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1 November

We’re getting really great feedback on our “Guest Editorial” slot with you telling us it's really providing a lot more insight into what’s going on across the sector.We have contributors lined up between now and the end of the year but if any of you out there have a perspective on an issue or issues please let us know.  This week our guest is Gordon Alexander Chairman of our new Training and Development division

Greetings fellow industry players.  The music has just stopped and all the chairs were taken so I find myself in the big one, as Chair of the Training and Development Division, with effect from Wednesday two days ago after the first meeting of the division since Conference in July.
One of the outcomes following the annual conference was an agreement to rationalise and adjust the divisions of the association.  For the Flight Training Division that meant combining with the former Education and Research Division to become the Training and Development Division.  Clear?  I hope so!  The rationale for this move was that training was not just about flight training and that education and research probably has more synergy with aviation training as a “fit” than the other divisions – so Training and Development seemed to be a fair title for the combined new-look division.
What was also pretty evident was that for a number of reasons both of the former independent divisions were struggling to perform to a level that provided real benefits for their members and so on that basis a “refresh” was probably pretty timely.  So here we are.
A bit about me first, because while I am known to some of you, I am a relative newcomer to the active ranks of civilian aviation training.  There is probably a clue in a couple of those words because while I am currently the Aviation Manager for ASL and prior to that International Training and Logistics Manager interspersed with aviation instructor for Airways, my first life in aviation was as a pilot, flying instructor and training specialist in the RNZAF.  I was lucky enough to avoid being tied to a desk for 17 of my 20 years in the Airforce and I followed that by spending a few years in corporate aviation together with some GA time.  So some diversity in my aviation career to date and most importantly in my view, the opportunity to have associated and worked with a wide range of aviation professionals around the world to enhance my knowledge and experience of our sector.  That brings me to a couple of recent observations that I will share with you.
I attended the Australian Safeskies 2013 conference in Canberra the week before last and was joined by my CEO and Governance Board member Bruce Heesterman and CAA Personnel and Flight Training Manager John McKinlay as Kiwi delegates.  The theme of the conference was people and technology and the organisers produced by way of high class presenters and a slick and smooth-running programme, one of the best aviation conferences I have ever attended.  It was obviously a predominantly Australian-centric conference but the calibre of carefully selected and briefed (international) speakers meant that the observations made and thoughts provoked were very relevant to the wider international aviation community.  Several presenters challenged our comfortable acceptance of the status quo and our business as usual approach to what we do.  They emphasised the importance of innovation and challenging norms as well as recognising the need to manage the ever increasing human/technology interface across all aspects of our industry from training to piloting and maintaining the latest aerospace vehicles.   This is perhaps a case of a bigger country being able to afford higher price-tagged speakers than here in NZ.  It was a very good gathering of professionals and I would strongly encourage you to give some serious thought to the possibility of attending in 2015 - although clearly not as an alternative to our own Aviation NZ conference!
I stayed on in Aussie to attend and observe a two day professional development programme workshop for approved testing officers (ATOs) as a guest of CASA.  The ATOs are equivalent to our flight examiners who I work with here in NZ.  The purpose of the workshop was for CASA to cover the relevant sections of their new Rule Part 61 as these apply to flight instruction, examining and licencing prior to the formal (and legal) adoption of this document on 4 December.  Well... this was a pretty enlightening couple of days and I have to say that anyone who struggles with our NZ CAR Part 61 might do well to have a look what the Australians have created in terms of its complexity before they get too agitated with our CAA!  There is no doubt that  the new Australian rule part provides some closer alignment with international commonality related to pilot licencing but I couldn’t help thinking that they have missed an opportunity to create a really great document that is both easily understood and user friendly.  I guess the lesson here for me is that while our own legislation and rules might not be perfect in the eyes of some, there are other jurisdictions who also struggle to get it right and that on balance we may be better off than many others.  Unlike Safeskies, perhaps big does not always mean better when it comes to regulation.
It is too early for me to espouse the virtues of a new direction and pathway for the Training and Development Division – we have yet to define our goals and how we might get to them.  What is important though is that whatever that pathway is, we all get on it together and bring along all of the other folks who need to be with us.  The association exists for the benefit of all of its members.  For those benefits to be tangible, we need to communicate, collaborate, cooperate and collect our not inconsiderable skills and expertise to present a unified and united approach to what we do.  In short, we need to trust each other.  I suggest that goes across the whole association.
That will do for starters – I look forward to the opportunity to provide you all with some updates on our journey at a later date.  Do your jobs well and safely.


