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25 October

This week our guest contributor is Ed Sims, Chief Executive Airways addressing the public meeting of industry stakeholders held on 24 October 2013……
“I’d like to join with our chair Susan Paterson click here in welcoming you to this meeting.  The year ended 30 June 2013 has been one of growth and significant re-transformation for Airways. A vital pricing consultation process, investment in our asset base and a new senior management team have all advanced our progress as a business and as a service provider.  At the same time we have delivered some key projects that re-emphasise our focus on ensuring that every single one of our 1.1 million flights through the 30M edkilometres of our Flight Information Region is as efficient as the previous flight.
Today I would like to focus on a few of those key domestic programmes of work
  • Multilateration and step changes in surveillance,
  • Performance Based Navigation,
  • Flow management tools CAM and AMAN, and finally 
  • The current hot topic of Smart Approaches.
Multilateration - In a major construction and engineering feat Airways installed nine air traffic surveillance sites high on the mountain peaks of the southern South Island during the year, adding to the 18 installed in 2009. Enabling our air traffic controllers’ visibility into valleys and behind mountains using a three dimensional picture of air traffic has resulted in:
  • a safe reduction in separation standards between aircraft
  • fuel efficiencies and decreased costs for airlines as aircraft no longer need to hold at lower levels, and
  • fewer disruptions for passengers.
The sensors are deployed with minimal environmental impact, using existing communication sites, or are solar powered.
The installation has taken place in some of the most remote and exposed locations in the South Island.  For example at Wether Range near Omarama, we drove a digger to the peak to dig the foundations, and then used a helicopter to fly in the 13 tonnes of concrete needed for the station foundations.
Rollout of PBN and Jane’s award
The rollout of the southern Performance Based Navigation has been a highly successful project. Using GPS technology to maximise the use of airspace, we have been able to increase the number of hourly arrivals into Queenstown (flights per hour) in poor weather from 4 to 12.  Other key data since the introduction of PBN:
  • reduced minutes of delay by between 19,200 and 28,000,
  • saved more than 500,000kgs of fuel
  • up to 2.25 million kgs of CO2 saved.
It was therefore icing on the cake to receive the prestigious international Jane’s ATC Award in the Operational Efficiency category.  No small feat for a small ANSP who is determined to use the best of technology, innovative thinking and passionate people.
Introduction of CAM and AMAN
In April 2013 Airways turned on the Arrival Management sequencing tool for air traffic bound for Auckland Airport. This milestone was the culmination of an 18 month partnership between Airways and BARCO Orthogon GmbH.  Airways role at our busiest airport has progressed from pure management to true enablement.
 This is a world-first deployment of an integrated flow management and arrival management system, which will save airlines tens of millions of dollars in fuel by significantly reducing airborne delays and optimizing flight profiles. In Auckland, airborne delay has reduced from an average of 3.5 minutes per flight in 2007 before Collaborative Flow Management was introduced, to an average of 23 seconds per flight in 2013 – an 89% reduction. Airlines arriving into Auckland Airport are experiencing an additional 2-4% reduction in delays as a direct result of the AMAN deployment into the CFM system.
SMART approaches
SMART approaches are already common in NZ and around the World.  The purpose of trialling new approaches is to reduce fuel burn, time in the air and CO2 emissions.  In plain terms SMART approaches use satellites to provide precise height, ground path and direction guidance to an aircraft to fly along a curved path using onboard equipment.
A new SMART approach to Auckland Airport is being trialled currently, finishing at the end of this month.  Airways role is as technical advisor to the airlines and Auckland Airport on the SMART approach and use of the airspace. You’ll be aware that there has been some public criticism in Auckland in the last several months over the SMART approach currently being trialled.  While many of the concerns voiced related to overall volumes, especially at night, rather than specific to the 10 flights a day on the new approaches, all views and concerns are being fully factored into our evaluations.
Airways Global Services
While it has been a year of satisfying growth and pleasing operational achievements, there were some areas where we did not achieve our targets.
The income achieved by the new Airways division, Global Services, was lower than forecast as we deliberately pull back from resource hungry consultancy projects in favour of joint ventures and partnerships. These partnerships – like the delivery of an Asia Pacific Aeronautical Information service described by Susan Paterson, are replicable, sustainable and bring stronger strategic value in the medium term.
Earlier this year Global Services launched a cloud-based bureau billing service called Flightyield, partnering with aviation industry software giant SITA and the Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation (CANSO).  This brand endorsement is a first for the industry’s Trade association, CANSO, with the product launched officially in Madrid in February.
 Revenue management is a fundamental for commercial airlines but less well understood in air traffic control.  Airways’ product is a genuine market leader in this area.
Airways Training
The training arm of Airways Global Services continues to provide best-practice air traffic control training courses throughout the world, this year catering for students from China, Hong Kong, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Papua New Guinea and, of course, New Zealand.  During the year, Airways Training also achieved several important milestones.
A new training facility was built adjacent to the Massey University campus in Palmerston North, purpose-built to cater for overseas students such as those from the Gulf States and Asia.  Both of the Airways training centres feature world-leading simulator suites using our Total Control simulators, like the demonstration model here today, providing students with real-world 3D graphics and technology.  This same simulation, using Kiwi technology, is in active service currently across Europe and South Africa.


