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7 June

Aviation it’s in our DNA – the double helix safety and growth
The excitement of the Dunedin conference is really growing.  It’s not often that we get to take our conference so far South into the heartland of our industry – slightly over 35% of our membership is within four hours drive from the conference, so we’re expecting to see record numbers.
Interestingly this week we had two new members join – nothing new about that but in this case both are from overseas and looking to do business here in New Zealand.  Thrush aviation click here and Ramco click here provide aircraft and services to the ag aviation and helicopter sectors respectively.  For those of you joining our growing numbers of exporters, we have representatives from India joining us.
Conference essentially sets the work agenda for the next 12 months so it’s critical to participate.  This year our members are being asked to consider some further constitutional changes (click here) which will solidify “One Industry One voice”. These build on changes approved in 2011 but now very much clarify the role and function of the Advisory  Council (proposed new name the Aviation council); a proposed merging of divisions and a redefining of the electoral process for the Board and increasing the numbers on the Board by One.
A new feature is our leader’s forum.  This is the first time all of the leaders of the sector will get together and express their vision for the further. We are seeing a real gathering of momentum around the government’s growth agenda in so far as it applies to aviation and a detectable whole of government approach.  Most recently this has been typified by an excellent briefing of the industry on the approach to be taken to the most significant revamp and overhaul of the Civil Aviation Act since the late eighties i.e. almost 25 years ago – an we still talk about the new Rules !!!!!!
AIA AGM – formal notice click here
SMS – risk based approach to rule making – it’s great that over 250 of the aviation industry have enrolled for the CAA seminars to be held next week. SMS offers us the road map to complete our journey which begun at least 20 years ago with the introduction of quality management systems into our business. 
Even for the smallest of companies a quality system has been a requirement for many years and thus the next part of the journey – introducing risk management is a small step. For over 60 GA operators they already have the road map firmly and transparently assured in their business via AIRCARE™. For the balance we know that the journey is about documenting into a system what you already do well and being able to transparently demonstrate to the various regulators (remember SMS is already a requirement of Health and Safety in Employment legislation) how you practice what you preach.
We also know it’s about CULTURE, CULTURE and CULTURE combined with managing change well. It’s also about a heart and minds and thus the leadership philosophy of an organisation. AIRCARE™ is about brand values and it is through the adoption and practice of SMS that we now have the tool to ensure the brand values are promoting right down through the aviation community.    
Overhaul of the Civil Aviation Act 1990 click here, here hereMoT confirmed yesterday in one of the most positive and collaborative briefings on amendments to legislation “the boots” has ever participated in, that essentially they were looking to ensure that the Act becomes global leading edge. In practice this means that there are very few matters which are not up for discussion.
However to be clear MoT officials responsible for the overhaul confirmed that:
  • CAA would remain a standalone agency with its own Board
  • That the principles underpinning the Act were not up for review
  • The provision of Aviation Security would remain a State function
  • Airways would retain its statutory monopoly in key areas
  • Rules would continue to be the most important regulatory tool
For AIA this is pretty exciting stuff because we began lobbying four years ago for revisions to the Act. Initially to remove the “political statement” which muddied the Objectives of the Minister and Authority, and more recently to ensure the growth agenda was an integral part of any consideration of regulatory and framework changes.
For the purposes of translation this means that we were objecting to making aviation safety a political statement and wanted to revert to a way of thinking about what safe looked like – many of you will be familiar with the concept of safety at reasonable cost which was the mantra of Swedavia McGregor and got ditched in the mid 2000’s.
Conference delegates will receive a detailed briefing from MoT officials. This is the commencement of Industry’s opportunity to have its say.  This process of consideration and consultation will continue through until about March next year.
Pilot Medicals – reducing the charge – at every opportunity we continue to put this matter before our key stakeholders network.  It is not and will not be removed from our agenda until such time as we are satisfied that they system is compliant with the Act and efficient. 
Presently we don’t doubt that the system complies with the Act however the Act is sufficiently flexible to deal with compliance via a number of mechanisms.  Interestingly one section of the Act says that the CAA board must consider the matter of contracting out or delegation (S72E) refers providing it can be clearly demonstrated that this will deliver increased efficiency and effectiveness.
In our most recent conversation with stakeholders this week we have strongly recommended that all aviation community representatives be given the opportunity for a full brief of any reports into the certification system and potential efficiency enhancements.  We have no doubt that reports of this nature will enable a consensus to be formed around respecting the need for CAA to have assurance while at the same time meeting our needs for efficiency and effectiveness.    
Court of Appeal – says you must answer the questions posed by  HSE inspectors in an investigation click here except where except where this would incriminate the interviewee. This decision has significant implications in the event of an accident or incident – as it is precedent setting and the powers of CAA investigators are as extensive as those of the HSE inspector please read this very carefully.
We have held the view that it is critical to co-operate with any investigation however it is now very confusing within the CAA context as to whether the investigation is being conducted for safety or regulatory purposes.  The lines are now very blurred as the team has been integrated a matter we have let drop in discussion with CAA but is one that should now, in view of the decision be reactivated.
In saying that we do understand the importance of accurate and timely reporting as per CAR 12 however equally it is important that the matter of potential self incrimination be highlighted.  All of this does not bode quite so well for the adoption of just culture unless we can be assured that the algorithm applied by CAA has been adjust to take this matter into account.  

