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9 May

CEO Update


Dear Colleagues,
Many meetings this week, but all of them focussed and worthwhile, so that’s a good thing.

We are progressing the development of an industry UAV (RPAS) Group to lead policy development and other issues in this increasingly important area of activity. I also had the opportunity to participate in the Aviation Federation Council meeting, a great opportunity to build stronger collaboration with the Federation, whose diverse members cover activities from parachuting to gliding and everything in-between. This sector represents over 20 million dollars worth of activity to the economy. 

A reminder that earlybird discounts for the Aviation Leadership Summit expire next week – so don’t miss out.  We have finalised the programme and it is looking pretty awesome see below.

We have the initial results from our member survey which we comment on below
Next week the inquest into the Carterton balloon tragedy begins here in Wellington.  We can anticipate increased media and public interest in the safety of our adventure aviation sector and beyond.  Let’s ensure we are up to this scrutiny.



Aviation Leadership Summit 2014 Updated
Leadership Summit App
Aviation New Zealand Survey – high level feedback New
AHIA Conference 24-25 May 2014 New
Fatigue Management courses to be run in Wellington
Pratt & Whitney Canada - PT6 Customer day
Council and Divisional Meetings Updated
RAAA Conference 8-10 October 2014
Impaired Colour Vision general direction
Parts 61 and 141 New
Part 125 Amendments Proposed


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Aviation Leadership Summit 2014 Updated

Aviation Leadership Summit 2014

We are delighted to release the Programme for the Summit here. This annual event is hosted by Aviation NZ as part of our mission to lead, inspire, and grow the New Zealand aviation industry, both domestically and offshore.
The Summit is a by industry and for industry event. We aim to bring you a programme that is insightful, relevant, and engaging. At the same time our aim is to manage costs and overall resource requirements, so that we can offer industry a truly inspiring and cost-effective flagship industry event.

Our first Aviation Leadership Summit will be held at Westpac Stadium in Wellington 20-22 July 2014.  We will have EXCLUSIVE use of the Westpac Function Centre and we have a BRAND NEW venue for our Welcome Reception, opened by the Prime Minister recently.  Westpac Stadium is New Zealand’s premier multipurpose stadium and has hosted many world sporting and entertainment events.
The Summit replaces Napier Conference Week.
Celebrating 100 years of aviation – The Future.  This is the theme of our Summit.  We will celebrate what aviation has achieved over the last 100 years and look forward to what the next century will bring, operationally, technologically, economically and politically. 
Registration is NOW OPEN for exhibitors and delegates.  Exhibition stands are selling quickly.  We expect up to 300 people expected to attend the trade show each day and we will be ensuring active engagement between delegates and trade exhibitors.  More about this soon! 

Early bird pricing has been extended to 16 May, so be in quick. Updated
Sponsors: Our new sponsorship packages are available here.  A number of sponsors have already reserved packages, so contact us soon regarding remaining opportunities.   
Accommodation:  Our preferred hotels are Rydges Wellington and the IBIS Hotel Wellington.  We have negotiated excellent discounts on rooms and breakfast for Summit attendees. Special rates apply for 20-23 July and rooms are limited, so please book as soon as possible.
Rydges:Room only $175 + breakfast $23 (includes GST).   FREE Wifi.  Reserve your room here:
IBIS Hotel:  Room only $139 + breakfast $18 (includes GST).  Please book directly with the hotel using the booking code AVIATION200717  to email or call the hotel 04 496 1880
Both hotels are located in central Wellington on Featherston St, close to the Westpac Stadium and close to each other.  We will also be arranging transport to Westpac Stadium for each day of the Summit and related events.

Leadership Summit App

For this year’s Summit, and recognising the number of smartphone users who will be there, the  programme, details of exhibitors and the very important sponsors will be on an app which you can all download.  

You’ll be able to keep up to date with happenings at the Summit, and see where you are supposed to be at any point in time (during work hours that is!). 
Advert Media is putting this app together.  Details of what is available and how to be included in the app are here.

Aviation New Zealand Survey – high level feedback New

Many thanks to the 148 who replied to the survey (24% response rate).  Most respondents were members but we also got good returns from non-members and stakeholders.  You marked us highest for the networking and collaboration opportunities we are providing and the work we are doing to build the reputation of the NZ aviation brand and suggested we should be doing much more in demonstrating value to members as well as addressing issues that affect the growth of the industry.  

Some valuable advice for us here.  There was some pretty strong direction too in the one thing that could be done to help industry grow – Regulatory changes (and in order: reducing compliance costs, harmonising requirements across Government agencies, being practical/relevant/current, and with transparent/consistent decision making.  

There were several suggestions for Government action (more support for industry initiatives, paying for ‘public good’, longer term and more predictable support for growing companies), a good range of suggestions on building collaborative practices and some good advice on the importance of aligning industry and government understandings and expectations in the training area.  

