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18 October

This week our guest contributor speaks about ….. 

I can offer an awesome, and very true, story about Customer Service…Seghe Airfield Terminal
In April my wife Aileen and I visited Vanuatu and Solomon Islands as part of my research for my University Master’s Dissertation. My topic of study is the nexus between strategies used to market tourism by the flag carrying airlines and tourism management authorities, concentrating on the South Pacific and case studying Fiji, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu. As part of my project not only did I have to interview the airline and TMA management; I also had to interview service providers, NGO’s and other actors in tourism, in order to gain triangulating evidence.
As a part of this we visited Vanuatu for five days and then flew up to Honiara, where after overnighting we boarded the Dash 8-100 “Megapode” for a trip up to Gizo in the Western Province. We stayed five days at the awesome Sanbis Resort, on an island near Gizo, then returned, island hopping from Gizo to Munda (where we saw first-hand the NZ funded runway sealing) and onto Seghe, where we witnessed first-hand the best ever airline customer service I’ve ever seen.On approach to Gizo
As we taxied to the terminal building in Seghe,  the Solomon Airlines Chief Pilot Gibson Galo, who was flying, came on the P.A. “People, People, People, It’s so sad! There’s a boat load of tourists still trying to get to Seghe, who have connecting flights out when we get to Honiara. It’s so sad, because if we don’t wait, they’ll miss their flight from Honiara and then their connecting flights at Brisbane. So here’s what we’re going to do. You aren’t allowed out of the aircraft, so we’re going to keep the starboard engine running to keep the air conditioning going and we’re going to wait for these passengers” (We waited for around a half hour).
After take-off, and as we were heading over the Thousand Island Lagoon, Gibson came on the P.A. again, “People, people, people. Would all those with a connecting flight in Honiara please stick up your hand so our purser can see you”(14 very worried looking passengers put their hands up). “The purser’s going to take all your passport details and we’re going to radio ahead to Honiara and get a pre-clearance from Customs for you”. He did just that.
After landing at Honiara we did a fast taxi past Domestic to the International apron and parkedGizo Strip alongside the outbound airliner. Out on the apron, complete with desk, chair and stamp was the Customs official. Transferring passengers walked off our plane, up to him, had their documents stamped, walked to the door of the terminal and through the X-ray machine and then back out to the waiting airliner, while their baggage was similarly X-rayed and transferred.
As we taxied back to Domestic to offload the rest of us passengers Gibson came on the P.A. again “People, people, people. Just to let you know, the outbound aircraft will be leaving just 3 minutes late”…
Awesome service! Which does show airlines can offer exemplary customer service when they want to!!
Alan Peacock


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6 November whole of government Ardmore visit - this gathering is open to all in aviation and by now those north of a line between Tauranga and Hamilton should have received their personal invitations to attend.  We are delighted to announce today that Steve Moore the new General Manager for General Aviation will join the government team.  This will be Steve’s first outing in his new role and what better place to cut his teeth so to speak Click here 

11 December Christmas function - to be held at the Intercontinental

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October-November What's on

24 October Meet the Airways Board Venue:   Royal Port Nicholson Yacht Club, 103 Oriental Parade, Oriental Bay. Time: 10am for morning tea, 10.30 meeting starts. RSVP:  Paola Brett,  This is your chance to express a view.
25 October Productivity Council Submission on Regulations  - click here – we’re preparing our response and would urge/encourage those aviation businesses who have the time to also comment.  This may be one way of getting the very difficult issue of public v private v club good before government as some of the questions focus on pricing and the impact that has on regulator performance.
October 28 Release for consultation of draft Airspace and Air Navigation Plan – confirmation this week that the plan will be out for consultation detailed workshops 18-25 November all going well with consultation complete by Feb. 2014. This is the road map and we would urge you to get involved because it charts more specifically our future in the skies through to 2023 in more detail
30 October First meeting of Training and Development Division - 10.30, Level One Aviation House click here.   
6 November – whole of Government/Industry meeting - please RSVP as NZFOREX have agreed to sponsor and we need to know numbers for catering purposes click here
12 November Aviation New Zealand Board meeting Wellington
12 November – Commerce Commission Guidelines on Competitor Collaboration.  We’re developing a submission and talking to Business New Zealand.
29 November GD on Colour Vision - comments close. We are working on this from the perspective of a number of students whose flying careers have been affected by “policy changes” in 2009.


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Complaint to Regulations Review Committee filed click here.   We’re inserting the document again in this week’s newsletter along with making it easier for you to access.  Please note this document is privileged and must not be distributed. The Committee will consider our complaint on 18 October when it next meets. Also keep the information rolling in and please contribute to our fighting fund – the account number is 03-0502-0013493-001  
Medical Certification AKA the $315 charge click here we are concerned that this project has the potential to become a major redesign exercise as everyone puts in their specifications for a new system. We expressed our concerns.  We were told that the $315 contributed by the pilots is not paying for this work!!!! Update click here
IFR design Unattended Aerodrome click here – if you are affected please let us know as we have a potential collaboration plan emerging.
October 15 DEBRIEF Radio Frequency Outside of Controlled Airspace   - an excellent example of how Industry and CAA working together can develop a much better outcome. Well done to all those who attended and contributed in a very positive way. Common Frequency Zones are on their way but you’ve got to be also involved in the Airspace Redesign programme under way.  This is a real life example of how SMS can contribute positively to much better outcomes for us ALL.



Growth Opportunities

Two changes to GST which impact on trainers and engineering/manufacturing exporters from 1 April 2014 and should improve competitiveness.  Business to Business (B2B) contracts in the training area will permit GST refunds to be made to the international partner, provided that company has registered as a ‘non-resident business’ and is not carrying out, or intends carrying out, a taxable activity in New Zealand.  Similarly, tools used to produce goods for export will also be exempt GST.  IRD Tax Information Bulletin 25 No 9 October 2013 contains full information: The four critical pages for aviation companies are here.

Creating Presence, Building brand Aviation

AIRCARE™ –  we talk about the brand values of AIRCARE™ a lot.  Why are they important? It’s about the signal these values deliver. It’s important to reiterate that aviation is not just about big business, exploitation of our environment, being bad neighbours from a noise and discharge perspective. Too easily, perception becomes reality. 
This week I had a very agitated member of a noise lobby group ring me.  She described how her health had deteriorated, her family and neighbours were in uproar and that she hated where she now resided. I described to her the AIRCARE™ way of doing things and talked to her about our brand values.  Immediately she saw that there was a different side to aviation one that has values around caring.  Now I am not saying the specific issue is going to go away but what she was exposed to was a very different set of values.  These are values people relate too.
There’s views swirling around about our AIRCARE™ programme becoming the defacto regulator and for some this is a pretty challenging concept.  The best regulatory systems in the world understand that the future is about addressing hazards and harm from a holistic perspective because this improves everyone’s efficiency . Quite simply regulators don’t have enough funding to be out there “beating the heck” out of everyone even if there’s a carrot attached but working in parallel with a responsive and responsible industry programmes like AIRCARE™ can provide additional levels of assurance to society while we at the same time benefit from business efficiencies – a win win for all .
AIRCARE™ is about YOU and the values YOU as a business leader aspire too        
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Airwork has won a contract with the General German Automobile Club (ADAC) in Munich to purchase and maintain 14 BK117 helicopters so that ADAC can continue to provide emergency air rescue services to its 18 million members throughout Europe.  More info

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