwards and forwards and inquiring for 7 of those weeks whether note pads are in the bag or out for security screening, the “boots” was rocked backwards to be accosted and told in no uncertain terms to get the ‘notepad out –its been the rule for 7 years lady”.  All I can think of is that the “boots” has been on a different planet for the last 7 years -which I freely admit is possible, but unlikely.  We will be taking this issue up.
LIB 4 – CAA have reaffirmed in their view crew is – pilot, first officer, flight inspector, flight engineer and or navigator– the last two being extinct breeds in civil aviation in this country - and other people who from time to time the Director may approve.  The point made is that “crew is those who have direct input into the operation of the aircraft and all other people are passengers”.
We are not surprised with this interpretation; however, applying the interpretation will cost thousands of dollars and cause sections of the rules to be rewritten.  An example being a tandem master under 115 is considered crew but the camera operator who snaps pictures of the descent while descending themselves is a passenger and certain operations may require a tandem master to accompany them. 
This means that a passenger now has an activity related to the operation of the enterprise.  Does this mean in future, passengers will be able to be deployed to undertake activities on aircraft related to the success of a commercial enterprise – the thought of putting 400 passengers to work on a flight must put a glint in the eye of every airline manager looking to improve productivity – self serve takes on a whole new meaning !!!!
CAA have pointed out that they too see some difficulty in applying this interpretation and the rationale behind the changes to the definition of crew some years ago is pretty scant.  We all agree its best to sit down and work our way through the issues.
ICAO makes pilot retirement age of 65 mandatory – this presents some real challenges for New Zealand and possibly Australia where retirement ages are discriminatory in Human Rights legislation.  For industry a retirement age of 65 brings certainty in terms of manpower planning requirements but its application will also add to the looming manpower problems we have with pilots. 
Skills shortages consultation announced click herepreliminary application required by 3 May with substantive comments required in July. Presently we don’t think a case can be sustained, however, we are aware of parties who are interested in pursing an application.  Your urgent advice would be appreciated.                          
Conservation and AIRCARE -  its pleasing to see the “Air-care alternative” group are communicating that its “AIRCARE™ or equivalent” which is the advice members and the wider aviation community have been receiving for the last 8 months when the issue of an alternative was raised jointly in the draft MOU.  We have always accepted the concept of an alternative – our vision is about protecting brand aviation New Zealand and the values AIRCARE™ enshrines and not about “monopoly money”. It does have to be a genuine alternative though to the same standard as AIRCARE™, we think achieving that will be a rather expensive challenge for someone.  
We too have received communications from Minister Smith advising that he is a new Minister to the portfolio and wishes to review the previous Ministers decision which was that from 1 Jan 2013 new and existing concession holders would need to be AIRCARE™ or equivalent accredited.  This is normal Ministerial protocol when matters are raised and decisions are discretionary as opposed to being imposed by statute.
SMS – the adoption of risked based regulation – we understand Cabinet has given the green light and papers for consultation will be out very shortly. 
Papers for conference IRM click here - so you’ve had an accident or incident recently and you’ve learnt a lot however the best learning’s are applied industry wide.  Submit your interest in speaking and sharing information.
AIA conference Award nominations click here 
Engineers Training – Aging Aircraft and Structures Course click here – note vacancies still available on course commencing Monday 29 April – the Narrows Hamilton.
Growth Briefing
Richard Pearse Award to be made at conference.  For applications (click here)
The aviation element of the New Zealand business programme being run in association with the America's Cup Challenge in San Francisco is taking shape.  The programme includes fixed wing on 22 July, rotary on 23 July and airport technologies on 24 July.  There will be some linkages.  An aviation dinner, where New Zealand companies invite key contacts, is being arranged on 22 or 23 July, subject to the availability of the key speaker. 
A very smart technology showcase, demonstrating our aviation sector, in a ‘very unique way’ is well advanced. 
Each day, New Zealand companies can invite their North American and global contacts to: the aviation technology showcase, a briefing on the New Zealand aviation sector, tour of the Emirates Team NZ base, place on a spectator boat for the day's racing and hospitality.  This will be a really unique opportunity to interact with existing and prospective customers in a different and unique environment.  Full details will be sent to companies next week and participation sought.  Let us know now though if you would like to be involved.
The recent PM's business mission to Latin America reports good growth opportunities in the region and picks, in order of priority for New Zealand: Chile, Colombia, Mexico and then Brazil.  A lot of infrastructure development including new airports and airport refurbishment is under way, the airline scene has seen amalgamation and considerable new aircraft orders, and the GA industry is growing. 
The challenge for companies, be it Latin America, other markets or even domestic New Zealand, is knowing where to focus.  The recipe for success is true of any market - quantified market research, a customised approach to prospects, developing the right partner (often required internationally), building an in-market capability, taking advantage of New Zealand Inc and, most importantly, patience and tenacity.  A further Latin American Mission is planned next year.  To our knowledge, Flightcell was the only aviation representative on this last mission.
Since July last year, New Zealand has sent 28 trade missions overseas, of which 13 have been led by Ministers.  Many have been 'general' trade missions and included some aviation participants.  These missions include the specialist aviation mission to India last October, led by Minister Joyce.  We have an aviation mission to Indonesia next month.
Business Review Australia – Feature article on New Zealand’s aviation industry.  Distributed digitally to 250,000 senior executives in Australia each month.  We’ve been asked to write a brief article about the industry and requested to provide contacts for 12-14 kiwi companies who can be featured in the article as ‘innovative and leading edge’.  If you’re interested contact but don’t be surprised if they contact you as we’ll also submit a list of names.   
The NZ Defence Industry Association will have a presence at MRO, the Asian Aviation Show in Singapore from 29 to 31 October 2013.  The event is organised by Aviation Week.  This provides an opportunity for any aviation MROs interested in attending to work with the NZ Defence Industry Association - for more info contact

Aviation is in our DNA

Red boots
red boots

Conference 2013


Nominations called for – AIA awards.  Each year the AIA makes two awards: to an individual in recognition of their long service to the industry; and to a company for their outstanding contribution.  If you know anyone or company who might meet these requirements please feel free to nominate by emailing
CAA Directors Awards – note these are also open. Go to CAA webpage.

Trade Stands read more

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Executive Leadership Programme - limited 12, no other comparable programme in New Zealand  ....filling now!!!!

Expressions of Interest – Executive Leadership programme, RNZAF Base Woodbourne 17-19 May  click here  


Conservation and AIRCARE™ - We are fielding a large number of calls from members wanting to know what is happening with AIRCARE™ and particularly where matters stand with DOC. DOC advised two years ago that it would require AIRCARE™ Accreditation as a condition of contract and concessions. The compliance date was set for 1st June 2012 later extended to 1st January 2013. At the time the compliance date was extended DOC accepted that they would accept alternative programmes to AIRCARE™ provided they were truly equivalent and delivered best practice in the same way as AIRCARE™ does. To date we are unaware of an alternative being accepted but we believe two are in the pipeline. DOC is mandating the requirement for “AIRCARE™ or equivalent” in its concessions and in its Conservation Management Strategies as these are rolled out.
So at this point in time nothing has changed.

We have received communications from Minister Smith advising that he is a new Minister to the portfolio and wishes to review the previous Minister’s decision. This is normal Ministerial protocol when matters are raised and decisions are discretionary as opposed to being imposed by statute.

If anything changes we’ll let you know.
In the past month five companies have been accredited.
In respect of AIRCARE™ please note that Version 5 of the AIRCARE™ Accreditation Rules becomes effective on 1st May as too does the AIRCARE™ NZAAA Audit Checklist.

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