In terms of suggestions as to what would help ‘your’ business grow, most comments again fitted into the Regulation, Government, Networking and Education areas with the need to reduce costs coming through strongly.  So, what does this mean for us?  More - listening, networking, and engagement with grass roots; expanding our communications with you; developing better understanding of what really matters to you, representing your interests more effectively and telling you more about the successes we have. 

We’ll be talking about this survey at divisional level and Council level – the Board had a first look at the information at its last meeting.  We’ll also provide more info in a future newsletter.

AHIA Conference, 24-25 May 2014 New

The Australian Helicopter Association is holding its national convention, Rotortech 2014 later this month.  The AHIA was formed in 2012 and represents the Australian helicopter industry. Av NZ CEO will be speaking at this event.  The Aus HIA is keen to hear about our history, function, achievements and major issues with regard to helicopter operations, and in particular, our successes in working collaboratively with CAA.  The HIA President has attended our NZ Annual Conference for the last 20 years and will also be coming to the Aviation Leadership Summit in July.  More info on the HIA event is here
fatigue concepts logo

Fatigue Management Courses to be run in Wellington in July alongside the Leadership Summit

Sam Kantimathi from Fatigue Concepts in the United States, will be in New Zealand again in July to deliver two courses.  Both will be delivered at Westpac Stadium, the venue for the Leadership Summit.  The courses are:
  • Composite Aircraft Structures, 21 and 22 July
  • Aging Aircraft, 23 and 24 July
More detail is attached.  Companies interested in attending should contact Sam Kanthimathi direct.  Be aware that it won’t be possible for the same company reps to attend the Leadership Summit and Fatigue Management courses.  You might look at delegating attendance at Fatigue Management to others.
Pratt&Whitney Eagle Logo-96dpi

Pratt & Whitney Canada (P&WC) PT6 Customer Day 23 July

P&WC are proposing to run a PT6A Customer Training Seminar for pilots and engineers on 23 July at Westpac Stadium Wellington. This will allow people attending the Aviation Leadership Summit to stay on for the Seminar.
The seminar will provide an exchange of information on the PT6A engines in Agricultural operation presented by P&WC  PT6A Customer Engineer from Montreal. This will include a technical update and forum as well as best practices for maintaining and operating PT6A engines in the Agricultural environment.
To register interest in attending or for any queries please contact

Council and Divisional Meetings Updated

Next Meetings are 13 May AAA, 14 May NZHA and 15 May Council in Wellington. 
Training Division will also meet on 14 May, in Christchurch. 
Logistics Division scheduled to meet 27 May in Wellington. Updated
We look forward to seeing you then.

RAAA Conference, 8 - 10 October 2014 Updated

The Regional Aviation Association of Australia is holding its national convention ‘A New Horizon’ in the Hunter Valley.  The RAAA is the only organisation representing all sectors associated with Regional Aviation across Australia and therefore, plays a significant role in the aviation industry. The National Convention is highly regarded as a premier annual aviation event.  Av NZ CEO will be speaking at this event.  We also expect good representation from the RAAA executive at our Leadership Summit in July.  More info on the RAAA event is here
CAA logo

Impaired Colour Vision General Direction

Submission deadline extended to 30 September 2014
The CAA has extended the deadline for submissions on the General Direction, Impaired Colour Vision (GD/VIS/01/2013.1)  for a 6 month period. The new deadline for submissions is now 5pm on Monday 30th September 2014.
You are invited to make your submissions on this proposal - please use the form on the web site, and when completed, email it to  You do not have to re submit if you have already made a submission.
The proposed General Direction on the CAA web site<>  under "what's new" and  Medical - "General Directions".
Submissions close:  30th  September 2014.
CAA logo

Parts 61 and 141 New

With a big thank you to Ian Calvert, we’ve had a very constructive meeting with CAA and MoT about an integrated training pilot training programme.  As summed up by one of the CAA reps at the end of the meeting ‘there seems to be a CAA and industry ‘convergence of expectations’.  We’ll talk more about this at the Training and Development meeting in Christchurch next week.  A goal is CAA having a draft substantive policy available for discussion at the Leadership Summit in July.
CAA logo

Part 125 Amendments Proposed New

One of our members has commented as follows:
 CAA have proposed changes to Part 125 (consequential to part 139) that would require ALL Part 125 aircraft to only operate from a Level 1 or 2 Certified aerodrome.
This would mean that charters and flight seeing type operations in Part 125 aircraft such as Cessna C208, Otters, Nomads and the like would be prevented from carrying out their business.  This would impact on smaller regional areas and tourism in particular.
As the NPRM is published under Part 139, aerodromes, I strongly suspect that many Part 125 operators are unaware of what CAA are proposing.  Please contact CAA directly to discuss further.

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