Member "must knows"
November/December What's on
Protecting and Enhancing your interests
Growth opportunities
Creating Presence, Building brand Aviation
Value ADD for members

Member "must knows"

Regulations Review Committee determines that our complaint on CAA charges should be investigated click here. Our submission remains privileged information – Aviation New Zealand members only.  The Committee has requested we review a wad of documents to determine whether or not we wish to appear.  They say our complaint is similar to that of other parties.  However please keep the data flowing in.  We received some really good stuff this week.
Productivity commission investigation into Regulatory structures and processes click here. This covers some of the grounds of our charging complaint but goes much further into regulatory efficiency and effectiveness.
Submission on draft competitor collaboration guidelines click here Important for the service sector and our aspirations to grow international presence.

Military Service Medals a good true yarn

Business Qualifications Review
Accounting click here
Small Business (Self-employment level 3, small business level 4) click here
Business administration and technology click here
Leadership and Management click here
Maori Business and management click here

Each zip file has a short feedback form for interested people to complete. If you are short on time take a look at the outcomes for each area to ensure that they reflect the needs and demands in your industry.
Please send completed feedback forms to the NZQA via email Email: or fax: 04 463 3114


November/December What's on

28 October Release for consultation of draft Airspace and Air Navigation Plan – detailed workshops 18-25 November all going well with consultation complete by Feb. 2014.
30 October First meeting of Training and Development Division - 10.30, Level One Aviation House click here.   
6 November – whole of Government/Industry meeting - please RSVP as NZFOREX have agreed to sponsor and we need to know numbers for catering purposes click here.  This event is open to all in aviation   
12 November Aviation New Zealand Board meeting
15 November submissions close on Tertiary Education Strategy click here
21 November ASPEQ AGM click here and here

29 November GD on Colour Vision - comments close. We are working on this from the perspective of a number of students whose flying careers have been affected by “policy changes” in 2009.
10 December NZAAA Executive Meeting
11 December Aviation New Zealand Board meeting; Aviation Council meeting and Stakeholders Function – 5.30 Intercontinental Hotel
12 December NZHA Executive meeting 

Protecting and Enhancing Your Interests

CAR 115 operators and trial flights we are hearing some very loud concerns being expressed – there are too many foreign visitors experiencing trial flights.  If this is so, be forewarned that CAA is not happy as potentially you are engaging in commercial adventure aviation and that now requires a 115 certificate. If in doubt, talk to us and we will work with you through the threshold tests.
Medical certification system – word pictures - click here if you can help us please let us know. Commercial aviation’s essentially paying for this system and we’re not certain that the business case is tracking in the right or wrong direction.
 Aerial Warfare – this is the way it came to us click here.  John Sinclair is onto this.


Growth Opportunities

We are following the ADB projects in Kiribati, Tonga and Tuvalu, and the yet to be approved projects for Samoa, The Solomons and Vanuatu. It has been interesting to learn that there are two other projects under way in the Pacific too: Upper Air Space and ETOPs. There seems to be some sense in greater coordination between the projects.

Creating Presence, Building brand Aviation

New generation cluster sowing click here

Airways New Zealand sets up major European Joint Venture click here

AIRCARE™ – it’s about the brand.  We are passionate about protecting our industry and the environment we operate in. It’s about setting a base line and progressively moving to that level.
We recognise that as individual businesses you might in your day to day activities exemplify standards that far exceed those that AIRCARE™ embodies but what’s the strategy if your next door neighbour literally forces you out of businesses through consistently “skud running”.  It’s a real threat – public perception’s a very challenging issue to deal with.
Conversely what if you’re using your high standards to run the other guy out of business?  The question put to us this week: is AIRCARE™ seen as a competitive threat particularly to the industry’s leaders?  Public perception is not going to distinguish you from the guy next door – it’s about what we as an Industry do and how we convey our values.  It’s the strength of the Brand and we know from our focus groups that AIRCARE™ strikes resonate and presence with the public.           
While we had to cancel the proposed aviation event at America’s Cup, aviation material was still available in the Business Programme.  We’ve just received advice from NZTE on the number of times the aviation stories were accessed electronically:
New Zealand Aviation - Group Story 7,896 times
Aviation Innovations - 3,966 times
Aircraft Design and Manufacture - 5,684 times
Aircraft Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul - 899 times
Airport Infrastructure and Systems - 3,485 times
Aviation Training - 1,140 times
Government Systems - 1,094 times
We don’t have further information about those accessing the stories but can assume that they had an interest in aviation and now know much more about our industry.


Value add for members

EECA BUSINESS’S Group-wide Energy Management Programme supports New Zealand industry associations and their members to be more energy efficient.  It provides access to expert advice and funding support for energy efficiency and renewable energy initiatives. We’ve had a preliminary meeting with them.  They say that energy costs NZ businesses $8.5b per year, of which $1.6b is ‘wasted’.  Working with industry associations and members of the plastics, textiles and tourism industries, companies have been able to save between 9% and 17% on their energy bills (electricity, gas and liquids).  Let us know if you’d like to be involved in a project with EECA and us.
AIRCARE™ ACCREDITATION process read here

AIRCARE™ accreditations Click here
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Aviation Safety Supplies Ltd have released a new product, a low cost Iridium Tracking Device
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Travel Careers & Training classrooms available AKL Airport (opposite the IBIS – 10 minute walk to Domestic Terminal). Available on a causal or long-term basis. Also available in AKL CBD. Contact Guy Domett on 07 853-0294. John Sinclair says this is the best deal on offer in Auckland!!!!  
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