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15 November

Our guest this week is Ray Thorpe General Manager Aviation for the Metserive and he is talking about  New Zealand’s National Airspace and Air Navigation PlanRay
Meteorological Services – Integrating weather data
At time of writing, the industry is being provided with the opportunity to review  the final draft of New Zealand’s proposed National Airspace and Air Navigation Plan (5 consultation workshops are being conducted by CAA around the country between 18- 25 November 2013).
The provision of meteorological services – integrating weather data is obviously of great interest to MetService and the industry. Having chaired the MET Task Force which helped compile the MET component of the Plan, I thought it might be opportune to provide an overview of what is envisaged, coupled with the progress being made in the international forum to develop actual specifications for the meteorological products and services envisaged in the Plan (as well as test your knowledge of ICAO acronyms!).
Meteorological services, including warnings, forecasts, observations and delivery systems, are an essential component of national and international air navigation and aviation operations, contributing to safety and efficiency.
Full integration of meteorological information into air traffic management (ATM) and for performance-based navigation (PBN) applications will be an essential enabler for the globally interoperable, seamless ATM system of the future. The ultimate aim is the effective translation of traditional meteorological data and information into weather impact and risk metrics of defined confidence for use as input factors in ATM and PBN systems.
International Developments
Internationally, changes to the provision of meteorological information will be based on the integration of meteorological and ATM information to support operational decision-making. This direction was confirmed at the ICAO 12th Air Navigation Conference back in November 2012, and is outlined in the Global Air Navigation Plan (Table 8).
The Conference noted that meteorological information was an integral component of the future system-wide information management (SWIM) environment, alongside aeronautical information, flight and flow information, and other information sources.  This would enhance the safety and the efficiency of the global ATM system through availability and use of meteorological information.
The concepts for Global ATM and PBN are well documented in:
  • PBN concept in ICAO Doc 9613 “Performance-based Navigation (PBN) Manual”
  • Global ATM concept in ICAO Doc 9854 “Global Air Traffic Management Operational Concept”
  • ICAO Doc 9882 “Manual on Air Traffic Management System Requirements”
  • Air Traffic Management Requirements Performance Panel (ATMRPP) document “Flight and Flow Information for a Collaborative Environment” (FF-ICE).
However, all of the above documents currently only mention or reference “weather” (meteorological services) in general terms. The documents do not as yet specify the particular meteorological services required for global ATM and PBN.
Despite the lack of international clarity, meteorological information is already being integrated into Flight Management Systems and is expected to be factored into ATM Decision Support Tools (DSTs) and airline Safety Risk Assessments (SRAs) to mitigate risk and support safe and efficient flight operations, especially where airspace and aerodromes are congested or capacity constrained.
Addressing the lack of clarity on specifications around THE Meteorological requirements
This lack of clarity on the specifications of required meteorological information/services has been identified, and has begun to be addressed by some sterling work currently underway within ICAO in the Asia Pacific Region by the Air Traffic Management Requirements & Performance Panel (ATMRPP), together with the Meteorological Aeronautical Requirements and Information Exchange Project Team (MARIE-PT) and MET Requirements Task Force 3(MET/R TF/3) as part of the on-going work of the Asia Pacific Air Navigation Planning and Implementation Regional Group (APANPIRG).
The groups are conjointly developing a MET Trajectory Based Operations Concept and Roadmap to better understand MET information integration and provide guidance on how MET information services could be specified, categorised and linked to Operation Concept Components, including the contribution to relevant performance areas for ATM and PBN.
New Zealand representatives from MetService, Airways Corporation and CAA will be attending the ICAO Asia Pacific Meteorological /Air Traffic Management Seminar and MET TF3 meeting 25-29 November in Bangkok, to help shape and specify the meteorological services required and we will keep the industry appraised on progress in the months ahead.
Ray Thorpe


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November/December What's on
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Member "must knows"

