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8 November

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Trevor2This weeks guest Editorial is from Trevor Wilcock, chief executive of Armdore airport the busiest airport in the country - all driven by our very vibrant general aviation community. This week Ardmore hosted the whole of government and Aviation New Zealand story ....more about that later

Last month I had the privilege of addressing the New Zealand Airport’s Association conference on the importance of General Aviation to the wider aviation industry, the country’s economy and our local communities. It was the perfect opportunity to spell out just how important a role GA plays in each of these areas and I am encouraged and excited by the current and predicted future situation of the GA industry in New Zealand.
General Aviation is often viewed as the “poor cousin” of the wider aviation industry and this is sometimes very evident in other first world countries. However I am happy to report that here in New Zealand, GA is playing and is predicted to continue to play a much better-than-average part in the country’s economy and I would like to share some of my findings via a current snapshot of our GA industry, the importance of GA to our communities and some of the exciting growth predictions for GA in New Zealand:
Industry snapshot:
There are about seven hundred organisations operating in the various sectors within the GA industry in New Zealand and these organisations employ around eight and a half thousand people, with a combined salaries and wage bill of this workforce estimated to be around five hundred and seventy million dollars per annum. Direct GA revenue is estimated at around one and a half billion dollars per annum with an indirect revenue spin off of over four billion dollars. To put this into perspective, this is about 2% of the country’s GDP! As you can see, a significant contribution to the country’s economy and due to the nature of GA, much of the economic impact of GA is not measurable and the above figures could well be much higher than indicated.
GA in local communities:
Taking into consideration the fact that GA businesses are widely spread around the country’s airports and facilities, there is a significant economic contribution to these local communities via the provision of jobs and the revenue generated by GA activities. GA also plays a vitally important role in providing critical medical, search and rescue and disaster relief flights to communities.
 In some more remote areas of New Zealand, GA is often the most efficient or only method of connecting with these areas and providing much needed supplies and movement of people (eg Islands and Oil rigs etc). GA also features very strongly in providing support to our agricultural sector and assists military and law enforcement agencies on a regular basis – all of vital community importance.
We must also not forget that to thousands of New Zealanders GA is a sport and a recreational activity and over one third of all GA flights these days fall into this category. You only have to take a peek into the growth of the light sport and recreational sector (microlights, gyros, gliders etc) to see how fast this sector is starting to grow.
Growth predictions:
In most countries, GA is on the decline but not so in New Zealand. There are some exciting and encouraging growth signals coming out of some sectors of GA and this bodes extremely well for the future of our industry!
For example, flight training is predicted to grow by fifteen to twenty percent per annum due to most flight training organisations actively seeking international contracts and students. Huge opportunities are coming out of China, India and Indonesia.
Aircraft design and manufacturing and consequently the parts industry are predicted to grow by ten to fifteen percent per annum and some New Zealand companies have already signed up to some good international contracts and opportunities.
Maintenance, repair and overhaul companies are also expecting to show steady growth at seven percent per annum along with charter and corporate business.
As mentioned earlier the light sport and recreational sector is also showing predicted growth of between fifteen and twenty percent per annum mostly due to the low entry and maintenance costs of operating these aircraft.
The net result of the above is that the New Zealand GA industry is expected to continue to buck the trend and grow at between seven and ten percent per annum for the foreseeable future – very exciting news indeed for all of us in aviation. It goes without saying that GA is the “breeding ground” for the wider aviation industry and any country privileged enough to have a strong and growing GA sector is well placed to take advantage of the huge growth in world-wide aviation over the next thirty years.  So “don’t forget about GA” as New Zealand continues to set the pace!
Trevor Willcock


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Steve Penno - is the new aviation programme manager for NZTE. He replaces Pete Smyth in that capacity although Pete's still continues with his engagement with aviation but in a different role. Steve comes from a capital markets background and is on a steep learning curve with aviation. Steve will be based in Wellington.
Remotely Piloted Vehicles - While CAA is no longer issuing authorisations, it is giving appraisals which allow RPVs to continue operatin. It is also working on a longer term code of conduct to help the industry operate. A draft code is expected by early December. We will be getting the code and communicating with companies. We are still progressing the possibility of a RPV group.
AIRCARE™ - CAA's position, we understand that CAA has clarified its position in the face of attempts to discredit the programme. Acknowledging that they don't endorse specific programmes the Director has stated CAA applauds voluntary initiatives to improve safety and activities which see industry taking a responsible leadership position encouraging front line safety assurance are very welcome.
Trial flights - the vexed competitive issue. Seeing your businesses thrive and wealth for all in the industry grow is our mission however we must always do this in an environment where we are respectful of the rules of the land.  Trial flights are a critical element of encouraging people into aviation and thus encouraged but drawing the line between commercial adventure operations in trial flights is challenging. We will be watching to ensure the Regulator treats all participants fairly and the interpretation of the law is consistent with its intent which is to ensure a higher level of safety standards for those who provide commercial passenger services - even for those engaged in adventure aviation.

