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29 August

CEO Update



Dear Colleagues
Air NZ’s impressive financial result and comments on regional airfares dominated the headlines this week.  Successful aviation companies are worthy of celebration – heaven knows there are few enough of them – and particularly when they are your national carrier and a strong supporter and promoter of NZ Inc.
We don’t think that more regulation, nor expecting industry to subsidise the costs of a regional service is the answer here link . We certainly support the growth of regional aviation services and are looking forward to having a conversation with the new Government about how we can work together to support this growth.
Engagement sessions on the CAA Act Review start next week – we’ll see you there! link
Until next week


Internal News

Aviation NZ office - Available for Sublease New

Domestic News

CAA Funding Review New
Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems and Rule Development

MOT review of Civil Aviation Act 1990 & Airport Authorities Act 1966
NZ Defence and NZ Industry
Other CAA News
Extension for Submission on Impaired colour vision
Cricket World Cup 

International News

Indonesian Elections New
India Workshop in Christchurch
  World Bank projects in the South Pacific
RAAA Conference 8-10 October 2014 Updated

Internal News


Aviation NZ Office – Available for Sublease New

We are moving and are looking for a tenant to sublease our central CBD Office space.  Interested? link

Council and Divisional Meetings

Mon 8 Sep    Av NZ Council meeting starting approx. 10.30am.  Late afternoon, RNZAF site visits (along with any Divisional attendees who wish to attend):
Tue 9 Sep  Divisions meet 0830 – 1630 (HA will be meeting 20 August in Wellington instead).
Wed 10 Sep  Conclusion of divisional meetings.

Domestic News

CAA logo

CAA Funding Review

Our final submission is here link.  Many thanks to all of you who provided input.  We’ll keep you updated on developments.

RPAS and Rule Development

On 7 Jul 2014, Cabinet agreed to the CAA undertaking rule development for RPAS (previously called drones, UAVs or UASs), in line with the policy proposals. At a high level, the proposed new rules will:
  • update the definitions of RPAS
  • amend the model aircraft operating rules (Part 101) to account for the introduction of new proposed rules
  • establish a new Part 102 for RPAS
  • review other rule parts to ensure consistency.
We are taking a close interest in this area.  More info from CAA is available:

An information hub for commercial and recreational UAV operators is now live. This hub contributes to airspace safety through education about Civil Aviation Rules, FAQs and easy to understand information. Airshare is a collaboration between Airways, the CAA, Callaghan Innovation and UAVNZ, on which Aviation NZ is represented. Airshare also creates a community for UAV operators with photos, videos, and news items.
CAA logo

Other things at CAA

CAA is currently considering whether there are any issues with Part 66 Aircraft Maintenance Personnel Licensing and has issued a consultation document with responses due on Friday 26 September  A notification has also been added to the website in the medical area on Otorhinolaryngology : Medical Manual - Part 3 Clinical Aviation Medicine Draft Part 3.12 - Otorhinolaryngology – with comments due by 15 November.

MOT Review of CAA Act 1990 and Airport Authorities Act1966

The Ministry of Transport has begun public consultation on a review of the Civil Aviation Act 1990 and the Airport Authorities Act 1966. The Civil Aviation Act 1990 governs the civil aviation system in New Zealand. The Airport Authorities Act 1966 confers on airports a range of functions and powers. Public consultation will run from 1 August – 31 October 2014.
Nick Brown, Ministry of Transport General Manager Aviation and Maritime, says the reviews provide an opportunity to improve the usability of the legislation, and ensure it supports effective and efficient regulatory decision-making.
To view the consultation document, and find out how to make a submission or attend an engagement session view
Given the breadth of issues covered by the review, there may be issues of interest to you that are not covered in the consultation document, or addressed in as much detail as you would like. Please contact the review team directly at to seek clarification or discuss any issues in more detail.
You can provide feedback or raise any questions directly with the Act review project team at one of the Ministry’s upcoming regional engagement sessions. Further information about these sessions will be posted on the Ministry of Transport website shortly.  We will also be back in touch with you with the session dates, times and venues once they are finalised.
For further information about these sessions, please contact Bronwyn Lauten on ph (04) 439 9343 or
CAA logo

Extension for Submission on Impaired Colour Vision

The Civil Aviation Authority have extended the deadline for submissions on the General Direction, Impaired Colour Vision (GD/VIS/01/2013.1)  for a further 3 months and 3 week period. The new deadline for submissions is now 5pm on Monday 1st December 2014.

You are invited to make your submissions on this proposal - please use the form on the web site, and when completed, email it to   You do
not have to re submit if you have already made a submission.