Member "must knows"
November/December What's on
Protecting and Enhancing your interests
Growth opportunities
Creating Presence, Building brand Aviation
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Member "must knows"

Regulations Review Committee – we will be advising the Committee that we wish to appear as we want to provide some comparative perspectives on the hourly rate charges. We understand that in 2007 an internal CAA proposal was floated for a new automated medical certification system however it was declined. Armed with this information its likely we will approach CAA with a proposal that there be one Australasian medical certification system. It makes no sense to us that you can use your licenses in Australia without restraint but when it comes to using your body and engaging the brain you need a new medical certificate to do that!
We'd also like one or two operators to join with us at the Select Committee. If you'd like to explain your situation to the "powers" please contact us. We don't have a hearing date yet but expect it to be in the next two weeks. 
Review of draft Tertiary Education Strategy
Again if you can spare us some time we'd like your comments on:
  • Improving linkages between training organisations and employer
  • Glaring skill shortages immediate and pending and how we best address those
  • Unnecessary constraints on productivity in the tertiary training space
  • Better engagement strategies in terms of information flows on careers and job opportunities
Closing date for comment is 15 November
Consultation on Airspace and Air Navigation Plan   take the opportunity afforded by CAA to engage in the development of the plane. Its like a charter document for the next 10 years and provides some really key investment indicators for industry. Getting this plan right will be critical click here for further information on consultation near you.
Joke of the week – if you are PC please do not read and we apologise in advance
ARE YOU A PILOT? I THOUGHT I WAS ...  click here


November/December What's on

6 November – whole of Government/Industry meeting  - please RSVP if you are coming. Remember gathering is 1600-1800 at Ardmore Flying School Ardmore airport.
12 November Aviation New Zealand Board meeting
12 November Auckland EMS NZ Managing Risk in Helicopter winch operations  - Update (click here)
15 November  submissions close on Tertiary Education Strategy click here
29 November GD on Colour Vision  - comments close. We are working on this from the perspective of a number of students whose flying careers have been affected by “policy changes” in 2009.
10 December NZAAA Executive Meeting
11 December Aviation New Zealand Board meeting; Aviation Council meeting and Stakeholders Function – 5.30 Intercontinental Hotel click here
12 December NZHA Executive meeting and Training and Development Division meeting  


Protecting and Enhancing Your Interests

Unattended aerodromes    We've now consulted with the majority of aerodrome operators affected and there is broad consensus that a joint approach to addressing the issues raised in a recent Airways letter is the best approach. We'll be working with Kevin Ward at Airports New Zealand on a collaborative approach. If we haven't already spoken to you and you're affected please let us know.

Growth Opportunities

Albany Airport, Australia has issued a tender: ‘Baggage Handling System - Stage 2 Albany Airport Terminal Security Upgrade’.  The tender reference is: C13024 For specification enquiries contact: Ryan Taylor Phone: 61.8 9844 2214 Bids close 7 November 2013
The New Zealand Defence Force has issued an ROI ‘SH2-G(i) Seasprite helicopter Synthetic Training Devices upgrade and Through-Life Support’.  GETS reference 40613.  ROIs close on 12 November.
Australian Maritime Safety Authority has issued a RFT for a single service provider able to provide a dedicated professional fixed wing airborne SAR service at various locations around Australia for 12 years.  Reference 13AMSA001 -   More info on the Australian Government AusTender website.  Bids close 25 November.
Additional funding of US$75.3m has been approved for the PNG Air Services Modernisation Programme. Upgrading airways infrastructure and integrating facilities with modern airport equipment and technology are to be major beneficiaries of this expenditure.  There will be direct safety benefits on airline operations to remote and rural airstrips.

Creating Presence, Building brand Aviation

Kam Air of Afghanistan is the latest airline to adopt to deliver all aspects of their airline resource planning and control to ensure operational efficiency while encouraging continuous growth.

Drug and alcohol testing – press release click here  it was interesting listening to the ballooning community discribe the impact of the Carterton tragedy on their businesses. Essentially two years of quite severe down turn and 50% of commercial balloonist exiting the industry. How frustrating for those who had exemplary standards to find their businesses and livelihoods destroyed in seconds by the poor decision making of another. Makes you really think about the fragility of our industry. Interestingly its aviation that's in the firing line and not tourism or its derivatives!!!!
However its simply publically unsustainable that a high integrity high reliability sector such as aviation not strongly support TAIC and CAA on this issue.  It really is about protecting the brand - another accident in similar circumstances would be uncontainable and quite frankly after 10-15 years of voluntary compliance the substandard behaviours of a few affect us all.
Clearly we will be actively contributing to discussions by Officials on this matter in the days ahead. We know drug testing can be expensive so we will be looking for cost effective solutions - remind us of an old phrase we use to have in our statute "safety at reasonable cost".

AIRCARE™ –  congratulations to Southern Helicopters for obtaining renewal of its AIRCARE™ certificate. 
AIRCARE™ aims to raise the standards of professionalism right across the industry.  Our customers are telling us that just performing to the minimum is no longer an acceptable benchmark. It really is about going beyond and ensuring the customer gets what they want. As one major operator put it this week when you operate in a highly competitive market you try and align yourself with others who have the same brand values.  You really want to make sure if they are also your customers, you simply have to over deliver because that’s what brings them back.   

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AIRCARE™ ACCREDITATION process read here

AIRCARE™ accreditations Click here
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Aviation Safety Supplies Ltd have released a new product, a low cost Iridium Tracking Device
For more info see

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