November/December What's on

12 November Aviation New Zealand Board meeting
Wellington   our next newsletter will contain a brief of key decisions made by the Board
12 November Auckland EMS NZ Managing Risk in Helicopter winch operations - Update click here, here and here
15 November  submissions close on Tertiary Education Strategy click here

15 November Health and Safety Reform Bill Exposure draft parts 1_3 click here
29 November GD on Colour Vision - comments close. We are working on this from the perspective of a number of students whose flying careers have been affected by “policy changes” in 2009.
10 December NZAAA Executive Meeting
11 December Aviation New Zealand Board meeting; Aviation Council meeting and Stakeholders Function – 5.30 Intercontinental Hotel click here
12 December NZHA Executive meeting and Training and Development Division meeting  



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The presentation on the industry given to aviation companies at Ardmore Airport on Wednesday is here
The Government, earlier this week, launched ‘The New Zealand Story’.  This aims to provide competitive advantage to exporters by building a strong, consistent profile of ‘New Zealand’ which they can leverage off, in international markets.  The core idea of the Story is that ‘New Zealand is Open to the New’. Our invitation to the world is: “Welcome to the country of open spaces, open hearts and open minds”.  Next week, with NZTE, we’ll be launching new promotional material ‘New Zealand aviation is practical, innovative and professional’.  The aviation approach is consistent with what will be developed under the New Zealand Story.  We’ll be one of the first sectors to develop substantive material that sits under the Story.  This will become available in the coming weeks.

AIRCARE™ – its about a responsible industry taking up the challenge of meeting public expectations for constantly enhanced safety and environmental standards while ensuring that we have a strong profitable industry going forward. Its about leading the change from rules to self regulation above the minimum because we know customers demand you go much further and deliver precisely what they want so its about own the outcomes that we want.
We're beginning to understand a lot more about how we can do things alot better. We also know from the performance data for AIRCARE™ that in some instance its  a marathon not a sprint but its better than a whole raft of rules, many unworkable being imposed on the sector.
We understand that there's got to be pay back for you if you're AIRCARE™ accredited or entering our system so we're going to start working on a series of initiatives which make it very clear what the value add it. Our focus very much will be on getting operating costs down and performance recognised by a range of regulatory agencies and customers.



Growth Opportunities

Samoa, as part of the World Bank Pacific Aviation Investment Programme, is seeking EOIs from consultants for design and supervision services at Faleolo Airport for (i) airport pavement repairs, (ii) an airport terminal and security upgrade and (iii) airport runway lighting and navaids upgrades.  EOIs close 18 November.  More info: Anne-Marie Bishop, Tonga Airports Ltd, Tonga
CASA, Australia, invites proposals for the provision of secure Aviation Security Identification Card (ASIC) application and renewal processing, fee collection, initial, renewal and replacement ASIC card production, distribution and associated reporting services.  Tender reference CASA 13/118.  Contact Paul McIvor for more info (61 2 6217 1673). Bids close 9 December
Melbourne Airport will spend A$1 billion creating 3,000 jobs over the next two years as part of its extensive redevelopment programme.  The redevelopment includes a new domestic terminal, to be opened in the second half of 2015, a ground transport hub and more aircraft parking bays.
Companies with proven capability and experience involved in manufacturing or supporting either civil or military aircraft should be aware of the Australian Defence Force’s ‘fixed-wing pilot training project’.  This is currently out to tender, the major aircraft/systems provider teams are forming, bids close in February 2014 and the first pilots are expected to graduate in 2017.  The successful bidder will be expected to deliver a high level of Australian content.  Under the Australia New Zealand Closer Economic Relations Agreement, New Zealand content counts as Australian content.  The Industry Capability Network (ICN) is currently updating its database of companies that could become suppliers to the successful bid team.  If you are involved in component manufacture, repair and maintenance, systems (including avionics and electrical), ground support and test equipment, calibration services and aviation fuelling services, you should either register, or update your entry on the ICN site.  For more info, see:  If you do achieve work with the successful bid team, this will open up broader supply chain opportunities with them.
Interesting to see that two projects being run by Airports Fiji – concept design for Matei Airport, and the consultancy design for a new terminal at Savu Savu, which were to close on 24 and 25 October respectably, are still open.  More info:
Airports Fiji has also confirmed F$75m in funding for the expansion project under way at Nadi Airport.  Thinc Projects of Brisbane is project manager, global architectural practice Woods Bagot is working with local company Vitea Architects, and structural consultants Mott MacDonald are working with local practice Shri Singh.  The airport is to be expanded by 4000 sqm, existing lounges upgraded, new retail areas added, baggage handling facilities expanded and passenger handling services improved.  Completion is scheduled for January 2015.

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Travel Careers & Training classrooms available AKL Airport (opposite the IBIS – 10 minute walk to Domestic Terminal). Available on a causal or long-term basis. Also available in AKL CBD. Contact Guy Domett on 07 853-0294. John Sinclair says this is the best deal on offer in Auckland!!!!  
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