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28 March 2013

Aviation is in our DNA – Growth and Safety the double helix
As we go into the Easter break “red boots” and the team hope you have a glorious four days of friendship, fellowship, and all of the associated “Easter Treats”. We really wish the Omara aishow - participants and attendees a wonderful couple of days.

You’ve received our most recent conference mail out and a reminder if you want to participate in our discounts, register today before we scale these back.
A big thank you to those of you who have paid your subscriptions. Roughly 55% have paid.  Remember the 5% discount applies up until 20 April. After that you pay the higher rate that members approved at our last AGM. If you didn’t take the discount off your subscriptions we’ll either refund to you if you advise us, or apply it against your attendance at conference.
Nominations are called for the AIA awards and the Richard Pearse awards click here.
“One Industry One Voice” – the plan click here.  We released this to you 12 months ago and we’ll be talking more about this at conference.  
TAIC Inquiries  - today we have participated in two media briefings and releases of reports into a mid air collision near Fielding on 26 July 2010 and the Inquiry into flight training safety in New Zealand click here for press releases. Inquiry reports are posted on the TAIC web page click here.  It is particularly pleasing that TAIC as the expert inquiry body found no systematic failures in flight training going on to note that our accident rates were broadly in line with Australia and the US.
Demand for pilots to 2030 - presently the NZ market is producing less than 175 new fixed and rotary pilots. Recent information contained in an excellent Victorian government strategic review of aviation click here suggests that we will have another 970 aircraft (i.e. excluding helicopters) delivered to airlines in Oceania by 2030. That’s around 15,000 more pilots to crew growth and then there’s the retirement bubble which is now gathering pace.  
ZQN Pilot – there’s been a high level of media interest in this case primarily focused on why the judge did not suspend his license.  The presumption must be made that the judge was in possession of all of the facts and determined that the circumstances did not justify revocation of license.  This does raises a question however as to why a pilot who was fined a substantially smaller amount (2 offenses, $200 per offense) had his license suspended for a period of around three years. The answer is that the Civil Aviation Act vests such powers first and foremost in the hands of the Director. Its not double jeopardy but rather a funbdamental element of our CA Act.   
CAA Board briefing on pilot experience levels and HSE coverage – we will be seeking to make representations on both issues to the CAA Board at its meeting on 16 May. Clearly such a request to be heard is at the discretion of the Board, however, we believe both matters impact on aviation safety in this country and are “policy” issues.
National Airspace and Air Navigation Plan – we’ve fielded questions this week as to where this action plan sits on the radar.  CAA advise generally good progress is being made. Six of the nine parts of the plan are finalised and the three parts outstanding are close to being finalised.   Following on from this will be a series of rule changes.
SMS – the rule changes introducing the SMS changes are progressing through their final throws and its anticipated they will emerge in two to three weeks.                   
CAA charges and pilot medicals – we understand that one of the aviation groups has now lodged a complaint to the Regulations Review committee in respect of all CAA charges including of course the focus of present activities – pilot medicals.  AIA was extensively consulted over the charges which makes it very difficult for us to challenge rates in that forum.
Other groups were not as extensively consulted so to that degree the Review will challenge to what extent individuals and groups must be consulted.  We made it very clear to the CAA that we did not agree with the hourly rate charges increasing beyond 1 July 2013 and said the medical charge should be removed by 1 July.  CAA have now issued the terms of reference for the medical review – everything is in scope except the Act and Rules, however change is possible to both of these as well given MOT’s announced intention to review the Act – its just a timing issue.
What we know about the medical charge is that half of it is overheads and half of it is actual direct personnel cost.  Treasury methodology for setting charges prefers ABC accounting methodology – sorry to get so technical, but is this sensible when a unit has high numbers because of a lack of investment in appropriate efficient administration systems?  We’re sure this matter will be taken up by the group challenging the charges.
In the meantime we are actively discussing with CAA the review and implementation of any system changes, reducing costs to be effective from 1 January or earlier if possible.  We believe we have assurances from CAA that they will address these matters expeditiously.  
Ag Aviation Risk Profiling work underway – if you are involved in Ag aviation in this country then you should have received the attached communications this week click hereThis initiative is jointly sponsored by the CAA and NZAAA with endorsement and support from AIA.  This is the biggest opportunity participants in the sector have to influence the future direction of ag aviation safety.  Risk profiling in our view is far more powerful than any externally imposed rule because it requires the sector to take ownership of solutions. If you don’t participate its hard to distant yourself from potential solutions.  

Global Energy Use - its about fossil fuels, energy efficiency and growth in Asia.  Presently the globe consumes 89 million barrels of oid a day.  By 2030 the expectation is that we'll be consuming over 100 million.  The good news is we're not about to run out of oil or gas soon but unless we get more efficient in use global temperatures will warm by 3.5 degrees.  After a long dry summer New Zealand will be looking to efficiency and great use of renewables.  Nuclear energy as a source of energy is definately on the wane as the US and Europe move to these mysterious things called "unconventional gas" and "unconventional oil" - we presume sources thereof and its not fracking which is apparently "old hat" in the US.           

Getting foreign aviation regulators to New Zealand.  We’ve been talking to MOT, CAA and Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, about getting some overseas regulators to New Zealand where knowledge of ‘the New Zealand aviation system’ could help the prospects of further commercial success in those markets.  We’re already seeing positive signs of what is possible through the closer CAANZ/CAA China relationship.
It is interesting to note too, that the Ministry of Transport, in future Bilateral Air Services Agreement negotiations, is looking to include a regulatory cooperation clause.  This is a really positive step.
The Indonesia Mission is gathering steam.  The mission participants will be getting together next week in Auckland and running through, among other things, some thoughts on how we more effectively promote ourselves.  This is clearly relevant to the group going to Indonesia but is also relevant to what else we do internationally.  The promotional materials developed for HeliExpo will be used again and we’re looking to add some excitement through greater use of social media.
Social media may be a big ‘new thing’ for many of us but there is no denying its growing importance.  We want to use this media as another way of helping to grow our industry.
While thinking is developing on the America’s Cup.  We’ve mentioned this before but are now seriously talking to companies about participation in what we are planning in San Francisco between 22 and 24 July. Fixed wing, rotary and airports are the three areas of focus for us. 
This is a pretty unique opportunity to build profile with selected North American customers and customers form further afield.  The Government is putting considerable investment into the whole business programme.  Anyone interested in learning more should let us know.


Aviation is in our DNA

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