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20 December

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We end this year with a safety message from the Director of Civil Aviation and the leadership team at AvNZ - your President Dale Webb and Chairman Graeme Martin. Their messages reflect an absolute commitment and determination to work as one for the enhancement of aviation safety and prosperity for all in the industry.

The last newsletter of yet another interesting, frustrating, challenging and as always delightful year for those of us in aviation; why would you want to be in any other industry?  Before a few thoughts for 2014 though may you, your family and friends have a totally safe and delightfully happy festive season doing whatever it is that you most enjoy.  If that's not possible because this is when you work harder while others have time off then may it be particularly prosperous.
It is not a co-incidence that this newsletter has input from the Director of Civil Aviation plus the President and Governance Board Chair of Aviation NZ.  Also Graeme Martin picturewebthat the seasonal message of safety and goodwill comes from us all.  Many messages in the past year and I hope many more in future will be similar because we all benefit when the message and the direction are the same.  That has been and will continue to be our theme to be One Industry, and a bigger, better and more prosperous industry as a result.  To be One Industry though all parts need to be united; different, diverse and diligent in what we do, but united.  I don't believe it is by accident that the world's only super power has United as part of its name.  In another part of the world it appears that the benefits of working together are likely to keep the United Kingdom together, I hope so.  It has to be the same in the aviation industry.  We can be fixed or rotary wing, small or large aircraft, domestic or international, operational or support and there are many other dividers but if we are to prosper, to truly prosper then we all need to be united under the aviation banner.  To make that work though takes a lot more than a few simple words; it takes some of the values we associate with this time of year, values such as peace, goodwill, trust and hope for the future.  On behalf of all in Aviation NZ may those values fully describe your life over the next few weeks but also our industry for the next many years.
Best regards,
Dale Webb
President – Aviation New Zealand

Graeme Martin
Chairman - Aviation New Zealand

Aviation safety message at Christmas
It is great to see the number of aviation events scheduled all over the country this summer from competitions to shows across the full spectrum of aircraft types.CAA Director Graeme Harris Coupled with the busy season for scenic flights and the domestic and international travel, a huge proportion of the industry will be gearing up for the most time of the year – not just pilots, but for their ground crew, air traffic controllers, and aerodrome staff.

It is of course also the time for indulgence.  While I hope you all enjoy the Christmas and New Year period with friends and family, please don’t overdo it, particularly if you have any kind of responsibility for an aircraft’s safety.

While I am pleased with the progress part 115 certification has made in monitoring drug and alcohol use in adventure aviation, there is a part for everyone to play in making sure the wider general aviation is free from the serious risks of drugs and alcohol.

I’d also like to make a special note about fatigue. At this time of the year there is the temptation to burn the candles at both ends at work and with social events, but we all know that tiredness impairs our judgement. Forget coffee or energy drinks – sleep is the only cure for fatigue.

In our industry, the importance of being fully alert is vital – in piloting, undertaking maintenance, even updating records. Whatever your role in aviation, it is important to be vigilant and identify hazards, and remove or mitigate the risks. I ask you all to please remember:
· If you become intoxicated or fatigued, do not pilot or have any other responsibility for an aircraft until it is safe to do so. Also, please keep a look out for signs of intoxication or fatigue in others; for their safety and the safety of others. If you have concerns about an operator, call 0800 4 SAFETY.

· We all know – but it is worth repeating – that the weather may be good when you start out, but in New Zealand it can change quickly. Please make sure you have the most up to date weather information from the right source.

· Some of you will be dusting off an aircraft that has been in storage. Make sure your maintenance is up to date and you have done all the revision and preparation you can to do the flight you are planning.
· Aerodromes will be busy this season – please have patience!
They might be called ‘the lazy days of summer’, but not when it comes to aviation.  Aviation safety is everyone’s responsibility, and we must do everything we can to ensure this summer holiday season is remembered for all the right reasons.
I hope you all enjoy your summer and wish you all the best for clear skies and smooth flights.
Kind regards,
Graeme Harris.

Editorial note on behalf of the AvNZ team in Wellington and John Sinclair in Blenheim thank you for your support and friendship throughout 2013. We’ll be back with our first newsletter of the New Year on Friday 24 January. In the meantime we’re open for business until mid day Tuesday 24 and return back here on 8 January. Our phone will be on divert so if you need some help during this time we will be available    


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Calendar - What's on in 2014
Protecting and Enhancing your interests
Creating Presence/Building Brand Aviation
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Member "must knows"

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Vehicle deals - new and used plus commerical vechicles are avilalbe contract Tim Enright directly on

The Most Amazing Aeroplane ever built – this contribution comes from one of our life members Don Spary of the UTC fame!!!! click here

