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8 August


CEO Update



Dear Colleagues
We are in the midst of finalising our submission on the CAA Funding Review for the next triennium.  With another fatal accident this week, it is important to remember that the fundamental role of our regulator is to improve aviation safety – we need to ensure that all of the CAA activities are in pursuit of this goal and that its funding model reflects this and puts the right incentives in place.  AOPA is suggesting a fuel levy – we don’t support this for a whole bunch of good reasons here.  Next we will be turning our attention to the CAA Act and Airport Authorities Act Review.
With our Summit, conferences and AGM successfully behind us….what are we going to do next?’s a great question – and one that needs a clear answer.  I have always been clear that we need focus – there is a whole shopping list of things we could potentially do – but we need to identify what will make the biggest difference?  We are going to be answering exactly this question at our Board/Council Strategic Planning Day later this month.  We are inviting your views on this via the Chair of each Division, but feel free to drop me a line as well.
I have the dreaded winter lurgy and am feeling decidedly below par.  I hope you all stay healthy and well through this current cold snap.  Remember to take time to rest.


Internal News

Welcome from Don McCracken, President Aviation NZ New
Welcome from Maurice Gordon, Chairman, Logistics Division New

Domestic News

CAA Funding Review Updated
Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems and Rule Development Updated
Lib4 Update New
MOT review of Civil Aviation Act 1990 & Airport Authorities Act 1966 Updated
Save money and reduce foreign exchange risk Updated
Parachute rated pilot and aircraft New
Cricket World Cup 

International News

RAAA Conference 8-10 October 2014

Internal News


Welcome from Don McCracken, President Aviation NZ

I have been a strong supporter of Aviation NZ throughout my career in the industry, so I am very proud to be your President for the coming year. As an organisation and as an industry, there are multiple and increasing demands on our time and resources, so it is vital we show strong leadership and focus on the things that really matter.  This month the Board and Council will develop our Strategic Plan for Aviation NZ – what are our goals for the next 3-5 years?  I think this is a necessary and positive development and look forward to sharing the results of this work with you soon.
As your President, I am always available to you, our members.  You can reach me at or phone 021772958.  My door is always open. I will also be aiming to visit with as many of you as possible around the country over the next few months. I will see many of you at the Council and Divisional meetings in Ohakea 8-10 September, look forward to it.

Welcome from Maurice Gordon, Chairman Logistics Division

As the GM of Hawker Pacific NZ, I am delighted to be the new Chairman of the Logistics Division and look forward to taking the Division forward with renewed energy and momentum, with a clear focus on the key issues for supply and services companies which will make the biggest difference to our members.  Our next meeting on 9 September in Ohakea will be your opportunity to decide our key strategic issues as logistics companies and we will focus our resources on resolving these.  I look forward to seeing you there.

Council and Divisional Meetings Updated

Mon 8 Sep    Av NZ Council meeting starting approx. 10.30am.  Late afternoon, RNZAF site visits (along with any Divisional attendees who wish to attend):
Tue 9 Sep  Divisions meet 0830 – 1630 (HA will be meeting 20 August in Wellington instead).
Wed 10 Sep  Conclusion of divisional meetings.

Domestic News

CAA logo

CAA Funding Review Updated

As directed by Cabinet in August 2012, the Authority is expected to provide advice on any recommended changes to existing fees, charges, and levies to the Minister of Transport by 1 July 2015.  The review is to focus more on re-balancing the CAA's revenues than on increasing revenue. To enable that, the current funding review project is divided into two stages.  The first stage is focused on the underlying principles of the Authority’s funding framework, and addresses the question, “Who Should Pay?”, and “How should they pay”, for the Authority’s services. The CAA is about to start discussion with the aviation community on Stage One of the review and will hold seminars between 6 and 15 August in six locations around the country.  Submissions on the review close at 5pm on 25 August.  Questions and answers to matters raised so far are now on the website.  More info:

As part of our ethos of One Industry and collaborative leadership, we are working across industry for a shared position on CAA Funding Principles.  This will be much more effective than a fragmented view, where everyone expects someone else to pay. The first draft of our Aviation NZ submission is here – it’s an easy read and follows the beneficiary pays philosophy.   

Last week we have had a very productive meeting with the Aviation Federation and will be liaising with the Airports Association, BARNZ and other groups next week.  A key suggestion from the Aviation Federation is a fuel levy – to replace ALL routine CAA fees, levies and charges, what do you think of this idea?  Please let us have your comments on our draft submission email by 15 August. We will be using this draft as our initial feedback to the CAA during the Seminar roadshow (we don’t want to just be passive in that exercise), feel free to do the same.

