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20 September

Graeme Martin, the Chair of the Aviation New Zealand Board, wrote to you last week.  As President, this week it is my turn. Graeme give a great outline of what the role of the Governance Board is, who are the Board and what they plan to do.  It would not be unreasonable to now ask "what is the rest of this organisation, what do they do and how does that benefit me?"  The last part of that question is the key to it.  We are a membership organisation; we exist to further the interests of our members.  We always have and I hope always will.  If we do our job well then all industry members will see the benefits of belonging and will do so.  A strong united industry organisation invariably means a strong united industry.  If Aviation NZ does not perform well, then eventually the industry it represents is also likely to decline.    

Graeme and the Governance Board have the full responsibility and authority to make Aviation NZ all it needs to be.  Their exact mandate is section 17.1 of our constitution; "The Governance Board shall have the entire government and management of the Association and the control of its property and funds, and is empowered on behalf of the Association to do, execute and carry out all matters and things which the Association is authorised to do."  It can't be much clearer; the Board know that and Graeme told you last week how they plan to do it; I know we all wish them well.
As well as our good wishes though they need our support, our advice and occasionally a report card.  How did we get this Board that can and will do all we want?  Simple, that is the prime role of the Aviation Council and the Council is the body that you, the members elect.  It is the President, Vice Presidents, Immediate Past President and the Chairs of the six Divisions plus a major user representative.  The President and VPs are elected directly for two year terms at our AGM, held each year as part of the Conference.  The Division Chairs (and committees) are elected at the Division AGMs by their members.  The Vice Presidents are Ken MacKenzie and Kevin England and the IPP is John Jones.  Alan Beck chairs the AAA Division, Lloyd Matheson NZHA and Peter Turnbull EMS; Errol Burtenshaw is the major user rep.  The other three divisions, Logistics, Operational, plus Training and Development did not have elections at the last conference as they were newly formed at the Aviation NZ AGM.  The election process will occur at various dates next month, until then the past chairs are continuing to act.
So the Aviation Council that you elect appoints the Governance Board.  The Council meets quarterly and as its members are all directly in touch with those actually practising aviation rather than talking about it, it also provides advice to the Board.  The advice the Council gave to the Board when they first met on the 7th August emphasised the requirement to provide membership value; we told them we wanted them:  

 1. To continue to grow the membership of Aviation NZ largely through the perception that there is value in membership.  Membership must be seen as not just a good but essential investment. We have failed if it is simply another cost. The industry growth agenda, $16B by end of 2016 is clearly part of that; a larger cake benefits all but there are other issues members want addressed as well under the heading of value.

  2. To raise the profile and general perception of the industry and the organisation that represents it. To include in that profile and perception the belief that it is a safe, efficient, competent and united industry.  If asked most Kiwis could answer the question, who are farmers represented by, who are builders, but could they answer, who represents the aviation industry?  From my conversations few can; you will be at least partly successful if you correct that.  The second part of the growth agenda; grow the image and reputation. 

  3. Improve communication and networking channels with our key stakeholders.  That certainly includes but is not restricted to government and the departments that have such a large   influence over the regulatory framework in which this industry operates.  The quality of communication with a number of agencies has improved markedly over the last year or two. That must continue and the number of agencies to whom that statement applies must also grow;    the third part of the growth agenda.

  4.The financial position of the organisation must improve. Many in the Council agree with the view that we must re-orientate the whole attitude to finance.  Rather than asking what is the financial resource available and then delivering the service that allows, it should be the other way round. What is it that this organisation should be doing, what will that cost, and then how do we generate the funds required? As well as the first three items we must grow the resources, human   and otherwise, available to industry members and participants. 
 These four points make a neat circle as the last one co-ordinates nicely with the first, to ensure membership provides value.   
In summary. the Board is an appointed team of experts who are tasked with running your organisation and to be our voice to government, its agencies and the wider community.  They also need to do all the other things that are required to make your subscription a valuable investment.  They have made a great start on that.
The Council are your elected representatives; it appoints and advises the Board as well as encouraging and co-ordinating the six divisions of our organisation.  The divisions address the issues specific to the different parts of aviation. This division is necessary as it is a pretty broad industry.
To conclude; as Graeme said last week, I am personally happy to discuss any aspect of the structure, direction and strategy of our organisation.  The organisation that represents aviation, One Industry, Our Industry.
Best regards,
 Dale Webb
Dale Webb
President – Aviation New Zealand


Looking forwards emerging critical issues
Creating presence and building brand Aviation
Growth opportunities
Breaking down barriers
Value ADD for members

Looking forward, emerging critical issues

Post yesterday’s Regulations Review Committee hearing and after having the benefit of reading the Officials’ response to the four complaints filed, we have further reflected on whether the AIA should add its weight to the chorus of complaints which have thus far largely been about the medical fee.  These complainants have done a good job but we think we need to add the weight of the commercial sector, and ensure our own concerns about the inefficiency tax component of the $313 medical fee charge are before the committee.
With your assistance we also think a complaint about the hourly rate charges applying from 1 July 2013 of $244, rising to $284 from 1 July 2014 is possible. After all, it is the hourly rate that is at the core of many of the license and other charges. To present a credible case we need to have evidence of the impacts of both these charges.  We've certainly heard from some of you about the impacts on your businesses but we now need real hard facts i.e. what it cost you before the increased charges, what its doing now, whether its impacting on safety, does it impact on business survival, and what impacts does it have on businesses competitiveness.
We have until 3rd of October to file our comments in support of those who have already complained, and we think now is the right time to put the hourly rate issue before the committee.  Your urgent feedback is sought.