Part Two Interview with DCA read more

America’s Cup in San Francisco. The proposed aviation activity is being reshaped and we are now looking at 23 July only. We’ll be covering fixed wing, rotary and airports on the same day, which is also a race day for Emirates Team New Zealand. So, we’ll be able to offer a business briefing, on-water experience for some guests and conclude with a gala dinner. Companies being targeted include Boeing (Startup, Aircraft and Rotary), Bell, Bombardier, Cessna, Lockheed Martin, MD Helicopters, Robinson, Rolls Royce, Schweizer and Sikorsky, and potentially Agusta Westland and Eurocopter. Some high net worth individuals will be invited too. While showcasing New Zealand technology generally, we’ll be looking to promote in particular New Zealand’s replica/restoration capabilities, our suitability for pilot training, expertise in track/tracing/communication systems and new materials developments. If you are interested and haven’t communicated that interest yet,

New Zealand leads the way in rotary activities. In North America, a draft Helicopter Pilots Model Code of Conduct has just been developed. The North American’s are now looking for New Zealand to peer review their draft code because they believe New Zealand to be a world leader in this area. The New Zealand presence at Heli-Expo in March and the upcoming America’s Cup activity in San Francisco has seen the North American’s reach out to us for further guidance and assistance.

Indonesian media coverage of New Zealand aviation mounts. As a direct result of the media conference on 20 May, 11 stories were published over the next 36 hours, in publications with readership exceeding 860,000 and with a media advertising value of over NZ$62,000. This excludes the articles commenting on mission activity generally with references to aviation. Of significance too, more in-depth articles are now starting to appear e.g. a 4 column wide article with photograph appeared on 28 May about pilot and English language training in New Zealand.

Some international business opportunities. We have information on projects going to tender or about to go to tender including: the Tajikistan Airport Master Plan to 2050, a terminal upgrade at JSC “Manas” International Airport” (Kyrgyzstan), a major upgrade of Santiago's Arturo Merino Benitez International Airport (Chile), Cuzco's new US$420mn international airport, Chinchero (Peru), and the development of Barranquilla's Ernesto Cortissoz International Airport (Colombia). If you would like more information:

Tourism Consultancy opportunity. The NZ Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued an RFP to appointment a panel to support international development activities in the Tourism sector. Responsibilities include strategic advice on the deployment of aid in the Tourism sector, high level reviews of MFAT’s aid capability and programmes in the Tourism sector, generation of concepts and proposals and the provision of independent external advice to MFAT Sector Development Managers. Government Electronic Tender Service (GETS) reference 38863 Contact: Ben Fitchett, Commercial Procurement Leader,

Changes to NZQA student fee protection requirements were made wef 1 January 2013. We’ve been alerted to this by Helipro and wonder how many were aware of it? A form letter NZQA apparently sent to all PTEs on 18 December 2012 is here and the NZQA Fact Sheet here. The main impact is to change the draw down amount - now 20% of student fees or $3000, whichever is lower, at the end of the statutory withdrawal and refund period. Your Trust Account manager must be aware of this change.