New Zealand Defence and NZ Industry

Some of you will have replied to a questionnaire from the Department of Defence a few months ago as to what could be done to improve the prospects of New Zealand companies securing more work from Defence contracts.  A draft report ‘Optimising New Zealand Industry Involvement in the NZ Defence Sector’ has been prepared and we’ve had a chance to comment on it.  The final report goes to the Minister of Defence today or early next week.  Decisions will then be made as to how it becomes public.  The Defence Industry Association’s Annual Forum in Wellington on 21 and 22 October will see a significant chunk of time spent discussing the report and its recommendations.  We’ll bring you more info as soon as the report becomes public.
Therese Walsh Trophy

Cricket World Cup

In recent newsletters, we’ve brought you info on the ICC Cricket World Cup which opens in Christchurch on 14 February next year, with some possible thoughts on how we in aviation could benefit.  Basically 14 teams will be playing 49 matches over 44 days in 14 host cities across two countries. There are seven NZ host cities: Auckland, Hamilton, Napier, Wellington, Nelson, Christchurch and Dunedin.  There will be thousands of fans travelling across the country to support their team – but also keen to have a New Zealand experience.  Are you thinking about what kind of charter packages you could offer to these high net worth and other visitors?  There’s a great business opportunity here. Over 1 million expected attendees and 1 billion TV viewers.  This is the biggest event in NZ since the Rugby World Cup in 2011 – let’s make the most of it.  To see where people will be and when
The FIFA Under 20 World Cup will be held in New Zealand from 30 May to 20 June next year.   This is not expected to attract the same number of international visitors as the Cricket World Cup, but it is a MAJOR World event, there will still be good numbers of well heeled visitors.  More info:
Both events create opportunities for NZ aviation to promote its products and services. We are working with CWC NZ and a NZ Inc government group to develop business opportunities for the aviation sector.  More info on this soon.

                                    International News


Indonesian Elections New

Those of you either doing or looking to do business in Indonesia may know that Joko Widodo (popularly known as Jokowi), incumbent Governor of Jakarta and the clear market favourite due to his reform-mindedness, will become the seventh president of Indonesia in October 2014.  The appeal by the unsuccessful candidate, Prabowo Subianto, was dismissed last week.  Jokowi is expected to be good for business as the business environment is reformed and good for education as he seeks to encourage the establishment of a new generation of productive and innovative entrepreneurs who give Indonesia the ability to compete with foreigners.

India Workshop in Christchurch

The India New Zealand Business Council (we are members) is holding a seminar and networking event in Christchurch at 5pm on 4 September.  This follows two earlier workshops in Auckland and Wellington.  Called ‘Innovation, Education and Sport’, the seminar will include speakers from Education NZ, New Zealand Cricket World Cup and ANZ Bank.  More info:

Australian International Airshow and Aerospace and Defence Exposition 2015

Generally known as ‘Avalon’, and scheduled for 24 February to 1 March next year, this is the largest aviation event in Australia.  We’ve already been talking to the organisers about an ‘ANZAC’ theme for 2015, especially given the centenary since the Gallipoli landings.  We’re also talking to the Defence Industry Association about sharing a stand.  As a result, we’re pretty confident of getting a  good deal for companies that would like space on a New Zealand stand.  Let us know if this will be of interest to you.

World Bank Projects in the South Pacific

A few weeks ago we mentioned that we were starting to monitor the World Bank funded Pacific Aviation Infrastructure Programme in the South Pacific – Kiribati, Samoa, Tonga and Tuvalu approved with more countries to be added.  The World Bank has approved US$160m so far on this project.  Procurement is being packaged so that common systems, processes and products are used across the region.  This means that a scale of contract not previously seen in the region is being achieved.  At today, 24 contracts worth NZ$33.1m have been awarded to NZ companies covering advisory services; project supervision; systems design and technical support; database development and implementation; and runway resurfacing.  Some significant tenders with strong New Zealand interest have recently closed.  We’ll bring you info soon about the likely forward procurement schedule.

RAAA Conference, 8 - 10 October 2014 Updated

The 2014 Regional Aviation Association of Australia (RAAA) National Convention is to be held at the Crowne Plaza Hunter Valley, New South Wales, from Wednesday 8 October to Friday 10 October 2014.
The RAAA is the only organisation representing all sectors associated with regional aviation across Australia and therefore, plays a significant role in the aviation industry. The event is expected to attract over 350 participants from across Australia, with international guests from Brazil, The United States, The United Kingdom, Asia, Europe, Canada and New Zealand.  More info here
P3 Orion2

P3 Orion International Operators Support Conference (P3 IOSC) Atlanta, Georgia, 27-30 October

New Zealand companies can attend and showcase their technologies or services at the next P3 IOSC in Atlanta, Georgia.  This conference is co-hosted annually by Lockheed Martin and an international operator country. This year it is New Zealand and the NZ Defence Force’s turn. There is an industry expo throughout, a number of networking opportunities and New Zealand will host a function to showcase our technology, culture and cuisine.  NZTE is supporting the NZ presence.  For more info, contact: .
Phone: +64 4 472 2707
Hours: 0830 -1700
Monday to Friday
Level 5 ,
5 Willeston Street,
Wellington 6011,
New Zealand