AIA considering filing complaint to Regulations Review Committee - re CAA charges

AIA requests TAIC to consider "accredited representative" status on accident investigations in New Zealand click here
Civil Aviation Act Review - while we have considerable expertise in this area we need help from you as to what you see as areas for change. Without being too critical, we just make the observation that on the CAA charges, we wrote to you every week for a year requesting feedback - very little was forthcoming but the chorus of derision after the event has been interesting!!!!! As an industry, don't let us go there again.  We are only as good as the information you feed us.
Pilot survey - this has been seriously derailed by the time spent chasing debtors but we envisage ramping it up again next week. We've got some good stuff and thanks to all the companies that have contributed so far.

Risk - Alan Beck
We are all familiar with risk and we all have different strategies in place to manage the various risks of our business. You know safety, reputation, finance, operations, compliance etc. There’s quite a few. But have you ever considered the risks of a whole industry sector? read more

Creating presence and building brand Aviation

Tell us your stories - please put us on your PR and media release lists. We want to get ‘out there’ and tell those at home and overseas about your successes.   It is worth noting that CTC hosted almost 200 at an Open Day earlier this month, Pacific Aerospace gained Russian type acceptance for the P-750 XSTOL in September and ACMA Industries PU seating foam product has passed intensive fire tests in the United States and is now approved for aviation use.
Opportunity to promote - top end wealth in ‘World Investor New Zealand’. In the context of our new brand we want to get like minded groups to tell their story about their business, their products and services. We've put this opportunity to two groups thus far - high value aviation tourism businesses and fixed and helicopter training. The idea is to leverage the price of promotion against the presence of aviation in the magazine as a regular interest feature.  Normally this would cost you around $3k for two pages but we'd be looking at a 7 page spread for around 40% of the normal cost. If interested send an email to us.
Opportunity to promote – the South Pacific.  Islands Business, the premier business publication in the South Pacific, is putting together a Tourism and Aviation supplement to be published when the Association of South Pacific Airlines meets in Samoa in December.  We put together a supplement for them a couple of years ago.  As with World Investor New Zealand, we’re looking at a deal involving editorial and advertising space.  Again, email us if you’re interested.

Growth opportunities

Remotely Piloted Vehicles Group.  We’ve now got some draft terms of reference together for this group which we are looking to get under way soon.  We already know from talking to CAA that this group needs to adopt a united approach when talking about airspace policy development and Rule development.  It’s fascinating to see the innovation occurring in this industry in New Zealand, and to understand its relevance to global developments.
Whole of Government Aviation Group going to Auckland on Wednesday 6 November.  This is made up of Foreign Affairs and Trade, NZ Trade and Enterprise, MoT, CAA and Callaghan Innovation.  They’ll have a programme during the day but we’re looking to get Auckland aviation companies together around 4.00 that day to meet the group, share some info on what is happening in the industry and network.  More info to follow.
Changes coming with Government Electronic Tender Service (GETS).  If you use this service to monitor tenders in New Zealand, and sometimes the South Pacific, be aware that major changes will be introduced in April 2014.  A more precise product and service code, the ability to submit tenders electronically and being able to view open, closed and awarded tenders, are just some of the changes to be introduced.  GETS reference 40170 for further info.
Training and Research Group first meeting.  The first meeting for this expanded group, resulting form the Pilot Training Division and the Research and development Division will be held on 30 October in Wellington.

Breaking down barriers

This week we feature medical issues extensively
1 Return of ME 1 to Gisborne - Dr David Powell now provides ME services in the Gisborne region. Dave's another flying doctor so if you want to contact him let us know and we will facilitate. Also if you know other regions/areas of country under supplied by ME's let us know and we will see if we can fix the problem.
2 What’s causing the CAA's medical unit concern - drugs and alcohol and fatigue management. Remember HIMS offers a good programme for aviators with addition problems. Interestingly we came across an interesting CAA letter on the HIMS home page click here. The message is very clear and we have a responsibility to all.   Fatigue while not a new issue has gone off the Dr's radars so to speak but they’re aware of the issues and will be shifting up. Again there's some really good stuff around done by Massey University, all within the aviation context.
3 Automation of Medical Certification - update. We've had a full brief on the project which is about making the system more efficient with the objective of ultimately being able to reduce the cost of certification.  CAA are being cautious as there are some major privacy issues around automation as we see from ACC and EQC, and the resulting business case will tell us whether costs can be reduced as a consequence of efficiency gains.
4 Medical Liaison Group - have your say about focus and issues - the first exchange with the CAA's certification unit and part of the philosophy of more open and regular engagement. We took up the problem of no ME in Gisborne and had a very rapid solution. So if there are other issues, let us know and well take then forward. One thing we'd like to see more of is dialogue with CAA prior to attending overseas ICAO meetings.
Well be taking that issue up again with CAA as the previous Director has given us an undertaking that we'd be able to engage and be consulted on issues prior to NZL formulating its views.  

HIMS NZ programme click here

Value add for members

If you have not been advised there is a updated operating system for the phones 1OS7.0
Settings/Software Update/ Download and upgrade
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AIRCARE™ ACCREDITATION process read here

AIRCARE™ accreditations Click here


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