Aviation is in our DNA
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Conference 2013


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We received the following communications from DoC yesterday.  It confirms the following:
  • that it was DoC and users of conservation land who sought redress on noise emitted from aircraft.  AIRCARE was a method of achieving this
  • there has been resistance from operators because of the lack of equivalence but two other systems of compliance are emerging    
  • DoC wishes to now consider whether proceeding with a mandatory requirment is reasonable or whether a more targeted approach should be taken to noise
  • there will be public consultation and a decision made by 1 October
  • in the meantime the requirement for AIRCARE or equivalent will be placed on hold

Subject:  ‘AIRCARETM or equivalent’ requirement for concessions and contracts
There have long been concerns, from both DOC and users of public conservation land, about the effects of aircraft noise on recreation.  Concerns are documented in certain locations across the country (notably Milford Sound and other remote locations).  To try to manage adverse effects, the industry and DOC have worked together with the view to lift performance of aircraft operations (particularly in regard to noise abatement systems).   
Since 1 January 2013 all concessions and contracts for aircraft operations on public conservation land have included a condition that requires the operator to hold AIRCARETM accreditation, or an equivalent. 
There has been some resistance from operators of signing up to a system in order to secure their concession or contract with DOC.  There have also been concerns that no other ‘equivalent’ programmes are available to operators.  Two systems have since been developed and can come into the market very shortly.
Overall, DOC needs to know that having the concession and contract requirement for AIRCARETM or equivalent apply to all public conservation lands and for all aircraft activities is reasonable.   We are now considering whether a targeted approach is more appropriate.  Investigations are being undertaken as to where there are clear noise issues that need addressing and what is the best method to deal with these.  
Until we are assured that we are approaching noise in the most fair and reasonable way, DOC is placing the requirement for AIRCARETM or equivalent ‘on hold’ and will not enforce the condition currently in any signed operative concessions or contracts.  A deadline of 1 October 2013 has been given for resolution of this issue. 
How will this work?
1.     Investigations will be undertaken by DOC to get evidence of adverse noise effects.  Further investigations will be undertaken as to how to best target adverse noise effects.  We welcome industry input into this analysis.
2.   Any new concessions or contracts signed up after today will not include the ‘AIRCARETM or equivalent’ clause.  They will contain a ‘holding’ condition to ensure DOC is still able to apply measures to manage noise if it is deemed necessary after investigation.
3.   By 1 October contractors and concessionaires will be advised as to which concessions and contracts will be varied, and how the current condition may change.  Some of potential changes: Operators in some locations or some activities may no longer require accreditation, some might just need noise abatement training, some may require full AIRCARETM or equivalent accreditation (details of approved equivalents will be known by then) etc.
For any further information please contact (DOC) Shana Harding, National Planning Coordinator or Tania Wrightson, National Permissions Advisor.
Thank you for all your assistance to date - we are keen to work together to get a good solution sorted.
Regards, Shana
Shana Harding
National Planning Coordinator, Operations

Our community of AIRCARE accredited operators is now over 60 and we remain firmly committed to the programme which is about the raising the professionalism of the aviation community and recognising that to stay in business we need to be simply the best. We are also committed to adding value and recognition to those who are AIRCARE accredited.  There are a number of ways to do this and we are working on to chieve the next series of gains.

AIRCARE™ ACCREDITATION process read here


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Travel Careers & Training has classrooms available for lease at the AKL Airport (opposite the IBIS – 10 minute walk to Domestic Terminal). Available on a causal or long-term basis. Also available in AKL CBD. Contact Guy Domett on 07 853-0294

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