Conference Napier 2014   
Napier Scenic 0213web
The photo gives you a bird’s eye view of where we will be from July 20-24th. The venue is up the top end of the beach right next to beautiful hot pools and across the road from Te Pania the conference hotel. 
Parking is FOC at Te Pania and access to the facilities is on the flat front and rear for the trade hall. We will be using marquee facilities for the trades show so that we can maximise use of the various conference room facilities. Located on Napier’s waterfront this is one of the most spectacular conference venue facilities in the country  
Our booking facility engine – “lil regie” will be up and running in the New Year. Reggie’s going to control everything!!!!
Regulations Review Committee here is a transcript of what we said to the Select Committee click here.  We are now well and truly into plan B – expect something out in the next day or two on what’s happening with automating medical certification.  However, we think the more important issue is recognition of foreign medical certificates. We sought this earlier this year by way of exemption so we think it’s worthwhile having another go and simply asking for recognition. Watch this space!!!!   
Drugs and Alcohol we’ve written to the Minister encouraging him to consider rulemaking in the New Year click here. From our perspective it was the proper proactive approach to be taken as the down side potential reputational damage, should there be another accident, would be enormous.  However, our most recent intelligence suggest that alot of the thinking is coming from post accident data in both the US and Australia.  This data is cross modal and paints the “light” end of the aviation market in those countries in not a particularly good light.     
AC 91-21  we need your feed back we didn’t receive any responses to our plea so can someone please comment on the issue.  We understand that the change is particularly expensive for all aircraft fitted with a GPS.
HSE legislationput this on your watch list. Angela Beazer of AMC Legal advises the “Easy Rider” director’s liability case will go to the Invercargill High Court in Feb next year. So although no charges have been brought in the Pike River case, “Easy Rider” is potentially far more significant for aviation and our SME community.
Industry Training and Apprenticeship Amendment Bill  we’ve submitted on this click here.  The Bill has quite a few curious aspects not the least being a proposal that NZQA would have a governance role over our ITO. We think this is just the beginning of the slippery slope disenfranchising the industry but getting us to pay through user charges for “QA” services of NZQA.  The other important change is a proposal to amend the employment relationship for apprentices from “sole” contractors to employees – this has significant implications for the sector.


Calendar -What's on in 2014

for the Membership, Executive and Councillors note and diary the following dates :
11/12 February – NZAAA/NZHA Wellington, venue L1 12 Johnston Street – Aviation House
26 February –Council meeting and stakeholders function Intercontinental Hotel – note this is the event recently postponed we will be issuing invitations towards the end of Jan. Our expectation is that this will attract all our major stakeholders including many politicians. So be there!!!!   
27 February Aviation New Zealand Board, AEANZ/Logistics and Training and Development
29 April Aviation New Zealand Board
13 May NZAAA;AEANZ Logistics
14 May NZHA; Training and Development
15 May Aviation Council
18 June Aviation New Zealand Board
20-24 July Aviation New Zealand Conference Napier
8 September NZAAA;AEANZ/Logistics
9 September NZHA; Training and Development
10 September Aviation Council
17 September Aviation New Zealand Board
11 November NZAAA;AEANZ/Logistics
12 November NZHA; Training and Development
13 Nov Aviation Council
19 November Aviation New Zealand Board


Protecting and Enhancing your Interests


Consultations open
24 January RPAS (UAV’s or UAS) Interim approach to Regulation click here This affects every aviator across New Zealand, as well as the RPAS community.  We’re talking a future technology with exciting growth potential but we need to maintain safe airspace.  Your thoughts on what we could include in a submission are welcome.  There may be some slippage in the CAA’s 24 January deadline but aim to get comment to us before then.
3 February 2014 National Airspace and Air Navigation Plan submissions due click here
Mid Feb the first phase of submissions on potential changes to the Civil Aviation Act will close.  MOT will then circulate a consultative document, post consideration by Ministers.
7 March  GD on Colour Vision  - submissions now due 7 March. Delay due research on CAA's policies of earlier decades

Creating Presence/Building Brand Aviation NZ

Airwork floated on NZX click here

Hamilton Airport – corporate heliport announced click here
AIRCARE™  - Environment Commission Jan Wright is on the front foot talking about the “mast event” and the use of 1080 poison as the only viable option to stop the pending plague of rodents and other nasties. Doc’s also saying the environmental effects of 1080 are minimal relative to the benefits for our native fauna and flora click here and click here .
Just on 12 months ago our AIRCARE™ programme was the subject of unprecedented attack with claims made about dying on the beaches of Dunkirk. Well, we can categorically state that nothing but good has come .......
Our fatal accident rate for this year according to CAA data is tracking at historically low levels.  We have in place a responsible and leading edge environmental management suite. More operators belong to the programme today than a year ago.  It is very clear that if we are to be taken seriously going forward and take ownership of the multitude of risks we confront in our businesses then its an imperative that we all step up to the mark and join credible programmes.  We happen to promote AIRCARE™ as our brand because that reflects our core values and it’s the “space” we own. 
AIRCARE™ says we care – we care about you, your staff, your businesses; the “air” environment; the stuff we discharge from aerial applications, our waterways and those who use our services. It’s not a statement about any other programmes it’s our programme and it’s what we proactively do for the general aviation industry. 



Growth Opportunities

MBIE is seeking views on government procurement to help them improve the way they work with business.  MBIE is particularly interested in understanding how businesses find the process of tendering for contracts and supplying government.   This is the inaugural survey of what will be an annual survey for business. The survey should take 5 - 10 minutes to complete. It is being hosted on the procurement website from 16 December 2013 until 31 January 2014 and can be found here (
We also understand that the Industry Capability Network, part of NZTE, is having a look at government procurement with a view to improving intelligence flows about upcoming tenders and improving the ability of companies to bid on them.  We’re talking to them about this.


Value add for members

AIRCARE™ ACCREDITATION process read here

AIRCARE™ accreditations Click here

Anticipate some further changes coming through. Approval has been given to a series of changes all designed to encourage General Aviation operators into the scheme.
Navigatus have advised that Peter Wakefield, their lead auditor, has resigned however, they have a group of very experienced aviation auditors regionally based ready to step up. We thank Peter for all his work during the period he has been with Navigatus and wish him well.    
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Aviation Safety Supplies Ltd have released a new product, a low cost Iridium Tracking Device
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