Postponement of Stakeholder function 11 December its a busy time of year and we haven’t quite got our new brand positioned the way we would like it to be.  Given that AIA and our silver arrow stuck around for 60 plus years we really want to get this right. So we have deferred our key stakeholder function until early March/April next year.  Same venue but we can gurantee this brand launch will attract all our key stakeholders and it will raise the profile of aviation both in this country and off shore.   
From the Board meeting
  • MOU with Airports of Fiji approved and rapidly developing
  • MOU with Fight Safety Foundation to form the Australasian Flight Safety Foundation joint Board click here
  • Global links internship Ms Chow Chan seconded for a period of 10 weeks in the early new year. Chow is a fluent Mandarin and Contonese speaker and is interested in doing a masters degree in Aviation Management
  • Cod of Ethics and Risk Management policy for AvNZ click here
  • John Jones reappointment for further terms as Director ASPEQ
  • Development of Young Aviation Professionals Network in association with SANITI
  • Wings over Wairarapa specialist Remotely Piloted Vehicles two day seminar proposed Thursday/Friday in Jan 2015
  • One Industry strategy implementation update approved click here
  • Conference 2015 in conjunction with AAAA’s Australia and potentially AHIA Queenstown 23-26 June      
Thank you a big thank you to the Boston Marks Group click here and Bell Helicopters click here for renewing their sponsorship support of NZHA. Their support is critical to the work John sinclair does as EO for NZAAA click here and NZHA. We’d make a big plea to you aviators out there to support those who support us.
Acknowledgement we would like to add our sympathy and thoughts to the managment and staff of Helicopter Service BOP on the sudden death of Dave Vallance – In house company solicitor


November/December What's on

15 November  submissions close on Tertiary Education Strategy click here

15 November Health and Safety Reform Bill Exposure draft parts 1_3 click here
This is very much a mixed bag from aviaiton’s perspective but here’s an interesting briefing we recieved today.  A big thank you to Rob George at Marsh for providing it and scaring me in terms of what futher documentation is going to have to look like.  Rob tells me its also got some pretty interesting implicaitons for Director’s and Senior Officers liability click here
18-22 November consultation on CAA Draft National Airspace and Navigation Plan  Workshops
Auckland 19 Nov 10 am to 2 pm Holiday Inn Auckland Airport
Palmerston North 18 Nov Midday to 4 pm Wharerata Function Centre,
Massey University
Nelson 20 Nov 10 am to 2 pm Grand Hotel Monaco Nelson
Christchurch 21 Nov 10 am to 2 pm Air Force Museum
Queenstown 22 Nov 10 am to 2 pm Mercure Queenstown Resort
21 November ASPEQ AGM 1500 Wellington airport conference centre
29 November GD on Colour Vision  - comments close. We are working on this from the perspective of a number of students whose flying careers have been affected by “policy changes” in 2009.
5 December  AvNZL appearance before Regulations Review Committee refer below
10 December NZAAA Executive Meeting
11 December Aviation New Zealand Board meeting; Aviation Council meeting
12 December NZHA Executive meeting and Training and Development Division meeting


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Breaking News ASPEQ sinks deal with UK CAA  click here and here. Its been a while coming but this is your company we started for a poulty investment of $5k and now has turnover in the many millions of dollars taking our brand to many corners of the earth.  
What the MOT thinks about our Regulations Review Submission  click hereshort anwer is not a lot. Their submission is that the Executive exercised its prerogative in settting charges in the full knowledge that they would cause pain for industry – of course no pain no gain go hand in hand. Its all about ones perspective on how much and who should share the pain but in this case obiously not government.  
Regulation’s Review appearance 5 December – we’ve individually approached a number of you and we appreciate its a very busy time of year but no ones volunteered to join with us and appear.  We have over 33 examples of massive price increases (smallest 37% increase for a six month period) in costs and one example of no increase at all.  We would like someone to really explain the impact on their business.   


Creating Presence, Building brand Aviation

The Aviation Story – excellent brand collateral is now available for our sector.  Its hard to get an appreciation of this really amazing piece on our story but if you’d like a hard copy let us know click here.  We will be using this in all future stakeholder engagments. Its a great information pack and encapsultes the essence of our new brand Aviation New Zealand



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John’s away in Veitnam at the moment returning on 25 November.  He’ll have a good market defried for you in early December.

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