Roadshow seminar dates for next week are:
Auckland 12 Aug 6:30 – 9:30 pm
13 Aug 9:30 – 12:30 pm
Palmerston North 13 Aug 6:00 – 9:00 pm
14 Aug 9:30 – 12:30 pm
Wellington 15 Aug 9:30 – 12:30 pm
15 Aug 6:00 – 9:00 pm

RPAS and Rule Development Updated

On 7 Jul 2014, Cabinet agreed to the CAA undertaking rule development for RPAS (previously called drones, UAVs or UASs), in line with the policy proposals. At a high level, the proposed new rules will:
  • update the definitions of RPAS
  • amend the model aircraft operating rules (Part 101) to account for the introduction of new proposed rules
  • establish a new Part 102 for RPAS
  • review other rule parts to ensure consistency.
We are taking a close interest in this area.  More info from CAA is available:

An information hub for commercial and recreational UAV operators is now live. This hub contributes to airspace safety through education about Civil Aviation Rules, FAQs and easy to understand information. Airshare is a collaboration between Airways, the CAA, Callaghan Innovation and UAVNZ, on which Aviation NZ is represented. Airshare also creates a community for UAV operators with photos, videos, and news items.
CAA logo

LIB4 update New

We had an informal meeting with CAA this week.  The policy work for a Rule change is well advanced but this will still take up to 18 months before it is implemented.  In the interim, issues continue, especially around tenders being issued by other government agencies and the language in the report on the R44 Western Pacific accident in 2011.  Possible remedies: we talked about the possibility of Director’s exemptions, about AIRCARE™ and a different marketing approach around business continuity as being alternative ways of meeting requirements set out in tender documents released by other government agencies.  A Director’s exemption would have wider applicability.  A more detailed report has been sent to the LIB4 group.

MOT Review of CAA Act 1990 and Airport Authorities Act1966 Updated

The Ministry of Transport has begun public consultation on a review of the Civil Aviation Act 1990 and the Airport Authorities Act 1966. The Civil Aviation Act 1990 governs the civil aviation system in New Zealand. The Airport Authorities Act 1966 confers on airports a range of functions and powers. Public consultation will run from 1 August – 31 October 2014.
Nick Brown, Ministry of Transport General Manager Aviation and Maritime, says the reviews provide an opportunity to improve the usability of the legislation, and ensure it supports effective and efficient regulatory decision-making.
To view the consultation document, and find out how to make a submission or attend an engagement session view
Given the breadth of issues covered by the review, there may be issues of interest to you that are not covered in the consultation document, or addressed in as much detail as you would like. Please contact the review team directly at to seek clarification or discuss any issues in more detail.
You can provide feedback or raise any questions directly with the Act review project team at one of the Ministry’s upcoming regional engagement sessions. Further information about these sessions will be posted on the Ministry of Transport website shortly.  We will also be back in touch with you with the session dates, times and venues once they are finalised.
For further information about these sessions, please contact Bronwyn Lauten on ph (04) 439 9343 or
NZForex-demo 480x270

Save money and reduce foreign exchange risk Updated

NZForex presented at the Summit and have now prepared a 7 point check list (on one page) with suggestions on how those doing business internationally (buying and selling) can save money here Mobile Tools (download free here)

Parachute rated pilot and aircraft New

The New Zealand Defence Force is to engage an accredited supplier to provide a piloted civil aircraft capable of supporting military parachuting activities, predominantly in Auckland but sometimes in other locations.  The aircraft will be required to carry a minimum of six military parachutists wearing military operational parachutes with parachute drop bags plus two NZDF dispatchers up to an altitude of 13,000 feet above mean sea level.  The aircraft and pilot will be required to support military static line and freefall parachuting activities.  RFT closes 5 September, GETS: RFZ ID 2827574.  The tender is available on NZDF’s SmartProcure website
Therese Walsh Trophy

Cricket World Cup

The ICC Cricket World Cup opens in Christchurch on February 14 next year.  Great news for cricket fans – but great news for aviation too.  This is the biggest event in NZ since the Rugby World Cup in 2011 – let’s make the most of it.
There will be thousands of fans travelling across the country to support their team – but also keen to have a New Zealand experience.  Are you thinking about what kind of charter packages you could offer to these high net worth and other visitors?  There’s a great business opportunity here. Over 1 million expected attendees and 1 billion TV viewers.
14 teams will be playing 49 matches over 44 days in 14 host cities across two countries. There are seven NZ host cities: Auckland, Hamilton, Napier, Wellington, Nelson, Christchurch and Dunedin.
The opening game is in Christchurch, as well as a quarter and semi-final and the showcase NZ - Australia match in Auckland.
Have a look at the match schedules so you can see where people will be and when .  We are working with CWC NZ to create opportunities for NZ aviation to promote its products and services.  More on this soon.

                                    International News


RAAA Conference, 8 - 10 October 2014

The Regional Aviation Association of Australia is holding its national convention ‘A New Horizon’ in the Hunter Valley.  The RAAA is the only organisation representing all sectors associated with Regional Aviation across Australia and therefore, plays a significant role in the aviation industry. The National Convention is highly regarded as a premier annual aviation event.  Av NZ CEO will be speaking at this event.  We also expect good representation from the RAAA executive at our Leadership Summit in July.  More info on the RAAA event is here
P3 Orion2

P3 Orion International Operators Support Conference (P3 IOSC) Atlanta, Georgia, 27-30 October

New Zealand companies can attend and showcase their technologies or services at the next P3 IOSC in Atlanta, Georgia.  This conference is co-hosted annually by Lockheed Martin and an international operator country. This year it is New Zealand and the NZ Defence Force’s turn. There is an industry expo throughout, a number of networking opportunities and New Zealand will host a function to showcase our technology, culture and cuisine.  NZTE is supporting the NZ presence.  For more info, contact: .
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