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Letter from Chairman of the board

  As Chair of the Board of the AIA I want to personally update you on behalf of the Board with some significant changes that will benefit you as members.
As a Board we are unified and determined and, together with all members, we will succeed through the strength of our collective efforts. We don’t pretend to have all the answers but we will diligently work to build the brand and the presence of aviation in New Zealandaiming to create wealth for you, your businesses and employees, and we will do this in a way that enhances our reputation as a safe, professional, respected and accountable aviation industry.
This week the AIA Governance Board invited the Aviation Council Chairs to a meeting to look at how we can advance the industry in terms of ensuring delivery of the goals and purpose of the AIA.To facilitate the discussion I posed a few questions to the meeting seeking feedback on how we can deliver what is expected by members of the aviation industry. Those questions were:
  1. What does success look like?
  2. What structure and resources do we need to deliver success?
  3. What can we do regarding membership tiers to make a more appropriate contribution back to Aviation NZ (AIA) in respect to services provided?
  4. What are the key issues facing the membership that Aviation NZ should be focused on to support membership eg.regulations, advocacy, legislation etc?
Points agreed upon were driven by not looking backwards and focussing instead on the future.  I put to the group - “Doing the same old same old is not going to get us to our “big hairy audacious goal” of creating $16Bn revenue contribution to the New Zealand economy by the end of 2016 – so you’re really going have to do things differently.”
Your Board of Graeme Martin – Chair, John Jones, Tom Williams and Bruce Heesterman representing the Aviation Council; AMV Peter Stockwell representing the RNZAF; David Morgan representing Air New Zealand, and Teresa Ciprian and David O’Reilly as Independents will deliver on the agreed pledge.
So here’s the Board’s five point pledge to you.  We will:
  1. Change the brand to Aviation New Zealand – to promote and profile aviation at home and overseas, speaking with one voice to increase presence and pull so that the whole is bigger than the parts.
  1. Accelerate the strategy – look for the quick big wins such as:
  • Identifying new ways of doing business with our key government stakeholders;
  • Working to improve rules where needed to promote growth;
  • Removing inefficiencies;
  • Unleashing a more competitive industry by removing some of the shackles; BUT
  • Ensuring we do this in a way that protects and enhances our great international reputation as a safe and secure aviation industry.
  1. Build a new management structure to support the strategy – it’s a work in progress but member-centric and customer-focused.  It’s about searching out opportunities, networking you in, providing solutions, removing frustrations, and thereby becoming a strong and trusted advocate for excellence in every aspect of aviation practice.
  1. Work with the new organisationalstructure to maximise value delivered to members by building connectedness within regions; between groups; and developing new likeminded groups to access global opportunities.
  1. Celebrate our successes by being passionate and relentless, determined and committed to ensuring all our members benefit from an invigorated, refreshed and focused organisation.
In essence we arelooking for a step change in the effectiveness of Aviation NZ’s performance. To achieve this, the key points are really about developing an agreed plan, communicating effectively, and gettingpositive engagement from all members.  This will involve:
  • Branding of the organisation so it is better aligned with the future direction – how it will  better benefit all members;
  • Aggressively stepping into a new era;
  • Focussing on delivering improved value to members;
  • Being a united Board that has a positive and effective relationship with the Council and Divisions; and
  • Growing the value of the aviation sector for New Zealand.
As a Board we welcome any communication and I personally am happy to discuss our direction and strategy.
Best regards
Graeme Martin
Chair – Aviation NZ Board
Phone: +64 4 472 2707
Hours: 0830 -1700
Monday to Friday
Level 5 ,
5 Willeston Street,
Wellington 6011,
New Zealand