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5 July

The "Boots" is on a well deserved break.  This newsletter has a specific focus: Growth. However, we would also like your feedback on the June Aviation Industry Conference and your ideas for the 2014 Conference in Napier.  NZHA members please look at the announcements section at the end of the newsletter, and anyone who left a coat behind at Larnach Castle should also check out announcements.


Aviation is in our DNA

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Conference Questionnaire
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There is a lot of talk about the Growth Agenda, but some uncertainty as to what we are doing.  Let's clarify.
Much of our work falls in three areas: building the brand and profile, growing the size of the industry, and improving competitiveness.  Safety is a given.  We’ll give you more info on each area over the coming weeks.  This week, we’ll focus on the brand and profile area.
We're getting considerable input from many of you as to what the industry is and means.  We're using 'Aviation is in our DNA' because our aviation history is well over 100 years old (and we've done some inspirational aviation stuff).  We export to over 80 countries on all continents, have one aircraft per thousand people, have manufactured over 1000 aircraft, safely manage 30m km² of airspace and our aviation policy environment is 30 years old.  Basically, we know how to do things!
International perceptions are positive too.  Our customers consider us to be practical and innovative, agile and responsive, and professional and accountable.  Whether we talk aviation policy and regulation development, infrastructure development (especially airports), aircraft engineering and component production, the business systems that aircraft operators need to grow and flourish, aviation products and services or the training that underpins everything we do, New Zealand is highly regarded internationally.
A good current example of these international perceptions is in the rotary area.  The United States is currently developing a code to encourage safe and responsible rotary behaviour.  They are trying to emulate what we’ve been doing for many years and are keen on us critiquing their draft code.  That is status quo stuff; NZHA is already looking at next generation improvements. 
The Government (Ministers, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, NZTE, MoT, CAA) are using the same language when describing the industry.  Consistent messaging builds profile.  Some of you will have seen some of this material at conference, either on the Aviation New Zealand stand or in the Tuesday Growth session.  NZTE has been critically important in developing and rolling out this material.
How does this work?  In May, Minister Maurice Williamson, at a formal dinner in Jakarta, did not use his prepared speech.  He spoke off the cuff but in commenting about the New Zealand aviation industry, referred to it being practical and innovative, agile and responsive, and professional and accountable.  So, the key messages stick.
CAA had some material with them this week at the regulators meeting in Bangkok.  Bruce Heesterman of ASPEQ, who was part of the NZ team, had more with him.
So, how does branding and building the profile bring benefits for you?
Internationally, we're focusing on improving the international perception of our industry, especially in China, India, Indonesia and the United States.  Potential customers become ‘more aware’ of the scope and scale of the NZ industry.  It gives you more fertile ground to build on.  You can reference some of our independent brand story information to help substantiate your claims.
The market research, missions and trade fair entries and media work we undertake internationally are all relevant.  We work closely with NZ companies - their interests and aspirations are vital, and mean our work is relevant to their market aims.  We also work closely with NZTE, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, MoT and CAA.
Domestically, it can mean that tourists get some exposure to our industry before arriving, and are more relaxed about using our services when here.  Just using China as an example: 146,000 tourists in 2011, 215,000 in 2013 (f) and 425,000 in 2018 (e) – our challenges include getting the many groups that visit more interested in scenic flying, and encouraging more to return to NZ for aviation business.
Questions to be answered.  Again, using China as an example.  How can we put training of Chinese students (English and aviation) together with improved experiences for Chinese tourists and also address the language difficulty they face in NZ?   What can be achieved through closer relationships with Education New Zealand?  How can we leverage off the commercial successes some of our exporters are already having in China and encourage their customers to visit NZ?  How can we all learn from our own industry experts – for example, Adrian McHardy and Denis Hartley, or the companies such as Airways NZ, Met Service and Rishworth that are already doing business there?
Clearly challenges ahead but implications for our future work with the new Operational Division, Training and Development Division and Logistics Division, as well as NZHA and NZAAA.  Many of the solutions we’re looking for lie within the expertise of these groups.  We’re looking forward to a close relationship with them, and offers of involvement.
How can you market yourself more effectively with this brand and profile work?
There are several answers:
  • We use ‘Aviation is in our DNA’ to provide an overview of the sector: here .This will be developed in other directions but is a good resource at the moment.
  • We have a standard presentation on the NZ aviation industry which you can draw on and it includes some good customer quotes here
  • The Aviation NZ website ( has profiles of companies involved in past international activities (home page), overviews of sectors (overview tab), company profiles (services tab) and some success stories (PR tab).  All financial members of the AIA can be profiled on the site (register tab)
  • At conference, we provided advice through Cre8ive Advertising, on how companies could market themselves more effectively (value propositions and USPs) and take advantage of developing trends in social media marketing, especially Linked-In.  Material is available:  This is only available for a limited time so make use of it.
  • We are looking at a licensing scheme around the Aviation New Zealand brand to give more credibility, especially in international work
Next week, we’ll comment more in international market work.

Conference Questionnaire

We’ve teamed up with The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment and Malatest to develop a survey for those that attended the AIA Conference.  The first part of the survey focuses on travel and expenditure and the second part seeks your feedback on the conference and suggestions for next year.  It should take10 minutes to complete.
Those who register and complete the survey will go into a monthly draw for iconic New Zealand products to the value of $50.00.  Click here to take part  or enter it in to the URL bar in your web browser.


Interesting speech
You may have seen that Tony Tyler, Director General of IATA was in New Zealand this week.  His wide ranging speech, which includes some perspectives on the New Zealand industry, is here
Recovered lost property
We know the departure from the AIA Awards Dinner at Larnach Castle in Dunedin was quick for some.  So quick that a ladies small size black, embroidered padded jacket, branded SHOUQ was left behind.  We have it in the office.


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